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  1. Eddie Reese = GOAT!! There's no coach in any sport that's been as successful or as dominate! Watching the NCAA Championships this year was a blast! Longhorn swimming's going to be tough to beat, there are a lot of good underclassmen on the team.
  2. The Longhorn men's swim team won their 42nd championship in a row, 17 in the SWC and 25 in the Big XII! The Longhorn women won the conference for the 9th year in a row and have won the Big XII 19 times in 25 years. Big XII Swimming Championships
  3. It may be but the problem is/was that Herman is not Meyer
  4. One model has produced 6 national championships while the other got the coach fired
  5. I’m pretty sure that Coach Sark has all of the reminders that he needs and a support system in place that includes Nick Saban so I doubt that he’s going to be hopping on this board to get reminders from you or, for that matter, if he gives a shit about what J.B. TexasEx thinks
  6. Took the wife to Whiskey Cake and got the BYOF (build your own flight) with Blanton's, Kentucky Owl Confiscated, Old Forester B-Day 2020 and EH Taylor Small Batch, also tried Stagg Jr. for the first time as well. REALLY liked the Kentucky Owl and Old Forester B-Day. I'm not sure I'd pay the $125-$150/bottle I've seen for the KO but I'd definitely have another glass if I saw it on the menu. I've been on an Old Forester kick for the last few months (especially with the 1897 and 1920) and wasn't disappointed at all with the B-Day, my only issue with it is that I can't find it at any of the sto
  7. That was my plane, had to make a Round Rock Donuts run...
  8. I found out yesterday that I may have the opportunity to buy some Pappy's 10-year that was bottled back in 2010. I'm curious about how much someone would be willing to pay for what amounts to a 20-year old bottle of Pappy's because the guy that I'd be getting it from hasn't given me a price yet and I'd like to have an idea before I make any kind of commitment. Anybody have a ballpark figure?
  9. That's a pretty big if, though, the offensive line's been pretty offensive to this point.
  10. Biden is not legitimate, no one is legitimate at this point. Election results are not finalized until the validity of ballots cast has been verified and then the results have been certified. In the event a recount occurs election results are put on hold until the recount is completed. There's a long way to go before this election is completed and there's a legitimate winner. How and When Election Results are Finalized - Ballotpedia.org

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