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  1. We've awoken from another Dwightmare and this time Dwight Howard has emerged as a Houston Rocket. There's been an endless amount of opinions about Dwight's move in a wide variety ranging from hate all the way to strong support. And it seems like everyone from fans, to players, to front office officials, to members of the media have all chimed in about the move. I myself am a Rockets fan and also have an opinion. But with my opinions, I try to be realistic with my take on situations involving the teams I support and other subjects in the world of sports. So I'm treating this situation with the
  2. Brewer was a Harsin guy. When Harsin left, Brewer's main advocate was gone. Also doesn't help having Swoopes impress more than anticipated and having Heard on the way. I'd have made the same move if I was Brewer and wanted to play. Wish him well.
  3. It's been far too long since I've posted anything here on Hornsports so I thought I'd come by and post a brief run down of the picks last night. I'm not grading these picks, rather giving reasons as to possibly why each team chose who they chose. It was a fun draft to watch even though there wasn't "top talent". There were still surprises and a lot of team/player movement via trades. There was so much movement going on that the ESPN crew couldn't even keep up with it as they broke down the picks. Woj and Yahoo did a great job as usual announcing the trades as they happened. Too bad they can't
  4. From the second last season was over, the questions arose and the expectations were set. In order for the Longhorns to improve upon last season, and the past three seasons, a 10 wins, including a win over Oklahoma, were the expectations for the Texas football program and still are. And in order to reach these expectations, the question marks lie with David Ash, the defense, and the offensive line. But since that first second after the bowl game, I've seen many, many articles stating what the Longhorns must do, how it's now time for "so and so" to step up, that it's now or never for the Longhor
  5. Johnny Manziel went back to Kerville this weekend for a homecoming celebration, and he brought his Heisman trophy with him. Except his trophy appears to have been customized in this picture. Johnny Manziel's Heisman Holding a Joint In the Stiff Arm : Outkick The Coverage I know the guy throwing up the horns in the picture. That's funny stuff if you ask me.
  6. No matter what part of the year or season it is, I always enjoy these NBA conversations/debates. Often times there isn't 1 right answer. The conversation itself is what's fun about it. So here's another 1 that's been rolling around in my head. If you could choose sign 1 NBA player to a contract of 6 years to build a team around, who would it be and why? And you cannot choose Lebron James or Kevin Durant. My vote would be James Harden. Why? Well yes, I'm a Rockets fan. But when I try to take my Houston love out of it, this is what I come up with. First off, he's a guy who can
  7. These scrimmages come every year and they are always a tease for football season. Nothing compares to game days in Austin with the food, drinks, music, friends, football, and all the pretty ladies dressed up in burnt orange Longhorn gear. But football season is still months away, and right now the Texas team is in annual process of organizing their depth chart and working to improve on last year's campaign. Below are my thoughts and reactions from Today's scrimmage. Keep in mind, it was a scrimmage. I know we all love dissecting each and every player, but remember these players are all working
  8. The rumor I got was that another player is considering the action of transferring. I don't know who or the likelihood that unknown player does transfer. My guess is it's Julien Lewis. But that's all I have for now.
  9. Last night we learned that in addition to losing Forward Jaylen Bond to a transfer, the Texas Men's Basketball team will also be losing Shooting Guard Sheldon McClellan as well, as he looks to transfer away from UT. McClellan's transfer should be seen as a red-flag, as he was the team's leading scorer for much of the season until Myck Kabongo returned. McClellan finished the season as the team's second leading scorer and best free-throw shooter, percentage wise. But towards the end of the season, he found himself in the notorious dog-house with Rick Barnes and decided to seek a place that
  10. That guy is giving us all hope...
  11. I'm not a huge soccer fan. I enjoy the World Cup every four years and like watching the U.S. men's (and occasionally women's) team play. But I know for a fact I will never be a huge soccer fan as long as there are ties in games. A tie at the end of a competition completely diminishes the point of the competition. The point of a competition is to declare a winner of the game or match... A tie negates that and simply provides entertainment in the form of people running around the field kicking a ball (I'm talking about soccer specifically) for over an hour. If I wanted to see that I'd go watch t
  12. Inspired by walking past Vince Young as I walked into the stadium today, I've decided to take this question to the public jury. VY will be working out at Texas' Pro Day in an attempt to enter back into the NFL and I want to know what you think the odds are that he will land with a team. And where do you think he will end up. I personally say there's an 80% chance he makes it to a camp with a team. Teams like Oakland or Arizona could be in the mix to take a chance on VY. What are your thoughts?
  13. A 1 loss season would be great, but there at still too many question marks for me to buy into that right now. O-line, Ash, and DEFENSE are the big 3. Sprinkle in special teams and those are key question marks that could still derail a season.
  14. I really think the success of next year almost relies completely on the defense. The offense shows flashes last season of being great and will continue to improve. I also liked Major's play-calling (though it was really in one half of a bowl game), but I also think his relationship with Ash will help. But the defense is where the questions lie. If they continue to perform as one of the worst groups in college football then there is no way Texas can win 10 games.
  15. We are no where close to the start of football season, but I know all of you are like me and think about Texas football every day. When thinking about the team, it's still tough to put a finger on exactly who this team will be. But regardless of their identity, there is one thing that must happen in the fall for this season to be viewed as a success and that is winning 10+ games, and playing (we could even double down here and say "winning") for a conference championship. With that said, I wan't to know where you all stand right now. On a scale from 1-10, 1 being very low and 10 being die-
  16. That would be awesome if he started making more noise on a national scale. Texas golf needs more credit and attention than what it gets.
  17. Though it's a team that holds one of the most recent National Championships for The University of Texas, the coverage of the Longhorn golf team and college golf in general amongst most media outlets still isn't as prevalent as I would think it would be. Thousands of viewers and golf fans tune into professional golf tournaments all the time. Yet, the common golf fan likely doesn't know much about collegiate golf at all. Which is largely what motivated me to get an inside look into the Texas men's golf team. Brax was also featured in a special on the Longhorn Network that can be found here:
  18. With knowledge of his mood swings and prior domestic dispute, I wouldn't be surprised if this is what actually happened.
  19. I wanted to dive into this Oscar Pistorius case because it's a case that may go on for a while. I know gut feeling likely says Pistorius murdered his girlfriend in cold blood. But let's sort through both sides before we come to that conclusion. Below is a link to one of the many stories on this case but it shed light to both possibilities. 'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius Kept Weapons in His Bedroom for Security, Journalist Says - ABC News Theory 1: Intentional Murder Oscar Pistorius is most famously known for his "blade runner" knick-name and his performance in the 2012 Olympics
  20. Good stuff in this SWUB. It is pretty amazing to think about all the players who will be returning in 2013... The problem, especially on defense, is the players didn't necessarily play well. I guess when give time we expect players to automatically improve. But until I see it, I'm not convinced that Longhorns will see huge improvements. I miss Kevin Durant and all the other players who bolted earlier. People have used the fact that players left Barnes' team early as a defense for Barnes. I use it as just the opposite. Other than a chance to play in the NBA, was there another reason they le
  21. Kabongo did exactly what he needed to do. He got into the lane and opened up other shot-opportunities for the rest of the team. The offense is almost night and day when he's on the court and when he's on the bench. The Longhorns still need to work on rebounding and ball movement when Kabongo isn't on the floor. But he also helps elevate the confidence of the entire team.
  22. Wes

