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  1. I think GT makes sense bc of academics and location and partnership with Fsu. SEC vs B1G will battle for UNC. Big 12 vs B1G will battle for GT(maybe) Clemson will want to come to Big12 12 bc they cant go to Sec and B1G doesnt want them.
  2. Fsu will be blocked by UF and Clemson will be blocked by South Car. Sec and VT have been playing footsies and probably have an under the table agreement or at least talks, "IF something happens lets get together" type of a deal. What is left, UNC! The goal is all about TV potential views, so u dont want teams from same state.
  3. no one so far has payed the full amount and i doubt anyone exiting Acc will have to either. maybe $25-$30 million. Maryland is in dept but im sure can get enough alumni donations to get $30 mill bc they will make up over $25mill/year from Big 10 tv deals(that by the way renew in 2017).
  4. Good question! Let me start by giving the preface that i feel is true, let me know if i am wrong. Sec wants to expand to 16 teams bc 14 sucks. They want 2 Acc teams (VT + 1). Sec did not want to be the bad boy and break up the Acc and wanted Big 12 to take Fsu first and break up Acc. Now, Big 1o has done it by taking Maryland. This opens the door for Sec to take VT+1 and Big 12 to take Fsu. 1)Fsu 2)Lousiville I feel those are the 2 most likely. If Big 12 expands(DELOSS), it will to 12(2 teams) or 16(6 teams) teams, not 14. so after Fsu/Lu 3)ND, obvious 4)GT, great city for travel, very good school, good partners. 5)UVA, see above but a bit harder for travel. 6)Clemson, good football program.
  5. Sorry coach B, we might be the worst team in big 12
  6. 3 straight losses vs Ou(2 blowouts) and 3 straight vs Baylor....if he survives that, we know what Belmont's priorities are.
  7. I hope winning is top priority, many times it feels like $ is more of a priority. How many big names are out there? Saban- would Belmont even consider him bc of his reputation? Meyer- Mack and Urban talk frequently so im sure they will test the waters. Dont know if Belmont considers Tressel, doubt it.
  8. Not sure how much $ Kelly gets at UO but i think he likes it up there, not as much pressure to win there. Meyer is from Ohio, you think he would leave? i dont and im not sure he still has that passion that you need. I know Mack/Deloss like Urban and his personality for Texas, so im sure they will feel around when they talk.
  9. bevoman, i completely agree with you. Texas does not intimidate anyone anymore, not even Baylor and not even Kansas. I think Texas might be intimidated by Ou/Ksu. Ever coach, like every person at every job, has a time where they have to step aside or be forced aside. In coaching its usually a shorter time. Unless we have a few more losses, at least 3, Mack's job is not in jeopardy, he has too much clout with Deloss and big $ boosters. Would you rather Texas beat Baylor finish 9-3/8-4 and Mack remain coach in 2013 or lose to Baylor and Texas make changes at HC?
  10. Wes, I agree, Belmont wont hire just for win bc that is not what is important to them. They want to run a business and hopefully win at the same time. I agree with Patterson isnt a top option and Kelly probably wont be considered, even though i like him as a winning coach. I really like Dan Mullen. Appears to be a very good coach and is winning in the Sec West and doesnt appear to be shady on the surface. He seems to have the persona that would fit at Texas. He and Mack both liked Manny as a DC, haha. He has a 27-17 record at MSU but a 12-15 record in Sec. He is 3-0 vs his rival, though its only Ole Miss. Yeah, i understand you have to you back channel to contact Saban and Harbaugh and offer them everything we have. Make them say "No," dont assume they will. You offer them $7-$10 million per year and they have to at least think about it.
  11. I know a lot of people are high on Smart but how much of Bama's D is his and how much is Saban? I am not sure of the answer and until we know that I cant choose Smart at a viable candidate. On another Texas site i posted a poll of the same coaches listed here and got 92 votes in 6 days. These were the results. (In both polls i forgot to include Larry Fedora-UNC and Southern Miss prior to that who could be a potential candidate in a year or 2(If Mack gets that far). Saban @ 27% – makes sense, best coach in the business right now. good chance he can go 3/4 MNC. Petersen @ 20% – long timed rumored to succeed Mack might be the most realistic candidate. Mack Brown @ 11% – very surprised Mack got this many votes within a week of getting his ass handed to him. maybe as a fan base a) we have come off the edge or b)we are ok with getting bent over by Ou 33% of the time we play them. wow Longhorn fans, wow! Smart @ 10% – first and only coordinator comes a few spots higher than i would have though. Cant get Saban get his DC? Kelly @ 8% – Best O in football. would be fun with all the talent in Tx. If he fails to win a title at Oregon in the next couple of years, you know he has to think in his mind he needs to make the next step up! Dan Mullen & Art Briles ties @ 4% each– Both young good offensive minds that have taken perennial bottom feeders of college football to consistent winning season and are winning some recruiting battles with the big boy neighbors. Both will look to take a step up bc you cant win a title at MSU and BU, respectively. I really like both coaches and think they could really cause some noise with a big name team. Urban Meyer and Jim Tressell @ 3% each- Meyer is at home in Ohio so i dont think he moves here though him and Mack are buds. Tressell is another of Mack's buds but i dont know how much of the big $ guys would like him. Both are better than what we have now. Charlie Strong and Other @ 2% each - Strong i think could get an interview. Good coordinator and doing well at Louisville as a HC. Has he been there long enough and shown enough? Other i think is Gary Patterson at TCU which i did not include. He has Texas ties and could be a candidate but i dont see his personality at Texas. Texas would have to dig up a bit more about the scandal b4 they pursue. Good ? on NFL guy. How much are these guys willing to go to Mama's house and recruit. Even at a school like Texas, we recruit by name, they have to do a lot of crap NFL guys dont. Bill in NE runs things the way Saban does so i do like that about him. No nonsense guy. Gruden seems to enjoy his QB quiz show too much to really coach.
