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  1. 3-Time NCAA Champion Shaine Casas Will Transfer Out of Texas A&M For those who don't follow swimming much...this is HUGE, Shaine Casas is one of the best swimmers in the US right now! He was an SEC/NCAA champion in the 100/200 backstroke and the 200 IM and just missed being on the Olympic team this year by tenths of a second. He's the best swimmer in the SEC and aggy has no one on their roster who's even close to his talent level, they went from SEC contenders to pretenders. I have a very plausible theory on how Shaine came to this decision... Shaine competed at the Texas Senior Circuit Long Course Meet at a&m the week after the Olympic Trials, he swam the 100 free and 100 fly and set personal best and pool record times in both events. Since he was the top seed in both events Shaine swam in lane 4 for prelims and finals; the fastest swimmers swim in lane 4, second fastest in 5, 3rd in 3, 4th in 6, etc.. They were short on timers for the meet so, for the most part, there were a couple of lanes that had the same timer for the duration of the meet, lane 4 was one of those and the gentleman timing Shaine for each of his swims was a Longhorn...yes, I was that timer. I believe that while he was warming down after each event Shaine pondered what was different about his swims that day as opposed to all of the other meets he'd been in over the last year and that the one thing that stood out above anything else was the fact that he had the same timer for each event and that timer was a Longhorn and that his inspiration didn't come from his home natatorium or his teammates but from the Longhorn logo he glimpsed before he stepped up to the block. While I'm sure being coached by Eddie Reese and the chance at a national championship played at part I don't think that either were the driving force...I'm taking credit for this recruitment!!
  2. Eddie Reese = GOAT!! There's no coach in any sport that's been as successful or as dominate! Watching the NCAA Championships this year was a blast! Longhorn swimming's going to be tough to beat, there are a lot of good underclassmen on the team.
  3. The Longhorn men's swim team won their 42nd championship in a row, 17 in the SWC and 25 in the Big XII! The Longhorn women won the conference for the 9th year in a row and have won the Big XII 19 times in 25 years. Big XII Swimming Championships
  4. It may be but the problem is/was that Herman is not Meyer
  5. One model has produced 6 national championships while the other got the coach fired
  6. I’m pretty sure that Coach Sark has all of the reminders that he needs and a support system in place that includes Nick Saban so I doubt that he’s going to be hopping on this board to get reminders from you or, for that matter, if he gives a shit about what J.B. TexasEx thinks
  7. Took the wife to Whiskey Cake and got the BYOF (build your own flight) with Blanton's, Kentucky Owl Confiscated, Old Forester B-Day 2020 and EH Taylor Small Batch, also tried Stagg Jr. for the first time as well. REALLY liked the Kentucky Owl and Old Forester B-Day. I'm not sure I'd pay the $125-$150/bottle I've seen for the KO but I'd definitely have another glass if I saw it on the menu. I've been on an Old Forester kick for the last few months (especially with the 1897 and 1920) and wasn't disappointed at all with the B-Day, my only issue with it is that I can't find it at any of the stores that I shop at...might have to talk to Earl's bourbon guy! The EH Taylor was very good, pretty smooth and a little spicy which I like. Blanton's was the only one I tried that I've had before so it was what I expected it to be and enjoyed it as much as I have before. The Stagg Jr was probably my favorite of the five (B-Day was a very close second), it definitely has a kick to it but I thought it was still pretty smooth and I liked the spicy/caramelly flavor. I paid $39 for the flight which I didn't think was all that bad, the price is based on the $/glass of the bourbons that you choose, I did consider adding Pappy's instead of Blanton's but the $130 a glass for the 15-year was probably going to bump the price up to a little more than I wanted to pay.
  8. That was my plane, had to make a Round Rock Donuts run...
  9. I found out yesterday that I may have the opportunity to buy some Pappy's 10-year that was bottled back in 2010. I'm curious about how much someone would be willing to pay for what amounts to a 20-year old bottle of Pappy's because the guy that I'd be getting it from hasn't given me a price yet and I'd like to have an idea before I make any kind of commitment. Anybody have a ballpark figure?
  10. That's a pretty big if, though, the offensive line's been pretty offensive to this point.
  11. If we lose to Oklahoma State Saturday afternoon is there a chance that we get a treat for Halloween... Or the same old tired trick...
  12. Toxic...perfect word...Toxic Tom. If I was another school right now I wouldn't waste my breath on negative recruiting, I'd just sit back and let the Toxic Tom shit show take care of that for me. Urban can't get here fast enough...
  13. Score, killer instinct's something that we haven't seen for too long! At this point I'd be happy to see any kind of competitive instinct...killer, psycho, really pissed off, angry as hell, extremely irritated, mildly perturbed...
  14. We couldn't afford the coaching change that we're all anxious for without their money so I don't have a problem with them having more than a little involvement in the process, they're the ones who are going to have to pony up the cash to buy out Hermann and pay Urban so, personally, I'm good with them taking a little initiative. Additionally, I don't know the numbers and am too lazy today to look them up but BMD donations don't start and stop with athletics and I'd bet good money that they put more into the academic/research side than into sports, cutting them out of the coaching search could have repercussions elsewhere. If I'm the administration I'd keep them fat and happy and keep cashing their checks instead of pissing them off and risking losing their $$.
  15. That's about as accurate a take on the state of Texas football as I've heard. Absolutely hits the nail on the head about recruiting, or the lack of, if Herman's our coach next year.
  16. Has anyone with connections to the program heard any grumblings from the $$ guys about CTH?
  17. First and foremost...is there any factual, reliable proof that President Trump had Herman Cain's cause of death modified or changed from COVID to complications from cancer or that he's forcing the CDC to falsify their reports? Herman Cain was an older gentleman with a history of cancer which placed him at a higher risk for contracting and, unfortunately, dying from COVID-19. While neither age nor cancer caused his death they are factors known to increase an individual's risk and to complicate treatment. He was 74 years old which, according to the CDC, made him 5 times more likely to be hospitalized and an 18-29 year old and 90 times more likely to die. Chemotherapy is effective because cancer cells grow fast and chemo kills fast-growing cells, unfortunately there's no way to target just cancerous cells so it kills all fast-growing cells which can damage healthy tissue. Due to the complications of treatment there are long-term and sometimes lifetime side effects that result from chemo that can compromise a survivor's immune system and can also include cardiac and pulmonary issues. Being a cancer survivor didn't kill him but it didn't make his road any easier. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/investigations-discovery/hospitalization-death-by-age.html https://www.cancer.net/blog/2020-06/common-questions-about-covid-19-and-cancer-answers-patients-and-survivors

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