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  1. aggy...the only university that gets it's energy from sharing a big dick
  2. Both my boys are year 'round swimmers, the oldest wants to swim at Texas. We're planning on sending them to the Longhorn Swim Camp next summer so that they get to see/meet Eddie and to get some coaching from a pretty amazing coaching staff...Eddie, Carol Capitani, former UT swimmers, Gold Medalists and other Olympians (including Ian Crocker), NCAA champions and the list goes on. We'd have sent them this year but the camps fill up fast!!
  3. The Longhorn Men's Swimming/Diving Team took 2nd at the NCAA Championships and the Women's Swimming/Diving Team took 5th. "UT's NCAA runner-up finish was the 12th in program history and marked the 26th time in 41 seasons under head coach Eddie Reece that the Longhorns finished among the top two nationally. All totaled, under Reese, Texas has earned a top three finish on 33 occasions and finished among the Top 10 for the 40th straight year." Men's Swimming and Diving takes second at NCAA Championships
  4. From what I've heard/read I'm pretty sure that aggy's okay with Bama running things down their throat...
  5. If you have Amazon Prime you might want to check this out If you don't have Amazon Prime you might want to consider getting it for recruiting purposes...
  6. There was more than one pic? All I saw was Kate...
  7. Superiority?? What superiority? I constantly have to remind my aggie friends and in-laws who boast and brag about aggy and the $ec that the last time the game was played we beat them with Case McCoy who was, IMHO, one of the worst starting QBs to take the field for UT in all the years that I've been a Longhorn. And Case beat Ryan Tannehill, the QB that all of them boasted and bragged at the time. On another note... I've been a Dolphins fan all of my life and stopped watching games when they drafted Tannehill and he proved that an aggys ability to lead a team to mediocrity isn't limited to college football
  8. "...from the outside you can't understand it and from the inside you can't explain it." - Every Sheep Who's Ever Lived in collie station
  9. Since aggy claims all of Bama's victories... When aggy loses to Bama do they claim that as win, or put another way, when Bama beats them does that mean that they're actually beating themselves?
  10. Besides the fact that we need a few more big boys up front, I'm a Clear Creek grad and probably a little more biased... This has probably been discussed before but do we know where Lindberg is leaning and when/if he'll be a Longhorn?
  11. From txags... aggy butthurt...they couldn't beat VY at pile field aggy excuse...he played the worst defenses in aggy history typical aggy...McGee outplayed him and Reggie McNeal was better Poooooooor aggy! Now...I've gotta go wash out my eyes to try and get txag out of them
  12. He probably stopped by to remind them that he owns their stadium; 2-0 (2003, 2005) and outscored them 86-44. Shouldn't our 2005 National Championship be up on their stadium?
  13. What RBs are still out there that we'd offer and would have a realistic shot at signing? JUCO or possible grad transfer?
  14. I think the words "fool" and "aggy" are interchangeable so, really, it's just aggy being aggy
  15. Never thought I'd hear this from an aggy. Does sip or tu actually bother anyone anymore? "tu" has to be one of the most moronic attempts to get under another school's skin in the history of sports. I'd love to have been in the room with the idiots who came up with that one... "Hey Buford, I no how to teech 'em Longhorns a leson" "How we gunna do'at, Roscoe?" "Wail, we ain't gunna call that skool UT anymore...we gunna flip it and call'em tu" "That's one hel of a jeanyus idea, Roscoe...that's gunna kill'em, they ain't no comebak for that one!" "Thank you, Buford. Now...I'm prety sure I saw some sheep in 'at feeld over yonder lookin' a little lonely" "I think yore rite. Let me run in the house reel quick and grab the jar then we can go have us some fun..."
  16. aggy claimed them since we were in the same conference, they're on a shelf right next to Bama's
  17. 3-star Colt McCoy (ranked 68th in Texas and 405 nationally) would like to remind you that "winning" the state recruiting battle doesn't necessarily mean you're going to win the state on the field. aggy has had higher ranked classes before and are no closer to a conference/national championship than they they have been for the last 20 years. Doesn't matter what they're ranked coming in...it's what you do with them once they hit the field that matters.
  18. I read somewhere that Jenna Jameson's going to be teaching abstinence in the classroom right next door...

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