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  1. It's easy. They have a system and they have stuck to it. How many different ideas/directions has the UT offense gone the last few years? They show stability and it draws the recruits to it. This is an area that Strong has shit the bed to me so far. Screw what you did at UL, run an offense that suits the kind of skill position players that this state produces and makes getting a QB a lot easier. Stidham should have been our #1 focus and we NEVER were in it for him.
  2. Christ, it seemed like every OB idiot joined that site last night and went into a chicken little mode that made the old Big Mike look like the biggest sunshine pumper ever.
  3. I don't see all three QB's staying there.
  4. Texas will have to tell Brossette and/or Jamabo no for Warren to have a spot unless they take all three. I too would be fine with Nick and Soso.
  5. I was too Doc, but reading about his predictions on Malik and Boyd in this thread lead me back to this "Now the insider info stuff will get anyone crucified that chooses to make those bold statements and says them with such confidence only to be wrong." It's hard to come back from that when you start out 0 for 2 or anywhere near that. But I liked Darrell from my limited exposure to him.
  6. LMFAO, I guess we can come full circle and I can copy and paste? Mark?????
  7. I agree with a not posting an article, but all he did was post Mark's comments and not only did he credit the poster, he credited Horn Sports. This is no different the Gertrudis Posting McPhaul's stuff (except these were full articles not posts) on other sites to drive people here. It became an issue when people brought up old posts of Mark's from Shaggy talking about his Bigfoot encounter. This kid may not have gone to UT, but he has every right to root for the university and be on these boards posting to the best of his abilities without constant attacks. He has never responded to a single negative comment. It has me really wondering how many of them would make fun of him in public or face to face? If the answer is no, then why do it hiding behind a keyboard? This is not in anyway saying that you were attacking him, Mark. Just wanted to be clear and should have posted this in a thread somewhere else.
  8. You could ask him to post a link to the info he uses, but like you said, this is a free site and anything we post is open season. And those guys were piling on you a little bit about your Bigfoot encounter, but I don't think they were seriously trying to be mean about it. Now the insider info stuff will get anyone that chooses to make those bold statements and says them with such confidence only o be wrong.
  9. Who the hell is saying that? Koenning has had his play calling duties stripped in at least two of his previous jobs. I hope he does well here, but he's going to have to show me he's better than Wyatt because I would take Wyatt without a second thought.
  10. Mack knows Strong's defense will kick ass and Jordan Davis leaving at halftime was the best thing that could have happened for Texas. I just don't see how we don't have better QB play than last year.
  11. Chip made the move so he could work for the Fox network, Longhorn Digest is just the place he will call home for now.
  12. My posts must be of premium value because the site's software thinks so. LOL

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