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  1. Really like Ty’s film. Small dude but runs very well with a purpose with good feet, power, good and willing blocker, and good hands. Just hope he is closer to 5-10 190# than 5-7 180#. Glad he was in for an UOV after visiting puke orange UT. Hope he can make it for pool party.
  2. Love to read that! whats ur take on 2nd RB?we need 2 in 2020. Jase?
  3. CB: Ringo, Pouncey, Crawford, Rogers , I feel that’s the order. What else can Punncey play? Safety: Ransom, Thompson, Washington, I feel that’s the order thought I think Thompson is a Joker from day 1 and a LB eventually if he wants to be, @225# i really like Alford at Nickel
  4. Yes we do! Sucks abiut L Jackson, we need to change this perception this year Ins September when LSU comes to town. Clayton Smith , imo is a B-Backer/LB.
  5. Just offered Brandon Campbell a 4* APB 5-11,195# from Pearland. Speed + Power. UT is a “dream offer.”
  6. QB-Stone RB-Wheaton WR-QDavis, JoJo OL-Byrd, Brockermeyer, Brockermeyer thats a damn good start to 2021 on Offense
  7. We need to go all in, he is the best LB in state and has liked us a lot. Don’t know how we have f’ed up a couple of these recruitments. Other is Temple WR QJ. So much talent there, need to capitalize on in . Especially after a 10 win, Sugar Bowl win over big bad Sec.
  8. If it is foul play, we need to play this game if winning is important. That’s how the game has been played but more so now. #ncaa doesn’t give a shit.
  9. Didn’t know that. I do know we have been shut out from top talent from NS for years. Maybe 3* few years ago and that’s it for a while. They have turned for sure
  10. I think he will play Z also but looking at his film I think he is truly a X but just doesn’t have the 6-4+ frame we prefer in our X WR. He is a complete WR though, meds to refine a few things.
  11. We lost North Shore to LSU and Bama but picked up some dallas mojo. Need both, too much talent at NS to let it go
  12. That’s a great start to 2021! He is a very good prospect. Some really good WRs in 21 also. Need JoJo in the slot! no idea about the answer to ur question
  13. True , at 160# his tackling form and frame isn’t ideal, but I want my CBs to cover great, everything else is 2dary.
  14. went back and watched Quentin Johnston and Troy Omerie tape and im not sure what the staff is thinking. QJ is a bad ass WR prospect. Head and shoulders better than TO who is pretty decent. QJ makes some great catches, has a great catch radius. At 6-4 has very impressive speed and bounce to him. Makes some catches over the middle and has decent wiggle for a big dude. He can play X or Z. He is almost Demas good. Johnny Wilson is my dream at X, he is everything Collin Johnson is and some more. STUD. also watched some RB tape. Bijan is a flat out stud and i cant get enough of him. Im not sure what the knock some have on Jase McClellan but i sure hope he decides Texas is his home bc that dude runs with some power and purpose. He is very very good. Ranking is justified. like them both more than Milton, though i like Miltons 220lbs. i think we need a bigger back for end of games and goal-line. Hullaby could be that, he can play ball. if he can mover like he does with 20-25 more lbs than he will be that multidimensional H-back, power RB Herman wants.
  15. just saw his tape and he is DAMN good. i assume this means the staff has heard that Ringo likes UGA. regardless of what Ringo does, we need to get EP. He is a pure CB and a guy that can come in and play. that state produces some CBs every year. Kitan and Jahari both need a year, Jahari more bc he play QB only on his tape. Ethan doesnt need to shirt and is very very talented. Also , i love tall CBs and he is 6-1, does need to add some wt bc he is only 160 but should get to college closer to 175.
  16. I would take BRobinson and JMcClellan over Evans/George but only bc George is a OG. Evans is a stud all around bad ass. I really love Bijan as a RB , he just isn’t Evans
  17. Ransom is my favorite DB in 2020 class and I love Ringo. Ransom will play day 1 and start shortly at NB
  18. Per tape, imo Q Johnston is better than Omiere. Both are talented though, I don’t care much for 40times in underwear but 4.8 isn’t good. Also, QJ can play Z and X, TO is a X
  19. Imo, 100% has to close that door. I still hope the door is wide open on Clemson RB and also on Chris Steele the CB from Florida edit: Steele just committed to Oregon.
  20. Not sure at all. It’s I do believe if Floyd was good to go, they would not push for JM to come next month
  21. They don’t need to match, they could technically hire Jimbo for $1 and he would make $7.5mm/year for the duration of his 10 years from Aggies. LSU could make jimbo the highest paid coach by paying him only $3mm/year bc he would be getting the rest from Aggie. I don’t think he will leave just yet but I could get interesting depending on who Aggies hire(Jimbo will pretty much hire this AD anyway).
  22. For someone as detail oriented and as anal as Saban , he had someone put it there that day for a reason
  23. Would be great to get it at the spring game, it won’t be before for sure. Doubt it’ll be at SG

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