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  1. After being suspended for 23 games, Myck Kabongo will see his first action of the season and start Wednesday vs. Iowa State. Today Kabongo released a statement commenting on his suspension and the remaining games: Statement from University of Texas sophomore guard Myck Kabongo - TexasSports.com - Official website of University of Texas Athletics - Texas Longhorns Though he won't be a "cure-all" for the Longhorns, Myck Kabongo's return will undoubtedly help improve the struggles on offense. Currently the offense is built almost entirely on jump-shots that are often contested. Because of this, it's no surprise the Longhorns are 8th in the Big12 in scoring offense, 7th in field goal percentage, and last (10th) in 3-point percentage. But Myck Kabongo has the ability to improve these stats. Unlike anyone on the roster, Kabongo can get into the lane, attack the basket, and finish at the rim. And his success finishing plays like these will greatly effect whether or not Texas elevates it's play towards the end of the season. Texas has no one the turn to as a reliable option in the post. We've seen flashes form Cameron Ridley, Prince Ibeh, and a few of the other post players. But there isn't one big-man who can be a consistent scoring threat in the paint for the Longhorns right now. Because of this, Texas is forced to rely on their guards. Unfortunately, none of their guards possess the ability to consistently get into the lane. Which then molds the Texas offense into a jump-shooting attack. I'm not a huge fan of a team that relies heavily on jump shots but it can work. The key hinges on finding open shots and higher-percentage shots, rather than simply passing on the perimeter and jacking up off-balance or contested shots. Kabongo's ability to attack the rim can change that. If he is successful at getting into the lane, he can either go up and finish at the rim, dump the ball off to an open post player (who's man has shifted over to help on Kabongo), or pass the ball out to one of the guards who are set to take a jump shot if their defender has also shifted inwards to help on Kabongo. Attacking the lane with a legitimate threat to score at the rim opens up the offense and creates better opportunities for the shooters. Though Felix has done a great job with his given circumstance, Kabongo also brings speed to the open court that will help Texas get easier bucks on fast breaks. And Texas needs buckets any way they can get them right now. There are still other problems, such as rebounding, that Texas needs to address. Kabongo's return will not fix all of the Longhorns' woes. But if coach Barnes can put Kabongo in a position that uses his quickness and athleticism to the Horns' advantage we may see a Texas team that can capitalize on it's above-average defense and actually find a way to score more points than the other team. Hook'em
  2. Ole MIss is killing it though! 3 number 1 players (WR, DE, OT). And the DE is the number 1 player in the nation. Must be nice, Hugh...
  3. Texas is rolling today. Been a tough weekend but glad this day is here.
  4. You think he would leave to come coach at a school that has a terrible basketball atmosphere? Serious question.
  5. Watching Texas try to do anything on offense is one of the more frustrating efforts of offensive basketball I've seen in a long time. The team really reminds me of my Rec team's offense. Which is dribbling around a little bit, making a pass or two, and jacking up a contested shot... Which is basically the only offense that exists in my Rec league... But this is D1 basketball and it pains me to watch Texas rely on a contested jump shot every offensive possession. From the looks of it, Texas needs at least more of an interior presence (if not scoring inside) if they want to have better shots for the shooters. The post players really cannot be relied upon consistently because they haven't shown they are capable scorers inside enough to be consistent threats. So the next option is having someone drive into the lane. The only person who can really handle the ball in that fashion is Javan Felix. But his lack of size really hinders what he can do, other than fade away/pull-up jumpers. So I'm asking you. If you were in charge of this team with these same players, what changes would you make on offense?
  6. This news isn't a huge deal but really couldn't come at a worse time... Before anyone gets really upset, ask yourself this. Did you drink underage in college? Sure Brewer is an athlete at Texas. I get that. And he will face consequences for it. But he's a college kid wanting to have fun. While doing so, he made a bad decision. My point is don't make this a bigger deal than it is. Underage college kids every where drink, and you likely did too. And some of those kids are athletes. It happens and we shouldn't act like it doesn't. Brewer made a mistake, will face consequences, and move on. Not a big deal to me.
  7. Regardless of political party or district, the last thing I want is anyone from the government telling schools when they should play.
  8. An article came out on CBS that featured Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds and Head Coach Mack Brown where they basically stated they still have the drive and burn to win. My question to you all, are you convinced that Mack and DeLoss still have the necessary drive and burn to push the football program (and athletic program, for DeLoss) to perform at the elite level the programs are capable of and expected to be playing at? I'll leave my commentary until later, but I will say I've been impressed with Mack and his coaching staff's recruiting efforts this off-season because I think the efforts are finally on their way back to a level where it should always be at each year. Texas AD: 'The burn stays' for struggling Longhorns football - CBSSports.com
  9. It's about time Texas has one of the longshot recruits flip and commit to the Longhorns. Dontre would be great at doing that for us. COME ON D-WIL!!!
