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  1. A. If they are a different set of plays then run the correct plays. And I don’t think they are different plays. KI just isn’t running behind what holes are available as well as RJ. Not complex. RJ also finishes runs better. Don’t care who start but as of 5 games, RJ deserves 2:1 carries over KI. I want to see some Kirk, 2/3 runs were pretty good. And I’m hesitant after last year but at goal line, short yardage, Young is the most physical and biggest back. Wish we played him more vs OkSt&WV. B. DBs and LBs are likely top 3 the big 12 in missed tackles. We have had >14 missed tackles in all but 1 game I think and getting over 20 in 2 games. That happens Saturday and we lose. Boyce can’t cover a WR. Watson in limited action showed he needs a redshirt. Many times we play the ball really bad in the air, CBs and Safeties. Agree we aren’t aware, I think that player and teaching issue not scheme. OU D is horrible and we better score often. Tampa 2 won’t work u less we pressure Jalen with front 3/4. I don’t think we have played good enough to make playoffs and that’s the goal. DBs don’t play we “swag” C. We better see new stuff. 10,20,21 personnel. Lining up TE 8 yards away from OT and running a route does nothing. Need Smith, Duv, Eagles, CJ at same time. Sam will carry it more also, no doubt. Maybe RoJo at QB with KI and Dev in the backfield, for 1 play. Sam needs ball in his hands often.
  2. Front 3/4 can’t get pressure. DBs other the Jamison can’t play the ball in air. Ou will throw for a ton of yards an their WR will laugh as the run down the field. Pass D is not bad, it’s horrendous. I want to throw against our DBs. We don’t run complex schemes and don’t confuse QBs. It’s just easy. If we hold ou to 45 that’s a win. Osu win looks avg now bc they got beat easily by TT. WV isn’t a good team and we let them hang. I don’t see a killer instinct. We lose to Ou. 10-2 regular season. We arnt a playoff team that I saw vs LSU. Yes we are hurt but we need to be killer, confidence isn’t there. RoJo is 10x better than Keaontay. KI is a below avg RB right now. Kirk Johnson and RoJo need most of the carries next week, other than 11. Disappoint in our play. ST is scared after the fumbles vs OKSt, they won’t even field a puny much less return one. In 2019, we are not DBU, embarrassing to call us that. Our DBs play with no confidence(other then 5), no swag. Watson, true Fr, comes in and u can see he is scared, hesitant. LSU Fr DBs come in like , bitch how dare u line up in front of me. Boyce should get the ball thrown at his WR 15 times next Saturday morning. We should move the ball effectively vs Ou. 11 personnel is kinda useless bc TEs aren’t really doing anytime. If u like him right fine, TE 10 yards from the OT isn’t doing anything in run or pass. Go 10 or 20 personnel more. DD bails is out a ton. 3rd down conversion rate better be in the >60% range. We will need to get to Hurts and make him throw on the move , bc he will make mistakes that way. I just don’t have any confidence we can get stops on 3 out of 10 possessions. Riley will have WRa cross the field like LSU/OkSt did.
  3. Really bad throw, bad read also. RB in flat was wide with 15 yards in front and Devin was on a corner route behind CB(harder throw but better than what he did that play). That’s his worst play of 2019 season
  4. Well if we take jersey numbers out and just look at play on the field, 2 is a better RB and pass blocker. 28 is better based on his 3-4 carries also. 26 should not be starting or getting most of the carries
  5. i want Demas also, think he is a great XWR but agree. Bijan is just as good a RB(different styles) as Evans but the off field issues makes me think Evans will have other issues in college wherever that might be. At Aggie its ok to an extent bc they will sweep it under the run but he wont let it stay there long. i dont know what his issue is but things are great with him. Demas is a transfer issue and obviously living with a Aggie booster thing but that shouldnt stop him from being a productive college player.
  6. Hope that has some merit to it but I don’t think so and u know where the Zona 3 sit in my heart, especially Ringo and Bijan who are the ventricles. I just don’t think things have changed drastically in 3-4 weeks. We always were in the picture with Ringo and still are. We need to win out and win the big 12. I always thought taking Eaton early was something I wasn’t in favor of but really like Alford and there were/are ties there. Again , I hope ur right.
