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  1. thanks bbdude! Fera would definitely help with our ST concerns!
  2. Also, scholarship #s should not be much of a factor bc all schools are allowed to go over the limits with PSU transfers. Will Russ has been rumored to be a possible transfer if he does not earn a ST job. If we do get Fera the likelihood of that happening increases, which imo is a good thing bc he hasnt showed much in his time at Texas. If Fera does come to Texas, we can redshirt Nick Jordan would would be good for our future. Fera wants a shot at both kicker and punter and bc Justin Tucker did that last year for UT, it gives us another +. Hope Fera returns to Texas!
  3. Worries for the year: 1)injuries (hopefully we had our bad luck last year) 2)kicking game(FGs, Punts, kickoffs, snaps, holds, extra points, Tackle) Wyoming & New Mexico - neither will give us a game. We may not win both games by 4 TDs, thats bc we will be playing some young guys to get them experience early and will be working on ironing out some of our weaknesses. The outcome in both games will never be in doubt. @Ole Miss - on the road will start out a bit rough. But in the 2nd Q and 2nd half we will run down their throat at will and have a couple play action long passes. We will win going away by 17-21. Our D will shut down Ole Miss. Need to iron out ST issues in this game, in all phases. Bye Week(next 4 games will define season) @Ok St - new Fr QB early on in the season for Pokies. Our D should hold serve in this game and stop a usually high powered O. Our O barring some bad turnovers should wear down the Cowboy D and we will win by 7-14. Wv - the best O we will face all year. We have a chance bc its at DKR but we will need some timely turnovers and stops from our D! Our OL/RBs needs to take control of this game and keep Geno off the field. Ash will need to make a few plays just to keep a couple of drives going. Special teams will need to be special in every possible way(kicking and tackling). Ill put this as a toss up! Ou - We have a much better chance than last 2 years. Our staff has made this a priority game. Assuming that Bob will bring back every player he suspended, they will have a good passing game but not as good as last year. Our D will be ready!! Offense, same as Wv game, pound and make some plays from play action. Special teams, see above. Toss up but I am confident......."there is blood in the water." Baylor - at DKR, no RG3. Sure they wont fall too far back without their 3 best O players but they are not the same team as 2011. Also, no one is taking them for granted anymore. They cant hold down our OL and we will win this game by 10-17. @Kansas - Not close after 1st Q, we win by 24-27. Get some veterans a little rest in the 2nd half. @TT - They keep it tight in first half with their O but wear down quick in 3rd and 4th Q. We will run them to the ground and win by 13-20. But only bc our DB are bad ass! Iowa St - they will come to play in this game but like TT and Kansas just dont have the depth on both lines. They just wear down and cant keep up. Texas by 17-20, late. Bye Week(they came at good times this year) TCU - late in the season will be tough but this isnt the MWC, the big boys have depth that TCU doesnt. Offseason distracting issues of the Frogs and a few key guys suspended/kicked off the team. They play well and smart but fall in 2nd half. Texas by 14-17. @K St - on the road vs a team that has our voodoo doll. Will not be easy at all. They always play hard and well vs Texas and they will again. We had them beat last year but made 1-2 very bad plays that changed the game. It wont happen again. Another close game in the 4th Q but Texas D will have some stops bc we will have depth at DL. Hard fought win on the road as long as Special teams doesnt mess it up. Texas by 3-10 but ill keep it as a toss up bc of the doll and ST. 9 wins and 3 toss up games. We will fall somewhere somehow late in a game(like 2008, sorry, bad memories for all of us). I feel very confident in 10 wins in regular season. 10-2 or 11-1. and onto a BCS bowl! And former Big 12 conference teams will finish.... Aggies 5-7 "damn, what the hell did we get into." Mizzou 8-4 "see, dont regret inviting us, we are not as bad as the other guys." Colorado 5-7 "which resort should we go skiing at this weekend?" Nebraska 9-3 "God damn Texas....i want partial qualifiers", "its a run, oh shit, its a pass", "the Big 12 should be sponsored by frozen corn not some soda company who has their headquarters in Plano", "there was no time left!!!" thats all folks!!
  4. Lets assume that Naashon does indeed get the grayshirt. That means we have roughly 6 spots left. 1-WR-RSJ 2-DT/OG/C-Billings 3-CB-Luke 4-juco-DE 5-if Billing is a DT then we need another OL(Benenoch) & if Billings is a OL than an DT. 6-Safety-Harris or Bell There is a chance we have at least 1 more spot via attrition at some point before next Feb.
  5. do you still think this is true after the news today? ND in Olympic sports now and then full member in 2016? thanks!
  6. per reports RSJ had a good visit today. Both Rick and Mack met with RSJ, dad and aau coach. Mack even changed his schedule around so he could be there when RSJ arrived. He plans to visit Lsu in the next couple of weeks. Be patient and continue to recruit him as a WR and in basketball. We have Swoopes on our side and that should help.
  7. Jai Hind! Hook'em! God Bless!


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