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  1. Ain't nobody gonna stand in Abbott's way, either, because this was a big to-do about nothing. Just saber-rattling by the left-behinds. I'm glad Hartzell took the high road.
  2. Honest mistake. I don't know what the AAC teams earn annually on their TV contract, though. I read $7MM on another message board. That's what makes Bowlsby's claim dubious. I mean, how?
  3. How is the AAC gonna poach current Big 12 members when they're making significantly more TV money? AAC members only get $7MM per year, right? Big 12 paid out $37MM each for 2020. Current members would be better off riding out existing GOR unless another P5 offers.
  4. This is Bowlsby's big play? I doubt he'll find any paper trail for any backroom dealing.
  5. I'm sorry you have an ag boss You'd better hope the sumbitch has a sense of humor. Most don't when it comes to self-deprecating jokes. Lack of self awareness.

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