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  1. This is the options as of today, some are committed to other schools and don’t have Texas in top 4 anymore. We will have new prospects emerge as their SR season goes on. 2020 QB(2)- Card & JQJ RB(2)- Bijan, Jase, Jordan, H-Back/TE/Ath(1) - Hullaby WR X (1)- Hester, Wilson WR Z(1) - Johnston(can play X also) WR H(1) - JVBS, Mookie, DevonA OL(4/5) - GarthMajorsParr, Andrej DL(3/4) - Collins,Fillinger, Broughton, Princley B-LB(1) -Prince ILB(1/2) - White, Flowe, Scott, Sellers CB(2/3) - Ringo, Pouncey, Jahari, Crawford S(2/3) - CTJ, JThompson, Washington, Ransom, Alford
  2. Princely is fine if we are taking 4 DL, not if we are taking 3. Collins is the best DL prospect in the state imo. Also, I’ll state this before CTJ makes his pick tomorrow. He is a very good prospect. However, I’ve seen places that state he should play nickel DB and I don’t see that at all. He is purely a Joker/boundary Safety in our defense. He will likely enter his college of choice next August at at least 6-2, 205#. He can play boundary safety depending on the opponent but once he is here a year or 2 he will be a 6-2 220-225# do it all Joker, similar to Hall a couple years ago. Hope he picks Texas tomorrow.
  3. He isn’t in the ballpark for straight speed that JC is in. BR has great football speed. Bijan is just so effortless on his movements/cuts. He glides when he is running. Bijan’s acceleration is great after a juke/cut.
  4. This commit hasn’t gotten hype and importance that it needs, probably bc it’s a 2021 kid and it’s a long way away(3 years until he can wear his Longhorn uniform). This kid is way better than his top 100 ranking. He is a stud and imo a top 10-12 player in the state in a stacked year. I think he would be top 10 if in 2020. He is pound for pound a GREAT football player, versatile, can play O,D,ST. This is a 5* talented player who will change games in Burnt Orange. The type of player we need to win January bowl games. So excited about this pick up.
  5. Haha, yes XWR is Collin Johnson, outside big WR. The game is different now than it was when we had Sam, Willie and Mike. B-Backer, think of a stand up OLB/pass rusher. This of the 3-4 Blitzburg Steeler Defenses and think of Greg Lloyd. In passing downs 90% of the time he will he will come around the edge to QB and in run support , seal the edge & prevent the the RB from going outside. Ossai for us does a lot of things well so you’ll see him do a few other things but Prince Dorbah is a good example of our traditional B-Backer in a couple years
  6. I think 22-25(that includes grad transfers). I think we we’ll sign 23-24 HS players
  7. Great prospect! Agree, this is a special commitment bc a) Bijan is a true stud RB and b)our situation at RB especially when Ingram leaves or we have an injury in 2020/2021. We need a other RB in 2020 class.
  8. He isn’t a bad prospect, love his physicality and blocking for a outside WR. RB and slot WR(screen game) will love him bc he will block like hell. His competition doesn’t seem great. He runs well but needs to learn some intricacies of good route running. Has good size. Pure X WR only. I don’t see the 4.13 shuttle time but he has some quicks. Isn’t a speedster. Haven’t watched game film so I don’t know how good his hands are. If his hands are good he is a pretty decent prospect but I think we are comparing him to who we all wanted at XWR(Johnny Wilson) and there is no comparison there, Wilson is a better prospect. Hester is talented just not necessarily a great XWR
  9. Hoping for Pouncey at CB, love his tape. He just needs to add some wt.
  10. Doesn’t seem like clicks to me. Hope some of you are right. Duncanville is very important next 2 cycles.
  11. Agree 100% DS. Some of the best film I’ve seen and he’s still got 2 yrs oh HS to go. If this was his Sr film it would be bad ass. Coaches will fight for him to be on their side of the ball. Dude is a football player, fastest guy on the field , football instincts. We know he is blazing but his COD is next level. He can play anywhere he wants. This dudes film is easy top 100, maybe even top 50-60. Great early get. Hope he brings his HS teammate and some more #dallastoaustin pipeline.
  12. Likely means it will hurt us will most of the Duncanville/Skyline guys
  13. Wow, very impressive film. By far the fastest person on the field every time. Smart player, instincts. Athlete, can go both ways and will play ST. I think I prefer him at DB>WR. He is clearly a take and can play whatever he wants. Hope he picks us
  14. Now I’m 40(a man to some) so I don’t quite understand their lingo but I think Milroe is recruiting players to Texas so well that she should be ranked as a recruiter
  15. If Bijan comes to Texas, I will owe Stan an apology and recommend him for a contract extension. I’ve been in the boat that if he didn’t land a stud in 2020, he shouldn’t be on staff next year
  16. When was/is his commitment date? Not sure he sticks with it but this is great news. Changes the outlook of the RB position and our offense.
  17. That’s why I’m hoping we stay at 4 OL in 2020. I think all 6 are better than who is left for us to take and maybe better than all 2020 commits
  18. You make a good point but there’s is a way we can do both. Look at the RB and WR talent LSU brings in year in and year out. And their QBs//passing attack is shit. We can and should have been able to bring in better talent past 2 classes and so far this one. That’s why 2020 class is the deciding factor for Drayton
  19. Ideal 2021 OL is Brockermeyer x 2, SB, BF, HC, DJ. Then we are on level playing field with Clemson, Bama, Ohio st, etc
  20. 2018 A 2019 C- (we needed another quality RB, and needed a 2nd RB, even Stevenson(Ou) would have gotten a B. No way this year is a B, C-might be generous. We were/are desperate for a RB. If we have 1 injury we are in real trouble. 2020 incomplete if 2020 isn’t an A with the talent available , then its time for a change.
  21. Ingram he gets credit for , good job. Brown, incomplete with some bad luck bc if his injury but we don’t know how good he could be. He didn’t have an instate UGA offer. Whittington, Drayton gets 0 credit for. He was recruited as an athlete and not by him specifically. And there is nobody else, and that’s a problem. The quality and quantity of misses is too much. Maybe he changes all that this cycle, it’s not over yet but unless he does, he is dead wt

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