  12. TY thanks for the updates. We really appreciate it. Please continue!!
  13. Realistically, do many of you want to win 7-8 games this year? In, 2010 after the Baylor game i was not really hoping for our team to win bc we needed change. Sadly we might be in the same place again. We need a change and if we finish with 8-9 wins, somehow, Mack, Deloss and the $ will think everything is fine. I am at a point that even if we go 9-3, i want change. I think we will win vs Bu, Kansas and Tcu. The others are toss ups and Kst doesnt look good.
  14. i did not expect MNC this year and i dont think expecting that every year is realistic. I think 2013 was more realistic for MNC talk but i clearly though we would be Big 12 title contenders this year. I dont think our schedule is that tough and i dont think Ou is that good. We just suck from the top down. I though this year we could go 10-2/11-1 and be a top 5-12 team. I personally feel Ash is where i expected him. If you are going to start at QB in a big conference you have to mature they way he has or its not for you. I expected progress with our OL and WRs. We all didnt expect to have the worst D we have every seen in Austin. I hope we all agree that things must change soon.
  15. bbdude, what do u mean nobody expected anything until 2013? i did. I hope we as a fan base at a university of Texas have a standard that we cant get manhandled on a consistent basis by our rival. I expected a 10 win season and Big 12 title contender this year. If many coaches can win MNC in 2 years we can contend for a conf title in second year after over hall. I have expectations and this coaching staff is not it. and according to your expectations, how do u feel about 2013?
  16. Thanks Mack but its now time for a change at Texas. The culture of being soft needs to change from the top down. Not practicing 1s vs 1s and thud tempo and “wind” all have to go. You have done a good job brining Texas back but as of 2010 Mack Brown is not our standard. For those that suggest, Mack Brown absolutely can NOT be the AD at Texas. He is not ment for that job. Mack can get a nice job with LHN & make some appearances. IF Texas were to look for a HC we would have the top choice of teams that will be looking (Tennessee, Auburn, Arkansas, etc). But who is really out there? Following coaches COULD be considered if we are to hire a coach soon. (I include personality bc it matters at Texas, not according to me but according the to guys who hire). Meaning Dana Holgorsen will not be considered. 1)Nick Saban – we could offer $8-10 million/year. Probably doesn’t leave Bama. Doent have the perception that Texas would ideally like but if winning is important we go after the best and make him say ‘no.” 2)Chris Peterson – likes Austin. HC with many good years at a BCS Busters. Personality that fits Texas. Can he step up to a big time program? 3)Chip Kelly – Personality? Shadyness? Would bring excitement to Austin and a fun offense. Good coach who has already been to a title game. Would Texas even consider him? 4)Art Briles – would Texas swallow its pride to consider him? Would he Texas? Good coach with Texas ties and good offense. 5)Kirby Smart – Very good, young DC. Would Texas hire a inexperienced guy? Would Texas consider a 36 yr old without HC experience? 6)Charlie Strong – Has he done enough to really be considered? Has a few years under his belt as a HC at Louisville and has his team in top 20. Is he good enough for us? 7)Dan Mullen – Good young coach. Has MSU in top 20 right now. Seems to have enough of a personality for Texas. Can he step up at a big time program? 8)Urban Meyer – would he leave his home state of Ohio? Does he still want it bad enough? Cant argue his success. 9)Gary Patterson – we could get him if we wanted but is that the direction Texas really wants to go? Is that the best Texas can do? He has a Bcs win. 10)Gus Malzahn - is 1 year at Ark St enough HC experience for Texas? Is he the right personality? Good offensive teams. 11)Jimbo Fisher – good young energetic coach at a big time program. Would he be the right fit? 12)Dabo Sweeney – see #11 13)Mike Gundy – don’t see him leaving his alma matter 14)Mark Dantonio – only 56 and a good D mind but has already had a heart attack so that might not be a consideration. 15)Rich Rod – has the coaching experience and very good on O. Good W-L record at WV but not a Michigan. Not too likely at Texas. X-Factor) Jim Tressel – the sweater vest might never be considered by Texas but his W-L record was impressive. Who would you go after? Is he on this list?
