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  1. Are Shaw or Strong in play at all? Their names seem to have dropped out of the conversation totally.
  2. "Must be able to develop QBs" should be one of the top 5 requirements listed on the new coach's job description.
  3. Never called them the best in the country...I just don't see the same downward trend you do. Like I said, we'll know more once they've played a team that challenges them and I don't think they'll really be challenged until 11/9 against LSU (who stunk it up this week).
  4. Thanks...I'm blind in one eye now and I've gotta clean breakfast out of my keyboard.
  5. Depends on who shows up... Team that dominated blowU - Texas wins Team that was handed a win against Iowa State - TCU takes it
  6. Which programs are you considering the most important? Going off of recent results (last couple of years or so) I'd guess UT, ou, osu, bu, ksu and maybe tt. How're super conferences going to deal with existing GORs if progress actually gets here <12 years?
  7. Bama's last couple of classes have been pretty highly ranked and this year's commit list looks pretty stacked. They'll lose experience to the NFL/graduation but not talent, they've got plenty of that waiting in the wings. As for a down turn in play...can't say I agree with you on that one. They're 6-0 and have absolutely dominated everyone they've played except the gaggies. That said, I realize that the teams they've dominated include Georgia State, Kentucky and Colorado State and that they struggled with the only team that put up any kind of a fight. We'll see what they're really made of when the Bayou Bengals go into Tuscaloosa on 11/9. I'm absolutely on board with UT being a good coach/staff away from being back in the MNC race annually and I can see how that would be extremely attractive to a coach who's rebuilt and won championships with 2 of college football's elite. IMHO, if he comes to Texas that will be the reason, it'll either be ego or the challenge of getting it done but I think that he knows that he can do it again and that UT is the place he can get it done fastest.
  8. What if it IS all about money and he's using us as leverage for a bigger payday at Bama...
  9. In that scenario, where would ou end up? It'd be nice to have them in the same conference to kick around annually.
  10. Joined a while ago but this is my first post. Ya'll are doing a great job on this board, I hope that it keeps growing. I keep trying to wrap my head around the idea of Saban coming to Texas and can't do it for a couple of reasons: 1. He's won a MNC at LSU and in his 6 seasons at Bama he's won 3 crystal footballs and looks to have a shot at a 4th this season, his 5th overall. As much as I hate to say it, I don't see Bama dropping out of the MNC chase anytime in the near future which gives him the opportunity to eclipse the 6 championships won by Bear; so if he decides he's only going to coach for 5 more years why would he give up that opportunity? We should be on a level playing field with Bama when it comes to being an elite program but we're not there right now and, in all likelihood, it's going to take a couple of seasons to get us back there regardless of who's coaching. 2. $10M is a lot of money but, at this point in his career, is more money going to be the deciding factor in him making the change? What happens when/if Bama matches the $$? It'd be ignorance/arrogance to assume that they lack the ability to counter almost any offer that we make. 3. Saban's got more coaching years behind him than in front of him and he's built a program that, from the outside, seems to run like a well-oiled machine and a program that he runs without a great deal of "input" from boosters/bmds; will he be able to do the same here? Additionally, Nick's not the most media friendly coach out there, how's he going to handle the LHN? Will the UT culture change or will Nick? And would the additional distractions be a deterrent? I think that Saban's the kind of coach that we need right now...someone who's going to come in and run his program, his way...and I hope that the rumor's true (I have a good friend who's a huge Bama fan...I'd have a field day giving him hell!!!).
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