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  1. Eddie Reese = GOAT!! There's no coach in any sport that's been as successful or as dominate! Watching the NCAA Championships this year was a blast! Longhorn swimming's going to be tough to beat, there are a lot of good underclassmen on the team.
  2. The Longhorn men's swim team won their 42nd championship in a row, 17 in the SWC and 25 in the Big XII! The Longhorn women won the conference for the 9th year in a row and have won the Big XII 19 times in 25 years. Big XII Swimming Championships
  3. It may be but the problem is/was that Herman is not Meyer
  4. One model has produced 6 national championships while the other got the coach fired
  5. I’m pretty sure that Coach Sark has all of the reminders that he needs and a support system in place that includes Nick Saban so I doubt that he’s going to be hopping on this board to get reminders from you or, for that matter, if he gives a shit about what J.B. TexasEx thinks
  6. Took the wife to Whiskey Cake and got the BYOF (build your own flight) with Blanton's, Kentucky Owl Confiscated, Old Forester B-Day 2020 and EH Taylor Small Batch, also tried Stagg Jr. for the first time as well. REALLY liked the Kentucky Owl and Old Forester B-Day. I'm not sure I'd pay the $125-$150/bottle I've seen for the KO but I'd definitely have another glass if I saw it on the menu. I've been on an Old Forester kick for the last few months (especially with the 1897 and 1920) and wasn't disappointed at all with the B-Day, my only issue with it is that I can't find it at any of the stores that I shop at...might have to talk to Earl's bourbon guy! The EH Taylor was very good, pretty smooth and a little spicy which I like. Blanton's was the only one I tried that I've had before so it was what I expected it to be and enjoyed it as much as I have before. The Stagg Jr was probably my favorite of the five (B-Day was a very close second), it definitely has a kick to it but I thought it was still pretty smooth and I liked the spicy/caramelly flavor. I paid $39 for the flight which I didn't think was all that bad, the price is based on the $/glass of the bourbons that you choose, I did consider adding Pappy's instead of Blanton's but the $130 a glass for the 15-year was probably going to bump the price up to a little more than I wanted to pay.
  7. That was my plane, had to make a Round Rock Donuts run...
  8. I found out yesterday that I may have the opportunity to buy some Pappy's 10-year that was bottled back in 2010. I'm curious about how much someone would be willing to pay for what amounts to a 20-year old bottle of Pappy's because the guy that I'd be getting it from hasn't given me a price yet and I'd like to have an idea before I make any kind of commitment. Anybody have a ballpark figure?
  9. That's a pretty big if, though, the offensive line's been pretty offensive to this point.

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