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  1. We kind of are in a way. But i think last this past season the team and young players were finding themselves and developing their identity. Now the team knows what their identity is and where they want to be and will have a better idea of what needs to improve.
  2. When you put that on twitter, or any social media outlet, you are asking for a public reaction. If they want people out of their business then they shouldn't make their business public. I really don't understand why the parents did this. This off-season there is an opening for a player to really get some quality playing time, since Goodwin is leaving. Last thing any wide receiver needs is a distraction from working to get that playing time in the fall.
  3. Their record says they are about right where people thought they would be, 9 wins. But there are some areas that need to be improved that were unexpected weaknesses. And some that were expected. All in all, Defense, specifically stopping the run. Offensive line. QB consistency. A tight end still hasn't emerged as the clear cut starter (I keep watching Greg Daniels). The field goal kicking position scares me. But this team is still relatively young and has a lot of potential for growth.
  4. Hell if anyone's parents should be complaining for their son not getting more time it should be Goodwin's. But the player referred to in those tweets is talented and will have his time too.
  5. Woah, that's big time right there if people are saying that. But gotta see if he can throw and read defenses at this level.
  6. While watching TCU play in this bowl game, I was talking to a friend of mine. He mentioned he had talked to someone he knows at TCU who usually has a lot about the TCU football program. That individual said that it was rumored Patterson was bringing former starting QB Casey Pachall back next season and moving Boykin to running back (where he was originally expected to see more playing time before he was moved to QB for the year). I know this rumor is just a rumor and I got it through a chain of sources but it's an interesting thought none the less and the first time I had even thought about that and heard of the rumor. What if Pachall is indeed brought back and Boykin is moved to running back? That would be a scary backfield to deal with since both Pachall and Boykin can run and throw the ball.
  7. The defense has always been great as rushing the passer. But they are terrible at stopping the run. If they could fix that they would instantly be much, much better. Tonight was a great win for Ash, Major, Mack, and the entire team. There's a lot to work on in the off-season but this is a great positive to ride into the spring. Hook'em.
  8. The score was very close to what many people were predicting but I’m sure this game was played out unlike many had predicted. After and abysmal first half, the Longhorn offense woke up as David Ash rallied the group to a late score on a touchdown pass to a streaking Marquis Goodwin. Though it was ugly in the beginning, this win was important for the Longhorns in order to show improvement from last season and enter the off-season on a positive note. 1. David Ash says “What QB Competition?”: This quarterback has been a guy that has been a roller coaster to watch all season long. He messes with my brain and I don’t like it. Ash has physical tools that allow him to have success at the college level. But the knock on Ash is his inconsistent mentality and confidence. When it’s there, he plays well: Good enough to lead an offense and make plays. But when his mentality and confidence are off then he is way off and plays very poorly. One big positive tonight was how David Ash rallied his team to victory over the Beavers. Tonight he showed that he has the ability to bounce back from a poor performance early in a game. But tonight was also the first time he wasn't benched in favor of Case McCoy. I’ll be very interested to see if Major can connect with Ash and get him rolling in a way Harsin couldn’t. Before tonight’s performance I was confident in saying the Longhorns should have another QB competition to find the guy who can lead the team, complete the passes, and make the plays necessary at the QB position. But now I’m hesitant in saying that. Sure it’s 1 game, but the fact that Ash was able to pick himself up after a poor first half and lead his team late in the game is a big step for the young quarterback. We should also remind ourselves that Ash was just a sophomore in his first year as the full time starter. Of course there would be growing pains for a young QB. Aside from Ash, I also wonder what Mack will want to do. He has been clamoring that this next season is the season his Longhorns will finally have the success they should be having. So with that in mind, will Mack actually risk putting the offense and team in the hands of a new starter? Especially after that starter just won him a bowl game in a come-from-behind victory? Had Ash played poorly tonight I would have thought there was no doubt that there would be a QB competition, but now I’m not so sure. With all of that said, I still think the Longhorns should have another QB competition and at least see what the other guys bring to the table because I think back to the games which Ash struggled in, like against OU, and cringe. I also look around the nation and