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  1. I hate the internet sometimes. It's driven so much by content and conflict. Hamm could have just been cordial and professional but instead wants to take a shot at an up and comer in the Texas HS recruiting game. Recruiting is important but you're suppose to be objective and tell people the truth rather than what they want to hear. I guess that ideal is out the window.
  2. Idk about Baltimore but in DC, I'd go down Embassy Row if you're in a car and see all the embassies which are really cool. Also, I would go to Chinatown and hit up Chinatown Express. Has this Duck Noodles Soup that is awesome. National Cathedral is awesome as well. Honestly, the national mall is daunting enough so anything beyond that is gravy IYAM.
  3. Texas advances to the Regionals, playing BYU in the Sweet Sixteen. BYU stunned the Longhorns in 2014 with an upset in the Final Four eventually losing to Penn State. We'll see how this game unfolds.
  4. Texas had that one bad loss to Iowa State that cost them the Big 12 title. Tough but that's life. The 1st and 2nd Round are going to be easy if the team is focused. Texas gets BYU in the Sweet 16. If they survive that, they may get Kansas. Yikes. Then even if you get passed that, you get Nebraska who whooped you back in August. Then it could be Wisconsin (who Texas lost to as well) or Minnesota. Anything is possible in the NCAA tournament but Final Four might be the peak of this team.
  5. Of course fans do! That's why he puts it in there.
  6. I've seen his kid, he's a pure junkyard dog (or wolf).
  7. Which most journalists have forgotten Journalism 101. Know your source's motivation. This goes for anything. If you have a politician/staff, agent, AD, coach, etc., feeding you anonymous information, why are they doing it? They are typically not doing it out of their own sense of morality. They want to control the message through a neutral 3rd party. However, journalism today is "Get the story out first" because research shows that when you're first, site traffic blows up. You don't have the luxury of waiting until print time to get the story right, 24 hour news and the internet has ruined that mentality. The old tenets of Journalism aren't rewarded by consumers today, so it's all about content and how much buzz you can generate to stay relevant. Herman is the media focus right now, and his agent/Herman himself is soaking it up to get the big paycheck.
  8. That's going to be a major problem this year. Can't get outrebounded and expect to win games.
  9. I was the biggest Strong supporter but there's was always a caveat. BEAT kU!!! (Mizzou hate is strong in me). Great guy, I hope he wins a championship someday but it won't be here.
  10. To be fair, they did get Shaka Smart. That seemed to work out very well. But yeah, 1 out of 5 is still a 20% success rate so not that good.
  11. Shouldn't be up for debate. He should be done. That doesn't mean there won't be fallout. Players will transfer, recruits will de-commit and there will be drama. That comes with the territory. But Texas has to get this hire right. Even if it isn't Herman (which I think some fans are too bullish that Herman is guaranteed to come to UT), if the next coach fails in 3 years, that means Texas spent the entire 2010s mired in mediocrity. Minnesota and Pitt were once powers and after years of mediocre football, they lost their edge and have never gained it back. That could happen to Texas. So it needs to be handled right, and right now the AD has stumbled out of the gate. Too many BMDs have too much power and there is no coherent message from UT athletics.
  12. Might be able to get Harbaugh John Harbaugh to be exact.
  13. Charlie Strong. It makes Economic sense. Not only do you get the $10 million buyout for Strong, you have to buy out the staff (4th 'n 5 says ~10 mil). So call it $20 million right out the door. Plus add $15-20 million for whoever is the next head coach. So at worse, $40 million. Lot of other people's money fans seem to want to spend. Also, it could be a 2014 scenario again. [insert fan's obsession here] or Bust. This time, it's not whether Herman leaves but who he leaves to. LSU is already open but Ed Oregeron is going to be tough to beat out right now for the job. Texas A&M is likely going to make a move as well. Wild Card: Oregon. Oregon might try to convince Chip Kelly to come back but my guess is that won't happen. So where did some of the best players Oregon had come from? Texas. Herman runs a similar system to Oregon when they are successful. So there could be 4 offers for Herman to choose so it's not a lock. If Texas fires Strong, strikes out on Herman, what's next? Les Miles? Will Muschamp? Who could you say would meet the extremely high expectations of Texas in a college football game where the talent is being dispersed all over like it has never been before? These are things that have to be considered. Now that doesn't mean he WON'T be fired, it's just seems more likely than not that Charlie Strong is the coach next year.
  14. Well, let's hope the CFB draft committee does the same thing so he comes back for his senior year.
  15. Well everytime I pick Texas to win (sans UTEP), they lose and vice versa. So I've given up on winning this season. Therefore, WVU will win on Saturday.
