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  1. You can sort game clips every way possible with HUDL. It's not just for sharing highlights on recruiting websites. Coaches are only limited by the number of camera angles they've got recorded digitally. When I was officiating TXHSFB, the larger, better-funded programs shared both sideline and end zone POVs. But, I don't know what other digital software is being used these days by top programs.
  2. I'll take 'BYE' and the over on my golf score next Saturday.
  3. We still had the reel-to-reel in the mid-eighties. No easy accessibility or searches for formations/plays by down and distance. We had to watch a lot of boring film. A few of us took naps when the lights went out. TXHSFB was much less sophisticated back then.
  4. We rarely hit on quick throws - slants, digs, outs....whatever. Casey needs to communicate better with the WRs on this. TEs had 0 catches last week, too. Why aren't they involved in the quick passing game?
  5. Do players really need to hang out in the film room with HUDL being accessible everywhere? Unless, of course, Casey is dissecting film with Sark and/or Milwee. Just saying.
  6. Sark's gonna get 3-4 years regardless of what we think, anyway, so we may as well sit back and enjoy the ride. Or not. It's golf season.
  7. Yes, maybe we'll win another Director's Cup for our prowess in volleyball, swimming & diving, and rowing.
  8. The TV people didn't even acknowledge that it looked very similar to the roughing foul called against Thornton. Ridiculous inconsistency. At least call it both ways, for crissakes! Good to hear Sark got on the officials for that nonsense.
  9. Either UT's recruits are highly overrated or we don't develop the talent we have. Which is it?
  10. I know, right? OSU stacked the box with 8 and run-blitzed us to death. We've gotta play more aggressively with a mediocre passer like Sanders. Talk about scatter-armed. Ridiculous
  11. I was hoping for 9-3, but I guess that makes me delusional with this roster. It's looking like 7-5 and a Texas Bowl.....I hope
  12. How can a team that looked so good the 1st Half in the last two games look so bad in the 2nd Half? How come Riley and Gundy can make halftime adjustments, but we can't? It's mind-boggling, not to mention embarrassing. Defense balled out for much of this game, but were on the field way too long while the offense floundered. I don't blame PK for this one.
  13. I've read elsewhere that Kerstetter is moving back to RT, Angilau to LG, Karic & Jones competing for LT, and Imade & Conner competing for RG. Good to see Joshua Moore step up against OU, so he'll be targeted more often without Whittington. Yeah, why not play K-Rob at slot? He's the fastest man on the field. Sark mentioned Collins in his presser, so expect more snaps for him at DE. I'd like to see us run more 4-man fronts with more gap penetration.
  14. I just hope Sark has a few new wrinkles on offense for OSU. With the bye week, they've had two weeks to prepare for UT. We've gotta get K-Rob involved more.

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