see young quarterbacks having more success than what Ash has done. But David Ash definitely has the advantage over the other quarterbacks right now, there’s no question about that. 2. Major Applewhite: In his first game calling plays for the Longhorns Major won in Major fashion. He got snubbed early on in the game by the Beavers defense but he didn’t quit and came back and called some great plays in order for his offense to rally and win the game in the end. Whether he had come away with a good game or not, this game should not really be used as an assessment of Applewhite’s offense at all. I liked what I saw in the second half but he will need the entire off-season to really put his influence into the offense and mold it the way he wants it to look like. I’m definitely glad he got the win and am really curious to see if he can connect with Ash in a way Harsin couldn’t. Who knows, maybe Major’s personality is exactly what Ash needs from an offensive coordinator. 3. Marquis Goodwin: I have asked this question hundreds of times this season and not found an answer. Why was Goodwin not a larger part of the offense? (D.J. Monroe and Daje Johnson as well). Tonight Goodwin, the Alamo Bowl Offensive Player of the Game, showcased his skills by scoring a 64-yard touchdown and also had 4 receptions for 68 yards and a game-winning touchdown catch. I cannot figure out why Harsin/Mack did not utilize Goodwin more during the season, but Major figured it out in 1 game and unleashed the Olympian on the Beavers. This is another case of Texas confusing me by not using a player more than I would think they should. Hopefully Major will carry this change into next fall and use Daje Johnson in more ways where Harsin failed to. Great game by Goodwin though, and we will also be seeing him on Sunday’s in some fashion. 4. Where was the running game? Maybe the O-line knows: If you would have only told me the rushing stats for both teams tonight I would have thought Texas had lost this game for sure. Marquis Goodwin led the stats in yardage with his 1 64-yard touchdown run. Behind him David Ash was second with 22 yards and a touchdown off of 7 carries. The running backs totaled 37 yards of 19 carries and 0 touchdowns. Joe Bergeron didn’t even punch one in. I blame this performance largely on the poor play of the offensive line. They struggled to open holes all night. It also didn’t help that Texas was playing from behind for much of the game and had to throw the ball a lot in the second half. But a large reason they were playing from behind is because they couldn’t establish the run early on in the game. The offensive line is another area that needs major work this off-season. It’s great to have a handful of talented running backs and playmakers on offense that can move the chains but they become very handicapped without an offensive line that can block for them, let alone get a push off the line. This is another area of the roster that confuses me. Texas should be able to get the biggest and nastiest linemen in the state of Texas each year. There’s no reason why this group should be playing at this low of a level as a unit. 5. Defense got by but still needs improvement: Tonight the defense played well enough for Texas to win, and luckily the Longhorns got the win. But the performance wasn’t spectacular and they still have a lot to improve upon. If I were the defensive coordinator for the Longhorns my priority would be improving the ability of my unit to stop the run. The interior of the defense has been weak against the run all season long and it’s a big reason why the unit has had its struggles. Storm Woods ran for 118 yards and 2 touchdowns tonight. He deserves credit, but it’s not like Oregon State’s QB was really a threat to throw the ball so I’m frustrated Texas STILL could not stop the run. When teams can move the ball on the ground then it opens up their playbook and allows that team to have good control of the game. I think players will need to be shuffled around in the interior and the scheme needs a bit of a change as well. I’d start Malcolm Brown at DT and then have a competition for the DT that would be playing next to Brown. And Santos and Edmond are not the answers at middle linebacker. 6. Alex Okafor: 9 tackles, 4.5 sacks, and a forced fumble… Okafor just locked himself into the first round of the 2013 NFL draft. That performance was icing on the cake of the great season he has had. The Alamo Bowl defensive player of the game has been show casing his pass rushing skills all season long. In one sense I’m disappointed Okafor’s great season has been over shadowed by poor play of the defense as a unit. But you have to love how Okafor brought it each and every week, regardless of how the unit plays as a whole. We will be watching him on Sunday’s. 7. Steve Edmond/Dalton Santos: All season long I’ve been hoping one of these guys would take the next step into becoming more of a presence in the middle of the defense. But all season long neither has. Sophomore Steve Edmond and freshman Dalton Santos have great size and aren’t afraid to tackle anyone. But the problem is both lack the necessary speed and ability to read the plays in order to get to the ball carrier to tackle him. If I’m the defensive coordinator I immediately open the middle linebacker position up for a competition. My first thought would be to possibly move Kendall Thompson to the middle because I love having Tevin Jackson and Peter Jinkens on the field at the same time too. Texas has some other young guys to look at as well. But as of now I don’t think Edmond or Santos should be the starters in the middle. I want someone who can get to the ball carrier faster before he gets up field. 