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  1. Mack has always been a great recruiter. This off season is nothing new. It's how he utilizes the talent he recruits that's the problem. And this is not a new problem. This has been his biggest problem since he came to Texas. Yes, he has a national title. But that happened after he gave up on tryin to fix Vince Young's throwing motion and trying to turn him into a bootleg quarterback. It's the same reason he wanted to turn 2 future Heisman winning quarterbacks into a receiver and a safety. There are countless examples, to many to list here. Yes, Mack knows talent when he sees it. But Mack has no idea what to do with that talent once he has it. So, I'm sure Mack has the drive and passion to win, but he does not have the ability.
  2. There isn't a head coach that can be successful in Dallas because of Jerry Jones. The best coaches are strong willed and will not be dictated to by an owner on how to run their teams. Since Jerry refuses to let football people run his football teams, they will never get the players they need to fix their problems. Jerry is about headlines, and drafting and signing lineman and the other "non-skill" positions doesn't get the headlines.
  3. If history holds true for Mack, he'll turn any web with any speed into a wr or safety. McCoy will start next season via the Chris Simms rule. He's got the name, so he has to be great, right! I mean, who uses stats and wins to measure a quarterback's success anyways.
  4. That was his very single daughter. That's right, he could be your future father in law if you dare.
  5. I could understand his anger if the game was close at the end, but getting blown out? Really? Hope it was worth it.
  6. Why would Saban leave Bama? It's a top program in what most consider to be the best conference in football. He has cemented himself as a legendary coach at Bama. The only way he leaves Bama is when he trades his headset for a fishing rod.
  7. Dan Mullen. He always keeps MSU in the top 25 with average talent. Imagine what he could do with top tier talent and the resources to recruit top talent.
  8. in the end, this may be the best thing to happen to Colt as a pro.
  9. Alright... The list of suckers... err umm... Competitors is shaping up nicely.
  10. Unfortunately, this may be the only solution to the corruption in college football. I realize that the majority of college sports fans only care about infractions when it affects their team or a rival. But it is the NCAA's job to police these matters, and so far, their current methods of punishment haven't deterred anyone. So, they went to the extreme. This will cause university administrators to pay more attention to how the sports programs are run, and keep coaches from turning a blind eye to rogue assistants and boosters. I'm not saying I agree with the NCAA in what they've done, but I can understand it.
  11. When Dallas does more then talk about their expectations of of a Super Bowl, they can move ahead of NY.
  12. Unless her his a true game changer, meaning ge's the difference between being an average team or being a contender for a national championship, then Clemson can't give in to demands like this. If they do, everyone recruit will want their buddy to come with them. And, as we've learned, once 1 team does it, other teams will to. It sets a bad precedence.
  13. UNC could always join as a football only school while keeping their basketball conference alignment with Duke. Then again, the SEC might be willing to take Duke because of the basketball program and add another marquee rivalry to the SEC.
  14. Anyone who aided in the cover up of the destruction of innocent lives in order to preserve PS's reputation should go to jail. They violated the law and, as far as I'm concerned and under many state's laws, are just as guilty as Sandusky. Throw them in jail where they belong. Burning down the university is vigilante justice and has no place in society. If the NCAA fails to act, keeping in mind that no punishment could ever be enough to satisfy justice, then why would any university listen to them or cooperate with them again? Is making an improper phone call a worse offense? Is getting some speeding tickets dismissed for your starting QB so severe that it dwarfs PS's complete lack of moral and ethical behavior and obligation? Have we, as a society, decided that a game is more important that protecting children from a monster? This is a precedence that will be felt for generations to come, and will become a catalyst in determining the NCAA's viability as a governing body in the future.
  15. It's scripted. It's like crossing family guy with football. Probably the reason I like it so much.
  16. Great article by Sgt John. It's a much need sobering reminder that the most forgotten people in these situations are the victims. I had the honor of working with Sgt John for several years and understand his persepctive better then most. He continues to fight these atrocities while things like this are why I retired from Law Enforcement early. The victims suffer from the first time until they die, which, statistically speaking, is often before the age of 30. But I would also like to say thank you to Sgt John and the other officers who continue to fight for the faceless victims who often have no other voice. I can attest that the continued bombardment of these crimes on an officer's psyche is extremely damaging. It takes a special man or woman to investigate these crimes and listen to these stories and to confront the animals face to face without losing control. So I salute those officers who continue where I could not. And I offer my prayers to the victims, not just the Sandusky victims, but all the child victims of abuse. Great read John.
  17. Small bottle. I like to enjoy my drinks.
  18. I'm the Nash! And I'm Awesoooommmmmmee! So says Sgt John's favorite wrestler.
  19. We lack depth o the o-line. We lack an established TE. None of that matters without a QB to run the offense. If the backfield is as good as advertised, QB play doesn't have to be great. We won't need a McCoy or Young, only a Dilfer to be competitive.

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