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  1. I’m not sure what the staff thinks on Eaton but they are very good at evaluating guys. I would like to wait for some senior year game film before finalizing on him. I feel the same on Alford(though I’m more ready for him than Eaton). Florida had had a bunch of issues this past week so I’m not sure if Rodgers is still keeping the door open. I just don’t want to rush in but I don’t think we can wait. Either take Eaton now or you don’t get him later. PS: I’m a dreamer so I still lay at night with Ringo on my mind
  2. Few more CBs for Ty Jordan , not sure how many but 6-7 at least now
  3. Old school vs new school football, I get it man. I grew up old school too, but use the the new school now. New school there is a ton of overlap so players do more things they are good at. ZWR is traditionally your Flanker (last year Duvernay) - lines up typically on side of TE, slot WR. Your speedster, guy u can send in motion bc he should be off the line. (If by change he is on the line of scrimmage then TE/slot would be ineligible). XWR is ur split end. Bigger guy, away from TE side. (Collin Johnson) He can’t go in motion so CBs usually press him to get him off his route. Need to be able to get free of the press. Speed always helps. Eagles will be a X in 2020 when Collins but in practice he is playing Z. Hope that helps
  4. QJ is very very important in this class. He can play X or Z and is a game changer WR. I love the idea of having X,Z and TE that are >6-4. Need to continue to add quality at every position and restock. It landing him would be a failure at WR in 2020. Imo QJ isn’t that far behind DDemas in terms of talent but a good bit better than Hester.
  5. Oh man, I would absolutely love to be able to watch practice. If I lived in Austin, they might arrest me bc I would try to sneak in to watch
  6. Would love to know all of his times but that is crazy fast.
  7. went back and watched E Pouncey tape. He is perfect for field CB. This dude has it all. He just needs to play his 4 games Fr year and redshirt, add wt and learn from Green/Cook. He is a playmaker and has great instincts. He was created to play cover corner. He backpedals and moves his hips so well. He breaks on the ball like he is in the offensive hudl. not sure how great of a competition he is playing bc some of those throws we just bad and should not have been made. He isnt Ringo but he is a grade A CB. Love this commitment.
  8. i love watching tape. ive seen him listed at 5-7 to 5-10(he isnt close to 5-10), and 180ish lbs. at RB height is the least important thing but throwing downfield to 5-7 is where his height would hurt him. first thing that pops is his speed(fair+/good-), dude is fast, high 4.4 ish and well less than 11.00 in the 100m. he is properly listed as an all purpose back. Ty is a 1 cut guy that turns it up the field with the smallest of creases. i think his vision(fair) and instincts(fair+) are pretty good also, along with his balance(fair+). Key is he needs to be used correctly. i would rank him about the highest 3* range. he isnt going to get more than 10-12 touches per game(at a place like Texas) but those touches might be quality touches. Carries, swing passes, screens, jet sweep, line him in the backfield and motion out to get a mismatch, and he will allow for mismatches. He is also going to contend for kick returner/punt returner and get touches there. you've heard the saying "its not the size of the dog in the fight....." He has fight! Ty is a football player, he just is a tad shorter than the others. I am not sure he can add too much more wt and remain as fast and cut as well but i think 5-8, not over 200#. i trust herman to use him correctly also. i hope we get him bc he compliments the other backs on the roster perfectly. The hardest part of HS eval is the competition level and the ability for some to maintain speed/agility with added wt, for me at least. like you said 3* can be very productive and quality players
  9. 1000% make this trade. 2nd best CB target in 2020 class after Ringo, IMHO
  10. OMG!!!!! this was my 2nd fav CB target in 2020 after Ringo, He just needs to add 20 lbs and he will be a star. OMG!!!! i am soo damn stoked!!
  11. I hope we push more for Gilloury DT/Nose out of Alexandria, La. really good player that would fit what we do at NT very well. We offered a while ago. LSU has a few DL committed already
  12. 6-2 240# H-back, thats what i hope they see him as
  13. I think he plays better than he times but I think at this point i agree with passing on him. I also think Derrick Harris jr in 2021 to me is a Mac and for me projects much higher Bc he is versatile and can blitz better and cover more ground laterally.
  14. Not a bad player. Mac only in our system. Pretty good player and instincts but if we are asking him to be a sideline to sideline Mac, he is limited. Coverage is slightly better than fair but not great. Athletic guy for 230. Physical. Would do well when we play Sec teams but might not be able to stay in the field vs pro spreads, air raid teams. I don’t think he is a take at this time but I could see him being a take as a depth guy with a better SR year. Good player in right system
  15. Alford is a huge need for us. Very talented player, needs to get a bit stronger but plays the back end pass pretty well and will get to learn from Sterns before being needed. Adimora(who I love as a safety) will also be in the rotation but Alford is a quality FS prospect. I dont think he can play nickel, Field Safety for me. J Thompson for me is a boundary safety so both guys will compliment each other well and should be able to redshirt. No mistakes allowed in the back end
  16. Imo, pretty good. Not great. For me Pouncey is a darn good CB, notch/maybe 2 below Ringo(generational talent) and 2 notches above the other CB options. I really like Pouncey tape
  17. That’s great for Texas Bc we are finally in a position to redshirt most of the guys coming in. That’s where I want to be. But you never know with an injury. Would have liked him here. We need a top of the line CB. Once cook/green are gone, we hav Watson and I’m not sure how ready Caldwell/Crawford will be.
  18. As per these reports CTJ clearly had Texas in his mind and something past 7-10 days changed. Maybe he called Herman today. Just keep the lines open and fans need so stop bashing kids. So he picked another school. Ok. But when 16-18, and ever 40 yr olds read crap, it makes us come of shitty and Aggieish. Sucks that you chose another school but let’s go get the next guy that will help us win. No need for personally bashing any kid. Not saying people on this thread are but definitely a few on twitter.
  19. we will find out with S Byrd , i hope you are right
  20. would have been a very good fit a joker. interesting as to what happens with the other duncanville/dallas guys. losing samples was bigger than most thought. need another ace in dallas. david beatty cant get on staff fast enough.
  21. We should be aiming for the #1 spot in 2021. Brockermeyer Bros, Byrd, Wheaton, Virginia CB, 3-4 elite DL, etc

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