8. Justin Tucker, you’re needed back in Austin: I don’t exactly know why Mack hasn’t done more in recruiting to address this or why he didn’t have a better plan for the ‘Post Justin Tucker Era’ but what Texas currently has at the kicking position is not good. Kickoffs are fine, but if Texas ever has to kick a field goal over 40 yards to win a game then they are screwed. And I also don’t know why Anthony Fera has disappeared as a kicker once he got to Texas. The guy was pretty good for Penn State but he has done next to nothing while at UT. And Nick Jordan makes me nervous every time he attempts a field goal, and he doesn’t have the strongest leg either. Alex King has been killing it all season long punting the ball, but he is a senior so Texas will also need to find a replacement for the golden leg of Alex King. 9. Mack Brown can take a breather: It’s been somewhat easy to tell that this season has been unlike any season Mack has had at Texas. He has shown more stress and frustration than in any season before. But after tonight’s win, Coach Brown can take a breather and relax. He did a great job handling the situation with McCoy and Hicks earlier in the week and didn’t let that distract his team. I liked the energy from the team all night and Mack did a great job regrouping his team at half time and leading them in the second half as they rallied for their 9th win of the season. Sure the team isn’t back where Mack wants them, but I’m glad he got his bowl win. 10. Resilience: What happened tonight is something that had seemingly disappeared from the Longhorn football team for the past few years. Tonight the team was faced with a challenge in the second half and rallied together to succeed and win the game. I’m sure many fans thought Texas would eventually turn belly up and stall out in the second half to lose the game, but the Longhorns had something else in mind and fought to the very end to win the game. It was great to see and definitely a positive to build on going into the off-season. Wow, what a season it has been. Before the first game was played there were all kinds of speculation as to what type of year the Longhorns would have. Some of the expected scenarios happened, like the roller coaster ride at QB. And some unexpected scenarios happened, like the underachieving play by the defense. In the end the team did end up improving on their play from the previous year by finishing the season with 9 wins, 1 better than last year’s total. But this group still has many steps to make in order to bet back to being national contenders. There are a lot of question marks all over the roster. And as usual it will be fun sifting through the roster and learning about the new recruits to see how everything falls into place in time for kickoff next fall. Though I think I experienced every emotion possible with this Texas team, it’s what makes sports unique and fun, and I’m still proud to be a Longhorn and a fan of Texas. Hook’em Twitter: @WesKCrochet
  9. i'm telling you, Ash messes with my brain and I hate it! Dude has physical tools but he is so inconsistent mentally and with his confidence that it drives me nuts.
  10. It's amazing to think about how Texas got into this position by having poor play in key areas of the roster. Offensive line can't block or get any push. Defensive line can't stopped from getting pushed. And the QB play is up and down. Mind boggling...
  11. Ash messes with my brain and I don't like it. But lead us to victory Ash!
  12. I'm good with this offer. I don't get why so many people are complaining that Texas will have 5 QB's on campus (Ash, Overstreet, Brewer, Swoope & Marshall - if he commits). I'm crossing Case McCoy off the list of QB's for Texas next season. He is not the answer and never has been. And he may not even be on the team next season. So what if Texas has 5 QB's this off-season. I say bring as many in as you can to try to find 1 that will work. The more players increases the odds at finding a good one. Also think about this realistically... Ash - We know what we have in him and it's nothing to hang your hat on. He has some physical tools but is not a leader and just doesn't seem to be into football enough and have enough passion to play QB at Texas. Swoopes - Guy has potential but will most likely need a year to red-shirt to improve his passing and ability to read defenses. Brewer/Overstreet - No one has seen either of these guys throw, let alone play in a game, so I'm confused as to why so many people are already running with 1 of these guys as their starter. Look, I'd love for 1 of these guys to emerge, but slow down before you complain about Texas bringing in another QB. Juco Nick Marshall - Guy is a great athlete and will have a chance to show what he can do on a bigger stage. I'm ok with Texas having many QB's on the roster in the off-season. I think it's great. I'm more concerned with Texas finding 1 out of the 5 that can lead this team, pass the ball well, and make plays. Texas A&M had 5 QB's before this past season and I think they ended up with a pretty decent option at QB...
