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  1. dont think Collins commits tomorrow, i think some are just getting over excited. He wants to take some visits and has been really pursued by Bama, Lsu would Love to be wrong
  2. Do u think there is a chance he de-commits? Well it’s the $ec for a reason, it’s they only way they play the game. I am a firm believer we need to do it, and do it at their level. No reason not to, NCAA doesn’t care, and they are spineless worthless cowards anyway.
  3. I know what ur asking. To me it’s just his movement couple steps after the snap. He isn’t bendy, flexible. Without pads at the camps in Oakland, he looked really fluid but not sure what wt he was then. I just feel that 5 mins highlight video showed really good get off and then SOME stiffness. 4.25 agility is very impressive so he can change directions. My eyes just tell me that his body is a little stiff, some yoga and functional mobility drill would help him a lot. Sorry I don’t have a quantifiable way to explain it.
  4. At 16, 6-4, 250 lbs, great agility and power. Doesn’t have the speed and is slightly stiff. He will be 270+ by the time he arrives on campus, is already north of 255lbs.
  5. Van Fillinnger would be really nice 6-3.5 255 right now. It sure how large his family is but he looks like he can add a lot more good wt. he will be a large 4i, maybe even grow into Nose at 300 in 2-3 years. Very good film , even though competition isn’t that good. Seems to have good instincts inside but needs more technique work like 99% of guys. Mods, y’all know how large his lineage is or do u think he can grown into a Nose down the line?
  6. Haven’t seen this guys tape but I really hope we go after little brother Pouncey at CB. Love his height, movement at CB. Needs to add 2 dozen lbs but that’ll happen in a couple years.
  7. I read that VB2 has only played football for 3 years. If true, the upside and ability to learn leverage, hand technique could make him really great. I do hope he can stay at 300 or less and play 4i. Collins is a must on the other side. I think both are huge needs in the class. I also prefer Van Fillinger as my 3rd DL and then keep recruiting the big Nose from Louisiana, Gilloury I think.
  8. Agree. Lindberg is a OG Johnston is a great Z-WR with size, speed, hands. Collins is a great SDE prospect for our scheme. Broughton is good but he isn’t as quick and could be a very good SDE(1st/2nd down) and DT(all downs).
  9. Ossai, Vaughn, Mpagi all in line ahead of Prince. i hope that means he is able to redshirt. Very athletic dude who can bend around the corner. B-backer all the way when he gets above 240lbs. He should be able to hold the edge also. great prospect and i agree, fits out scheme great. athletic
  10. Yes there are 2 outstanding. 1 is widely believed to be CTJ 2nd imo is Q Johnston both are guesses. ransom news sucks, dude is as talented as Caden Sterns
  11. I hope we are still 100% after Ringo and Ethan Pouncey is a really good CB from Fla. I hope we take 3/4 of those
  12. Great write up, like the way he finishes runs also!
  13. Gonna have a write up soon? My take; RB film shows good speed, a little wiggle and is physical at the end of runs. He is a track star for sure, fast, has very good acceleration. Can pivot and turn but seems very raw at CB. Great athlete but I want to see more CB film. Has what it takes body wise to be a good CB. Put him on the X WR. I think he needs a RS but he hasn’t played his SR year yet so he will learn much more in the next 14 months. Barring injury, we should have the luxury of shirting him. Does have a knack to get his hands on the ball as a CB. Very solid eval by staff!
  14. It was KC, he then sent a tweet himself so BC got it in first. John Tyler HS tweeted it out first. My ASSUMPTION would me he was going to commit tonight all along.
  15. True but I think there are enough that are ready and the staff is pushing and ready for their commitment. Example, Q Johnston. its a hope
  16. Crawford has committed per twitter per John Tyler account
  17. Crawford has committed per twitter, John Tyler page
  18. Wilson -X WR QJ -Z WR Either DA or Mookie at H WR call it a class. really home QJ commits soon, Taquon and Wiley go get him!
  19. I think we get one by Monday but it’s just a guess
  20. Very glad he is coming in but I would prefer he would come after the visit so we can get the last face to face prior to his decision. Getting him in is a positive for sure

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