  17. yep it suck for recruits to hear that. but you know who it suck for more, OUR FANS!! Kenny V is completely accurate with his comments. I have been to Tiger stadium many times, no comparison at all. Kyle field has a louder stadium. I have only been to Athens once but they were louder than DKR and Stanford was pretty close to DKR. Our fan base isnt as loud as it needs to be for the majority of the game. There are times the stadium gets loud but not the majority of the game. OUR FANS NEED TO GET LOUDER!
  18. Good post. 1.I was a weird game sort of but I don’t think the playbook was open. We were very conservative. I did not like giving Ash a chance to make some throws. We do not throw the ball and let our WR go and make the play. 2. at least twice we have that push fwd pass that is really a run so the passing numbers are skewed. That’s a 60+ yard difference right there including an Ash TD. The OL is not ready to play a good DL. Our FB played better but still not a B+ level. This team is not ready for their top 30 teams, at all. 3. Currently this D is not top 5 in the conference much less the nation. DL is not as good as it needs to be, especially the DTs. Our Safeties are out of position many times. It did not hurt us vs a horrible passing game of NM. There are holes in our front seven. 4. I don’t think Ash did bad but he didn’t do well either. 0-3 on passes >15 yards. He also threw a pass that should have been intercepted. The coaches have coached him to be scared and double check to make sure the pass is not a pic therefor he is late of his deep throws. There are other Fr and RFr and sophomore QBs that have more confidence bc their coaches have coached them to make plays not be afraid. 5. I hope u are right about Harsin stashing DJ but I don’t think that is the case. He will have some big plays throughout the year but he will disappear also. Not consistent. 6. I am confused also, he is fast, throw it far and let him go get it. Perfect for play action. Great blocking by Goodwin all game. He was not targeted often. 7. Davis and Ship played well. 8. FG kicking, unless Fera comes back, will cost us a game or 2. We have given up 10 points in 2 games. We only have 2 more games vs teams that we can give up 5 free points. 9. I hate when our coaches said the didn’t want to give Gray a lot of reps in game 1 bc they didn’t have game film on Wyoming. So damn SCARED!!! Saben let a true Fr play vs Michigan and he ran for over 100 yards. Mack still has that mentality of the early 2000’s when it was too windy to throw. We coach and play not to lose instead of playing to win!! Biggest knock on Mack Brown’s coaching career. 10. Was at the Wyoming game but not NM game. Yes, they way this Longhorn team is coached and they way they play, this is a 8 win team. I had 11-1 prior to the season bc I see weakness for every team we play. But so far we have more weaknesses than I thought. Much more. A lot of teams will eat our lunch( on O , D and ST) if this team that played the past 2 week shows up.
  19. Our passing game has a long way to go. Comparing our O to others and we just dont click yet. We play afraid and not confident. We dont throw the ball and let our WRs go and get it. Much better second half. FB played better today. The D is not as good as it was suppose to be. Watching Arizona play Ok St and they both have much better passing and maybe even running Os than we do. Ok St has a QB(Lunt) same class as Ash and sling it all over the field and run it strait ahead well with the wide line splits. We are treating Ash like a baby who hasnt played football yet. Scott(Zona) throwing very well also. We have a long way to go. I still dont think Ole Miss can come close to beating us but we will be on the road and the FG kicking could play a factor. The coaches will continue to make bad excuses like(we dont have film on wyoming so we didnt want to play Gray much) while every other program will play a true freshman especially at RB and tell him to run behind the line. Ask Saben how that worked with his True FR RB. We play scared and there is no way to deny that. Not Kenny V or Diggs or a few other but the coaches coach to not make a mistake. And it travels down to some of our players.
  20. OL & FB have looked better in 3rd Q but we can NOT have average to bad starts after this game. Ash still has not let it fly deep. Very hesitant.
  21. No way Mack should be happy. I hope he isnt. I am streaming our game and watching Lsu/Wash and Uga/Mizzou and look the most vulnerable.
  22. That was the best block by a Texas FB in 5 years. About time Roberson! That will count as a pass for Ash but it should not. I want the coaches to let Ash air it out a bit. Get him some confidence.
  23. coming into the season i had faith in Ash. The coaches have made Ash scared to throw the ball and their play calls show it. Ash is so scared to throw a pic he double checks to make sure the WR is open and is late on his throws. Our OL and FB need to block better and are not. Our D is not a top 5 D in the conference much less then nation. We are not stopping the run at all. A NM team converting 3+ 3rd and 8+ in the first half sux. We need Fera back to kick. I had 11-1 at the start of the year and i will be surprised if this team win 9+ games this year. This team is not ready to play.

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