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  1. It's "pay for play", but people want you to believe a HS kid's name, image, and likeness is marketable. Too funny, but I guess we deserve this after accommodating, coddling, and spoiling "student athletes" for decades. NIL is gonna be a helluva lot more expensive than under-the-table payments. Oh - and just what we need - more incompetent government intervention and selective enforcement by these bureaucracies. Whee!
  2. Now we have high school "free agents". Fantastic
  3. Next Level The Game Has Changed an article featured in this month's Alcalde.
  4. Lamborghini > Wheaties? Holy ...
  5. I did'na come to State U to play no skool
  6. Remember, we're supporting collegiate "amateur" athletics...
  7. One tourney win has me feeling the best about Texas Hoops since Barnes was here.
  8. Prettiest College Baseball Pitch of the Week : Tanner Witt's Curveball
  9. High = 8-4 Low = 6-6 But, that's improvement after last season. Yay! We'll be back up to Herman's level in time.
  10. aggie thought they'd have a bigger voice in Birmingham than they did in Irving as the SEC's "only TX member". What a bunch of maroons.

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