    NBA Shooting-Range

    For those who haven't been paying attention, Grevis Vasquez of the New Orleans Hornets (Pelicans?) is quietly becoming an impressive NBA point guard. At 6'6", Vasquez has uncanny size for his position but has been averaging 14 points a game, almost 10 assists (9.4) and nearly 5 rebounds (4.6) per game. Recently against Atlanta, Vasquez went off for 21 points, 12 assists, and 11 rebounds. The dude was a baller at Maryland and is now showcasing his skills in the NBA. I'd take him on my team any day.
  23. Wes

    NBA Shooting-Range

    The Celtics are in a tough spot right now. They are currently sitting at 7th in the East and likely sneak into the playoffs. But realistically it's hard to think they do much of anything once they get there. As of right now they would play the Knicks. If they drop to the 8th (last) place in playoffs they would play the Heat. If they are able to keep riding this recent rally and move up to sixth, they then play the Pacers. I love the effort and heart the Celtics are playing with but the organization is definitely stuck in a rough spot. In respect and admiration of team spirit, Danny Ainge and
  24. As a sports nerd and NBA fan, I always have random thoughts I fire off on twitter throughout the season. I figured I'd start an on going thread where all of us NBA fans can comment, converse, and fire off random NBA thoughts. Feel free to shoot off any analysis or opinions relating to any organization, player, team, trade, etc. You can crack jokes and have fun with it, but do not turn this thread into "personal insult fest 2013".

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