  16. That if you can get to Mahomes in time with Tech's quick passing attack. Not to mention he can run. Texas is 3rd in the nation in sacks so the Longhorns are good at something on defense. Tech is a different type of spread team from Baylor. The Secondary will have to show up in this game and slow the offense down.
  17. Again with the political correctness? You said it before that the ONLY reason Coach Strong was hired was as a diversity hire. Despite the fact in his final two years at Louisville, he went 23-3. The only loss to a sub-.500 team during that two year span was in triple OT to UConn in 2012. The anointed one, Tom Herman, got whooped by 22 points by SMU that lost to Baylor by 27 (that Coach Strong beat) and TCU by 30. But clearly, Tom Herman is much more qualified for that huge $5.5 million/year salary. (/sarcasm) We get it, you don't like that a black man is coaching Texas football considering you constantly dog whistle with "PC" or "diversity hire" in any post about Coach Strong. I don't get why you have to constantly bring it up like there is some conspiracy to bring down Texas football in the name of Political Correctness. Despite that conspiracy, Coach Strong will not keep his job at all costs. He loses out and goes 4-8, he is gone. Same with 5-7. 6-6? Iffy. No way he's gone if he goes 8-4 or 7-5. Why? That's where most people predicted the Longhorns. Dallas Morning News: 7-5. Burnt Orange Nation: 8-4. ESPN Big 12: 7-5. Saturday Blitz: 7-5. Sports Illustrated: 7-5. And finally HornSports where the entire staff either picked 8-4 or 7-5. It's kind of hypocritical to call for the pitchforks when the coach does exactly what you thought he would do preseason. So if he does what most expected him to do, he'll keep his job because Tom Herman isn't a proven commodity yet. Also, the buyout is much cheaper next year and he has no excuses for 2017. Get it done or GTFO. He doesn't win, he's out. But quit bringing up his race (or insinuating it) as if it's the only reason 1) that he got the job and 2) he is keeping his job for eternity.
  18. So even beating an undefeated top 10 team full of juniors and seniors with a team that has a true freshman center and quarterback is not good enough for you? A win is a win. It still possible to go 7-5 or 8-4 where most, if not all people following this team saw the Longhorns in 2016.
  19. Texas is a different team at home. Typically young teams are. The Texas Tech game is certainly going to be very tough but Texas could finish 2 games better than last year, 7-5. Which most people predicted at the beginning of the season.
  20. BLM? Are you talking about Black Lives Matter? What would that have anything to do with college football?
  21. That's not going to be surprising. In fact, it's going to be worse since Football is the main money driver. You think schools aren't going to pay out for their successful football coach? Not to mention many fans have wanted Charlie gone since the 1st game of last season. Here are the season predictions of our staff before the season: 7-5 7-5 8-4 8-4 7-5 8-4 8-4 So majority picked 8-4 including losses to OU and Oklahoma State. In fact, 6-6 wouldn't have shocked anybody. But since that big win over Notre Dame occurred, the perception changed and hasn't been readjusted to reflect the reality of that win. So everyone wants to fire Charlie and thinks they are going to get whoever they want, yet fail to see that Power 5 ADs have a ton of money as well and can pay coaches to stay in good situations they are in. Remember Les Miles and Michigan? Michigan was a dumpster fire but they were certain Les Miles would leave his potential National Championship team for Michigan because "We're Michigan". What happened? He stayed. Whether that was a right move, that's debatable. But let's look at the 3 best coaches in the game and how they got their jobs: How did Michigan get Harbaugh? Because he was in a toxic situation with the 49ers front office and Michigan needed a coach. How did Alabama get Saban? Because Saban was coaching losers in Miami and Alabama needed a coach. How did Ohio State get Urban Meyer? He was unemployed, working for ESPN and Ohio State needed a coach. People get this idea that it was because of the job was why these elite programs got their head coach. Many times, it was the right time and opportunity for the coach. Yes Charlie's job is in jeopardy, and maybe Texas could get Tom Herman. However, if Texas strikes out, you could have some one who isn't that good perpetuating the drought of greatness.
  22. Not to rain on your guy's parade but you don't think LSU can't match the money? Are we talking about paying upwards of $7 million/year for a coach who has only been a head coach for 18 games?
  23. Lane Kiffin is only 41 years old. He's still young. Plus, he stays at Alabama until the right offer comes (like Kirby Smart) and you are guaranteed job security. Like the article above yours, Lane Kiffin has changed the offense at Alabama and now went to a spread OB option attack and it's working well. He could get another chance.
  24. Yeah, Les Miles has a way of salvaging his job for another 8 win season. Plus, Nick Saban is a god at Alabama and many LSU fans are still pissed about that.

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