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  1. If it’s the right guys, they will go over 22. But yes , getting very very tight
  2. on both people yall are talking about and a few others, imo, there will be a lot of clarity on Sept 8th. Beat Lsu and the the door opens so wide we will need bouncers to keep kids out. JSN is a really good prospect but puzzling as to where he would play. He has good build at around 6-1, 200. He isnt overly fast to play ZWR. He isnt big enough to play XWR. I would start him at Slot. He is elusive/quick but not a jitter bug. The thing he does very well is find the endzone, he just has a knack for it. He isnt your Jake Smith slot and he isnt LJH but he would succeed very well in Hermans slot. I would love him in slot in 4 WR set, he can catch in short and break tackles and go or go deep. very talented but just not a clean projection as to which WR spot. solid 4* Imo. Clear take without question. Edit: forgot to add, really good hands and seems like a good route runner. Athletic as hell.
  3. Ready for ur quick hitter. i absolutely love this player. The size(6-4), speed(4.5) and movement fluidity(in and out of cuts is like he is an athletic 6-0 player) is rare but he has really really good hands, strong hands. Wide catch radius and he can jump out the gym, literally. From reports , smart, good student and football smart with a great works ethic(one of the most important things). Normally u look at his size and think XWR but bc if his speed and smooth movement he will be a matchup nightmare at ZWR, especially if u have a dynamic slot lined up next to him. Sure he need to get better at running routes and not letting his hands give away that the ball is coming his way but that’s what WR coaches are for.
  4. WR, QJ, DL A Collins, ILB Josh White, RB Ty Jordan(or Jace), WR Buckley-Sheldon if we go 11-1 : I expect strong pushes for ILB Flowe, CB Ringo, XWR Wilson, Safety Ransom, Joker DB CTJ, CB J Rogers
  5. I’m so ready for QJ to commit to Texas. One of the best pure ZWR prospects (can play XWR) in 2020 and a multi year starter at Texas. Love his potential and fit in our O. Not saying he is a 5* but if someone had him there I wouldn’t talk them out of it. Teams better have a darn good CB2 that’s >6-0”. If kids are doing songs in their commit videos, I suggest “Smooth Operator.”
  6. The more I watch his film to more I like him. Pure safety, imo field safety, maybe he grows to play boundary but he is really good, not elite but really really good. Ball skills for safety are there. Compliments Jerrian Thompson well also Bc they can both be back there in cover 2, both fit nicely at field and boundary Safety well, respectively. Good write up Jameson. You are right, not enough filling the lanes, coming up stopping the run in his highlights. He will have to do that playing at Texas.
  7. If Princely or any of the 2020 guys retweet this....it’ll be War haha
  8. Yes that would be ideal but he is ready to commit , now or never probably. I agree with you, I would like to wait but that’s apparently isn’t an option
  9. a few CBs fans r Quentin Johnston came in today. Great sign imo. He is one I am very very high on.
  10. He has said in the past he wants to take all 5 OVs then announce. Doesn’t mean he will, doesn’t mean he won’t haha
  11. Agree, would be a quality take at field safety. Not a liability at boundary and can play some Nickel. Some similarities btw him and Jerrian. If teams were to run no huddle/hurry up, both could stay on their side and communicate, versatile
  12. Only 2? Haha. Im expecting 4 in the next 2 weeks. Alford, Eaton , really hoping for Johnston and Jordan
  13. 2020 QB(2)- Card & JQJ RB(2)- Bijan, Jase, Jordan, H-Back/TE/Ath(1) - Hullaby WR X (1)- Hester, Wilson WR Z(1) - Johnston(can play X also) WR H(1) - JVBS, Mookie, DevonA OL(4/5) - Garth,Majors,. Parr, Andrej DL(3/4) - Collins,Fillinger, Broughton, Princley, Carlton, Gulliory B-LB(1) -Prince ILB(1/2) - White, Flowe, Scott, Sellers CB(2/3) - Ringo, Pouncey, Eaton, Jahari, Crawford S(2/3) - CTJ, JThompson, Washington, Ransom, Alford
  14. The staff is a 1000x smarter about football prospects that i am, probably more. I just dont see it with Princely U. He is big, way bigger than 6-4, 250. He wants to play DE and not 4i, so not sure how crazy motivated he will be bc imo, he can't play 4i that well. I dont think he is fast enough and will get enough push vs the pass. He can be a decent run defender and occupy 2 blockers well. i feel his ideal position is Nose, kind of like T-Vondre Sweat. Sweat was listed around the same size prior to his Sr year(and that wasnt the case either, haha). If Princely wants to play Nose and is able to add 60 lbs, i really like that potential. If his heart isnt sent on playing inside and wants to play the Roach/Charles O. end, i just dont see it. He cant change direction nearly as well as both of those guys. I hope i am very wrong and he kicks ass for 4 years here.
  15. really nice write up Jameson. when i watch Jerrian, i see a very versatile dude. Like its been stated, he needs to add some wt and he can definitely play Nickel in our scheme. He has great instincts. Needs to consistently wrap up but he has some very nice powerful finishes on his tackles. He quick but not fast, tape tells us that as does his track times(4.6 40 yd dash 4.2 shuttle). He can play both boundary safety(where i like him best) and field safety. I think he can play field safety if we are in cover 2 or more but as a single high safety back there, i don't think he has the pure straight line speed to cover sideline to sideline, especially vs some of the complex offenses we face(Ou, Ok St). A very good, solid player that will also make a difference on special teams. I really like his mental makeup on the field, aggressive, smart, instincts, wants to lay the thud.
  16. If it’s not Ty Jordan, but position of need...I agree SHA, it’s not CB or DL(to me they aren’t positions of need, other than Collins at DL). We have 0 WRs committed in 2020 so I am hoping for QJ. Dude is a stud and can play X or Z. Having a Z that’s 6-4 and moves like QJ is very rare. Teams 2nd CB better be a tall stud.
  17. Aggies dead set they are getting Alford in the next week. All are good players but I’m ok passing on all 3 right now Bc I feel we we go 11-1 and win big 12 and previously closed door will open. Now if we go 9-3 or worse we should have taken these guys, haha
  18. Some people think he is , others don’t. He has potential and good size. Not sure what the staff thinks. I think no as of today, Bc a) I want to see SR year film, if he has improved enough. b) I think if we beat Lsu, have a good year (win big 12/11 wins) better doors will open.
  19. anything less than 10-2 is unacceptable barring Sam going down. LSU/Ou are our 2 marquee national all eyes on us games. 1-1 is fair, 2-0 is great, 0-2 is not good. Losing to any other teams is flat out a black mark on our record. i think 11-1 and we play Ou in December for the Big 12 title.
  20. None that I know of but he clearly is an asset and has ties to Texas and this staff. I assume it would have to be as an in field WR coach sorry I didnt mean to throw that out there. But Auburn could fall apart
  21. Apparently Eaton and Alford are friends and want to play together. Again, no idea what coaches are thinking but I don’t want to take Eaton to get Alford at this point. Maybe after 3-4 HS SR year games and evaluate them more. New prospects will emerge and if we have a good year we can maybe get in on a some other bad asses(Ringo or Rodgers or ??). If Auburn falls apart or Samples comes back b4 NSD does CTJ become available again? Then again we go 8-4 and we don’t get a couple we have now maybe. I hope staff is patient
  22. Urban is teaching a course on ethics you know. That class should be worth -30 credit hours and some jail time

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