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  1. ...and half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair
  2. Without fail, every time I watch Texas Hoops we blow a lead. Yesterday, it was 19 points - at home - to WVU. My apologies. I've just gotta tune 'em out until the NCAA Tourney.
  3. Here's another one! 0-2 for the vile, reprehensible scum-hag and the Dems
  4. TCU is not on my list because I don't think they're very good and a well-prepared team shouldn't lose to them. But, yeah, I can see why they should be included. Especially since the game is in Ft. Worth this year.
  5. I'll drink it when we're 3-0 after convincing OOC wins against overmatched opponents. But, it does look much better on paper than CFS's and WTH's initial coaching staffs.

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