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  1. Couldn't agree more about moving on. He may have talent and may turn out to be a good college football player but he's looking more and more like a potential bust and, with his apparent need for attention, a problem in the locker room/off the field. I think it might be better to hang on to the scholarship and look for a kid who might not be as highly rated but who'll put in the work without the attitude, wouldn't be the first time Texas found a diamond in the rough...Connor and Colt come to mind. As for FWK...if it looks/walks/swims like a duck it's a duck, the guy looks/sounds/acts like trouble. That alone might be a good enough reason to stay away from anyone associated with him.
  2. Wouldn’t bother me a bit if Tom Herman was one of the callers
  3. They should've given Kevin Faulk a little more time with jimbo's nephew before pulling him back...
  4. Announcing that you're taking a dump as part of your pre-game ritual?? Must be an aggy thing, kinda like the jizz jar
  5. The only thing memorable about Christian Ponder is that he's the lucky SOB who married Samantha Steele
  6. The lack of female cheerleaders is the last effective negative attack??? Poooooooor aggy...so sheep, jizz jars, d**k-riding Alabama, decades of mediocrity highlighted by the addition of 2 national championships 85 and 93 years after the fact, dead dog field, the corp, etc.. are positives?
  7. Beat the corndogs? Guess they're giving the bishop a break...
  8. Bragging about best losses...only aggy. Surprised they didn't find a way to justify a higher ranking because of Bama's wins.
  9. Maybe it's not drama...could be his way of saying that he's sick of aggy stalking him
  10. Hit the nail on the head! I had a long talk about with a friend who's working on his MBA in Healthcare and is writing a paper on the rising cost of healthcare and the role insurance plays and wanted my input since I used to work with the crooks. I sent him one article that proves your point and explains a huge part of the problem. David Wichman, CEO of UnitedHealth Group, took home $83.2M in total compensation last year, they didn't pay him that for putting the patient's best interest first, they paid him for putting the bottom line first and he did a damn good job. Health insurance CEOs earned $342.6M in 2017
  11. As someone who used to work on the business side of healthcare I can tell you that you'd be shocked/disgusted at what insurance companies can eff up when it comes to medical care decisions.
  12. Anyone have a guess as to when we'll see the next "Commitment Spotlight" thread?? With the silent commits, a pretty good recruiting weekend and a possible flip there's gotta be one on the way...right?
  13. Urban being Urban... Urban Meyer told NFL scout of Aaron Hernandez: 'Don't f---ing touch that guy' Here's his side of the story from the book that Ian O’Connor is writing about Bill Belichick... Lied to beat the system, taught others to beat the system and they knew he was, at the very least, smoking marijuana but they just couldn't catch him... This is from a 2013 Rolling Stone article on Hernandez and his treatment at UF under Urban... Looks to me like they caught him...someone must've hidden the results from Urban because there's no way he'd let Hernandez play if he knew that he'd failed. Right?? Normally I'd read this and think that the truth about Urban lies somewhere between the two stories but, to quote a very wise man, "Meyer is fraudulent, lying, sack of sh*t" and I think the article proves it (not that any real proof was needed). The guy should've lost his job at Florida and should lose it at Ohio State but $$ talks and he's already served his 3 game suspension so he'll walk away from this as clean as he did all the other allegations. Good thing for him that his players never traded memorabilia for tattoos...he be in some real trouble then!!
  14. Did you get a sense of their expectations beyond Tulsa? We've got a very tough 4 weeks after Tulsa with USC, TCU, K-State and OU and if there's no improvement from last week I can easily see us going 1-3.
  15. Coach Herman, I asked my 12-year old how you win a game, he said score more points than the other team. I'll bring him to the next team meeting to explain it to the players.
  16. I'm definitely willing to give him the benefit of the doubt considering injuries and o-line issues. I am hoping that Herman's got him on a short leash, though, and that he's going to take over play calling if there's no improvement.
  17. Need a few (bunch) more people...
  18. For anyone interested...I started a Yahoo! College Pick'Em league. It's set up for top 25 games + Big XII games and scoring is confidence points. It's for bragging rights...I've got 1 teenager and another who will be in 4 months so I don't have any money to bet. Here's the info... In order to join the group, just go to College Football Pick'em, and click the "Join Group" button. From there, enter the following information... Group ID#: 9749 Password: hookem
  19. Not surprising that aggy would want to "ass rape" Clemson or anyone else for that matter...just ask the sheep.

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