  10. Like the effort to get the teams to play but I hate that this state rep took time to actually create this bill instead of working on more serious matters. But I'd love to see these two schools man up and talk to each other to nail down plans to play again sometime soon... those babies. And a Democrat that's an Aggie? Those actually exist? Wow.
  11. I saw the current safeties, hell the entire secondary, all miss tackles in the open field. But I love how Diggs breaks on the ball, which is why I want to see what he could do back there. Either way, the play of the safeties and secondary overall HAS to improve next season. Also we definitely need to find someone to fill in for Vaccaro's role if that's the style Diaz is still going to roll with because Vaccaro had the size and strength to paly close to the line but also had speeds to play nickel. Maybe Colbert fills that spot. Otherwise the defense will have a bit of a different look to it next fall.
  12. A pass rush is a must. But I think the safety position would be upgraded if Diggs moved back there. And the CB position would still be solid with the guys we have.
  13. As an NFL draft nerd, I love watching tape on players going into the draft and tonight I've been watching all i can find on Vaccaro. But when watching Vaccaro, Diggs stood out the me multiple times by breaking on the ball nicely. At the same time, Josh Turner and Mykelle Thompson often delayed before breaking on the pass or made poor tackles that led to big gains. I think Quandre Diggs moving to safety is a must. He is a very smart player on the field and reads the quarterback and receivers well. We all know the difference a good safety can have on a defense. In most recent years, Earl Thomas made tons of plays back there. I don't think Diggs is quite as fast as Earl, but he definitely reads the passing game almost as well as Earl did. I also like his tackling ability better than Josh Turner, Mykelle Thompson, and Adrian Phillips. Diggs for Safety 2013.
  14. College, Longhorns all day every day. Pros, I have family in Houston so I root for the Texans, Rockets, and Astros. But I always like seeing Longhorn players do well in the Pros, and guys from my high school do well in college and the pros.
  15. I also really think the fact that he played largely at Nickel and close to the line of scrimmage also will hurt his stock. If he wants to be drafted anywhere remotely close to where he is being mocked he will have to have great 40 times and other times in every speed drill.
  16. I wasn't able to watch the game but this was a must win game and sounds like it was a good performance. The two big guys (Ridley, Ibeh) really need to continue to work hard and develop. Their improvement coud really benefit this team.
  17. S Kenny Vaccaro......................3rd Rd. Concerned about his speed and acceleration playing deep safety. DE Alex Okafor........................Mid 1st RD to late 1st. WR Marquis Goodwin...............Late 2nd, early 3rd. Depends how his workouts go. RB/WR D.J. Monroe..................5th rd. Has NFL talent but it's limited right now DT Brandon Moore.....................6th RD or later RB Jeremy Hills.........................7th RD. Not great at one thing but good at a lot. TE D.J. Grant............................7th RD or Undrafted Free Agent. TE Barrett Matthews...................Undrafted OL Luke Poehlman......................Undrafted P Alex King................................7th RD or undrafted but King definitely has leg for NFL FB Ryan Roberson......................Undrafted
  18. The expectations have to be set at 10 wins and competing for the Big 12 Title. Otherwise this team makes no progress and is still right where they are. As painful as it is for me to say this, I can't see expectations being a National Title. The team didn't show enough last season to give me any indication a Title is an expectation. But is it feasible? Of course, Texas does have the talent to make it happen. Just how feasible remains to be seen. My question is can this team make the improvements necessary to take that next step. I have four questions that need to be answered if Texas wants to meet expectations. Can the defense actually compete, stop, or at least slow down an opposing offense? Can the offensive line be a force that opens up running lanes for Texas' talented running backs? Can David Ash be consistent and show he can lead his team throughout the year? Can Texas find answers for the hole at punter and the lack of any reliable place kicker? If Texas can answer all of those questions with a Yes, then Texas has a chance to exceed expectations. If Texas answers 3/4 of those Questions then I think expectations are just met.
  19. The offensive line was a major concern all season long and I've been very impressed with the way Mack and company have been focusing on bringing guys in to improve that area of the team. And each of the guys seem to have the right size needed for this style of offense. I like it. But I still want to see what these guys can do at this level and what impact Searels has on each of them.
  20. So If you were the GM of a NFL team and you could draft players at your own discretion, when would you plan on drafting each Longhorn that is entering into the NFL draft? Just give me a round you'd pick them in. And if you want you can be specific and say early/mid/late within that round. And in the first round you can even say top 15, top 10, top 5 pick. The Longhorns that are trying to get into the NFL this year are: S Kenny Vaccaro DE Alex Okafor WR Marquis Goodwin RB/WR D.J. Monroe DT Brandon Moore RB Jeremy Hills TE D.J. Grant TE Barrett Matthews OL Luke Poehlman P Alex King FB Ryan Roberson If you think of any names I forgot, just add them. I also understand not all of these guys will get into the league. This is still relatively premature, since there haven't been any combine workouts or pro days. But have fun with it for now. We can redo this again once the combines and workouts have happened.
  21. Yea it just seems like it's the same thing year after year after year. The team is kind of good, but never does anything beyond that.

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