  13. Look we know the Ash isn't the answer. But what drives me crazy is how bad the defense is. The group has been bad all year and is the worst in Texas history. They cannot stop the run at all and it's a big reason why teams have so much success against them. Problem with the defense is the interior DT's are not good against the run and cannot shed blocks well. Also Texas does not have an effective middle linebacker. Edmond and Santons are slow and don't read plays well. I also don't like how the Longhorns play nickel a bunch. But it's kind of funny because I think a big reason the Longhorns play nickel is to have a place for Vaccaro to play. Vaccaro is an interesting player. He is a high effort guy, loves to hit, and is a tackling machine. If he was bigger he would be a freak linebacker. The problem with Vaccaro is he doesn't have the speed and coverage skills to play a true safety position, at the back of the defense. Which is why he is often close to the line of scrimmage. So this is 1 reason I think we see Texas play more Nickel in 1 season than i can ever remember. If they were to play the traditional 4-3 (4 linemen, 3 LB's) Vaccaro would have to be move to 1 of the deep safety positions and I don't think the coaches feel comfortable with him back there, I honestly wouldn't either. Vaccaro is a tackling machine and great at that. But he is no Earl Thomas, which forces Diaz to use him in a different way than traditional safety play. And sure, Texas plays Nickel due to what the offense is giving them too. But I don't see Vaccaro having the success on Sundays that many are assuming he will have. I like him a lot though for his effort and tenacity, but at no fault of his own I just don't think he has the speed/coverage skills to play deep so he plays inside and close to the line.
  14. According to Rick Barnes, Jaylen Bond has been cleared to play and will see action tomorrow against Rice (@1PM at Frank Erwin Center). This is more good news for the Texas Men's basketball team. Jonathan Holmes has been working hard around the glass, but like Felix getting Kabongo, Holmes would have needed help later in the season from other players crashing the boards and Bond is the perfect guy to get in there and help. I talked about Bond in my rundown of the Longhorn roster (Thoughts on Kabongo and The 2012-2013 Texas Men), but to sum it up Bond is a big time presence in the paint. At 6'7" he is a bit undersized in height at the power forward positon but he is a massive guy and a very strong player. Not only will he help crash the boards but his presence in the paint will also help protect the rim. Bond isn't the scorer Holmes is at forward but I love watching him play and he makes positive plays in other areas of the game besides scoring. Hell who knows, maybe he really worked on his offensive game during the off-season. The basketball team continues to improve and get better as we get close to Big 12 play, when they open against Baylor in Waco on January 4th. And adding Bond to the mix right before Big 12 play is a great asset to the team. Hook'em
  15. Typical? Sexual assault is not typical of Texas players. And this is more than just a "slip up". It's sexual assault. A serious mistake and a very stupid one too. Don't use this sexual assault on a female to turn this into an Texas vs. A&M smeer campaign. This is bigger than football and athletics. And even if the players are proven innocent it still effects them in a big way too. Come on now.
  16. Agree with everything except Ash being clear cut starter. If he plays well he definitely has a big advantage but I'm still hoping for open competition. It's going to be real interesting to see if Ash shows more passion and confidence with Major leading the way rather than Harsin.
  17. You can get a summary of the situation here: http://www.chron.com/news/local_news/article/Two-UT-players-accused-of-rape-in-San-Antonio-4151800.php This is a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through. Something that will be carried with everyone involved for the rest of their lives. With that said, from a football stand point, losing Case isn't the end of the world. It will hurt if Ash goes down with an injury in the bowl game but that's about it. I already have crossed him off my list of possible starters for next season and I think he's basically done at UT anyways. Really won't hurt if Case is kicked off the team permanently. But if Hicks does indeed get kicked off the team then his loss is greater. Though he hadn't confirmed he was coming back for a senior season, he could use the senior season to boost his draft stock after sitting out the majority of this season due to injury. And Texas could use his talents to improve the poor play by the line backers and defense. He is a great player and his loss was clearly evident on the field once he got hurt. On the flip side the team has already been learning to play without him. So at least they have that going for them. AND had he played this season and done well then I wouldn't have been surprised to see him declare for the NFL draft once this season had ended. As of right now all of that thinking that they will be kicked off the team is speculation and opinion. Neither have been proven guilty at all. But if they are indeed gone then that's the effect their absence may have on the football team.
