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  1. Undeniably Nick Saban is #1 in the recently released rankings - Coach rankings: Urban Meyer leads the chase to dethrone Nick Saban as the top coach in college football - NCAA Football - Sporting News Mack Brown is listed at #39 which I find absurd. A logic lesson: If there are 38 coaches in college football than Mack, are there 38 more appealing schools than Texas? No. Coach should be ranked in the top 20 on the sheer merit of what he has accomplished in his tenure at Texas. The top 10: 1. Nick Saban 2. Urnab Meyer 3. Chris Petersen 4. Bob Stoops 5. Brian Kelly 6. Steve Spurrier 7. David Shaw 8. Pat Fitzgerald 9. Les Miles 10. Gary Patterson SMH.
  2. Knox was quoted as saying that he and the Texas program had "grown apart." My question is how do you grow apart from a school that you committed to? Did he expect daily phone calls from Mack? Grown apart? This is all on Knox in my opinion. When you take visits to Ohio State and Oklahoma after your future coach tells you it is not allowed you never respected the program anyway. Let's focus on the guys we have, the recruits that want to play at UT and the future of this program.
  3. Billings' coach said after the Longhorns switched from recruiting him as an O-Lineman to a defensive tackle that Texas shot up the chart. It appears that Texas might be his #1 school. Billings is a 4 star recruit and was thought to like Baylor and TCU over Texas but this was primarily because of the OL recruitment by UT. Nice to see Mack and company letting kids play the positions they played in high school instead of trying to turn kids into somethings they have no interest in playing.
  4. Texas apparently is attacking OU's commits. The Longhorns offered OU commit WR Austin Bennett from Manvel High School today. It is certainly the 11th hour but give the staff credit for trying to add value to the 2013 class.
  5. Texas extended an offer last week to Peyton Barber, 4-star RB from Alpharetta, GA. Barber is scheduled to visit Austin this weekend. He committed to Ole Miss last July and is only interested in Texas as another possible option. This is a Larry Porter recruit so you know he is solid.
  6. He looks 16 she looks like a supermodel. Something is wrong here.
  7. Porter was named National Recruiter of the Year by Rivals.com in 2007 & 2009. I say bring him to Austin.
  8. An assistant role suits him better. His head coaching shot at Memphis did not go so well but he would be a good recruiter too. Knows the talent in Texas and Southeast region.
  9. Don't think Texas loses by 50 at home but doubt they pull off the upset. I find it excruciating that the NCAA has willfully disregarded this young man's status as a student-athlete.
  10. First day of early signing was today and Jake Raulerson and JUCO commit Geoff Swaim both signed just around an hour ago. Raulerson and Swaim will enroll learly and start at UT in January. Hook'em Horns!
  11. Legitimate point. Doubtful there are any in-house candidates that could step in and do the job.
  12. Justin Wells from ETSN & Horn Sports is the first guy I heard Mack's name from and it appears Mr. Wells was correct when he said to watch out for this kid. He also said Daylon would receive a Texas offer sooner rather than later and he did! Received the offer today and became the first 2015 recruit to receive a scholarship offer for Texas. Mack is a defensive tackle from Gladewater High School, 310 lbs., 6'2" and is BIG, quick and really good. This is a big offer for Texas and undoubtedly Mack has another few years left in high school but expect this kid to receive offers from every school in the state and many beyond. He is THAT good.
  13. Maryland and Rutgers are gone B10 and Bowlsby and Deloss need to quickly shift the mindset to "we ARE going to be a leage that WILL expand" so let's start plannng the best and worst scenarios for the conference now. They can be content with 10 teams but the almighty television dictates otherwise. Lets look for the teams that are in a precarious position - teams that we know are squirming right now because of the uncertainty in the ACC. FSU is team #1 in that category. Get a deal done with the Noles and bring on Clemson or Louisville. At least get up to 12 so we aren't forced to throw a 6 team packages together at the 11th hour when we need 16.
  14. Hutchinson Community College Linebacker De'Vondre Campbell received an offer from Texas. He is a big, fast kid who had committed to Tennessee and was thought to be solid to the other UT. Word has it he is going to visit Austin and likes Texas. Derek Dooley's firing in Knoxville might lead to recruits moving elsewhere, especially if Tennessee doesn't get the right guy in the seat. Campbell is 6-5 and 220 lbs and would immediately step in at OLB and help.
  15. Unless the odds are extremely tempting I would not bet on this Texas team this year. Much too erratic to give even the Vegas oddsmakers any real chances at predicting.

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