  18. Per Trey Scott of the Daily Texan (UT Newspaper): @Trey_Scott: According to the police document, suspect one is described as a black male who is 20 yeras old, 6 foot 2 and 235 pounds. Suspect two is ... @Trey_Scott: Suspect two is described as a white male who is 21 years old, 6 feet tall and 180 pounds, per the police report. Add that to the text I got saying one name is very shocking and your brain starts to run wild. I have a feeling both players are well known players (completely my opinion, not confirmed).
  19. A) Sure the likelihood of mistakes occurring increase when people are out late at night, and even more so when alcohol is involved. But we don't know what she wanted to happen nor thought was going to happen, but I'm sure no one would have the idea to meet up with anyone late if they thought they would be assault or with the intention of being assaulted by someone/others in any fashion. She certainly did not think she would be assaulted (IF THESE ALLEGATIONS ARE CONFIRMED). B)Media will definitely run with this story no matter how it plays out. These allegations will loom with the accused and are allegations that are tough to fully recover from whether the accused are indeed innocent or guilt. But as of now Texas and Mack Brown have handled the situation well and that's one thing the media should not question. Oh man, this season has been a roller coaster for sure. This is ironic because a few days ago I was thinking how Texas hadn't run into many problems off the field this season. not anymore.
  20. I woke up to a text from a friend telling me about the two players who were suspended for breaking team rules and were linked to a sexual assault investigation. He also said 1 name may be somewhat surprising. That's all i have heard and nothing has been confirmed. I'm also not going to start speculating names of players it could be. Mack has handled this well. This type of allegation is tough to fully recover from, guilty or innocent. But right now it's important to remember NO ONE has been accused, nor do we know anything beyond what Mack has confirmed to the press, which was two players broke team rules and were sen't home.
  21. Just found the official word from the NCAA - Kabongo suspended for unethical conduct, accepting benefits - NCAA.org
  22. According to Andy Katz (@ESPNAndyKatz: NCAA announces Texas' Myck Kabongo must sit 23 games for unethical conduct and accepting benefits) Myck Kabongo will have to sit out a total of 23 games. If I understand this correctly, since Kabongo has already sat out 10 games he must sit out 13 more. He also must pay $475 to a charity of his choice -I'm assuming this is the amount of the plain ticket for the travel that was in question. Getting Kabongo back is huge for the Longhorns. But Kabongo alone will not automatically elevate this team to a tournament team. He's talented but he's not that talented at the division 1 level yet. Having Kabongo back is big, though, for freshman point guard Javan Felix. The guy has been playing almost entire games each and every game because he was the only true point guard on the roster. Demarcus Holland had been relieving him some, but he is not a true PG and needs some time to develop. Without Kabongo, the minutes Felix was playing would have most likely caught up to him later in the season. Now that problem is gone. Kabongo brings more scoring at the PG positon than what Felix can do. Both guys can run the offense well, see the floor well, and get to the rim. But Kabongo is more of a scoring threat and has a better jump shot than Felix does. Kabongo is no lights out shooter but he will definitely help the offense put up points and getting into more of a rhythm on offense. 13 more games is a lot but getting him back for any part of the season is great news for the Longhorns. Kabongo also really needs this season to develop more of his skills. Last year wasn't exactly the year he was probably hoping for. Hook'em.
  23. And i just realized Andrew D.ick's last name was censored in my original post. Come on Foxsports.
  24. He alone would not elevate this team to a march madness level team. But if this team collectively gets going they can make noise because there is potential to score and defend well at each position (pg, sg, sf, pf c). My main concern right now is the fact that the lone true PG left on the roseter (Felix) is basically playing the entire game each and every game. That will catch up to this team in January and february if someone (mainly Demarcus Holland) can't step up to relieve Felix. And that problem is directly related to the year suspension of Kabongo, which is a dumb suspension. The NCAA loves to go on power trips and use small mistakes to make examples of players and sacrifice their season and their team's season. But hey, the NCAA is here for the players.... And I also have magical powers, like levitating.

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