  7. At some point he ran a 4.69, not sure if hand or laser. Hope he can still improve his speed. Didn’t know he got to 6-5, great if he did bc that’s a direct replacement for CJ. Very similar measurable. I need to go back and watch his film. Im hoping for another 5* from Arizona, that would really Ring my Bell
  8. 93 played on the first drive, didn’t notice him much after. He could have but I just didn’t see him
  9. I am selling 2 in section 114 row 15. i bought 7, i only need 5 tix now. i bought for $400, selling for $400. Hoping to sell to Longhorn fans but going with wife and sister in laws and all are Lsu grads.
  10. Really like the write up, it’s a great weekly read. Keep it up. Hope for a full recovery for ur son. Lsu QB getting a ton of hype and they will throw it a lot. We must tackle well and get pressure with 4/5. I’ll harp on the negatives: if I’m anyone playing Texas , I isolate Boyce and attack , just just can’t cover. I might be harsh but I feel it’s honest. Dude bout to get torched, every damn week. Cook better step up bc that’s gonna he a problem. LSU comes in with 3 really good starting WRs(Jamarr Chase is one of my favorites in all of college ball, but after that, Wallace, Ou guys, Reagor, etc). We really need to tackle better. R Johnson was Ok vs what seemed like a below avg D. We need a better 2nd RB next week for sure. Whittington will be huge running and catching. Ingram with 15+ carries, Sam with 15+ carries, Whittington with 5+ carries, hopefully no more than 1 end around. We need to be better throwing and completing passes in the middle of the field, 5-15 yards. YAC will be very important both ways next Saturday night. Longhorn fans better be juiced for game time and be a factor bc Lsu is about to bring truck loads to Austin. Hopefully crowd is 70/30 and not worse. Sell ur tix to Longhorn fans please.
  11. Hopefully the staff feels the same way. He just isn’t at that level of talent, imo
  12. Beaumont Westbrook 5* Athlete set to announce this evening at 5pm. Was last LSU game last night so I assume it’s them
  13. I don’t believe he can, he needed to have learned by now. He plays even 1 play, I attack Boyce often. LSU has much much better WR that will tear Boyce apart
  14. Boyce can’t play vs LSU, I would attack there all day everyday. He just doesn’t play the ball in the air well
  15. No idea the level of competition, I’m sure it’s not 5A Texas ball but he has all the tools and motor to be very successful as a 4i/SDE.
  16. looks like Garth tore his ACL and meniscus, out for the year for sure. will be good for him to get a RS next year also.
  17. My rankings, will change once SR film comes out. 5* Bijan 4* Johnston Broughton Card JQJ Pouncey Andrej Prince Alford Garth Fillinger Crawford JThompson Majors 3* Princely Eaton Hullaby Parr
  18. 2020 QB(2)- Card & JQJ RB(2)- Bijan, Jase, Jordan, H-Back/TE/Ath(1) - Hullaby WR X (1)- Hester, Wilson WR Z(1) - Johnston(can play X also) WR H(1) - JVBS, Mookie, DevonA OL(4/5) - GarthMajorsParr, Andrej DL(3/4) - Collins,Fillinger, Broughton, Princley, Carlton, Gulliory B-LB(1) -Prince ILB(1/2) - White, Flowe, Scott, Sellers CB(2/3) - Ringo, Pouncey, Eaton, Jahari, Crawford S(2/3) - CTJ, JThompson, Washington, Ransom, Alford
  19. per Mike Craven, Kelee Ringo will take an OVs (including one to Texas) prior to committing to any school. insert Jim Carrey "So you are telling me there's a chance" GIF
  20. Very important target for DLine. Also teammate of future 5* Billy Bowman
  21. That’s a really good question. I wasn’t a big fan of taking Caldwell last year either. Imo, in 2-3 years in the system both could play (especially as depth) vs KSt, Iowa St, Baylor, etc but I’m looking at playoffs and vs Bama, Clemson,Ou etc. if we lose a CB (to targeting or injury) I don’t think either are good enough. Especially to take them in back to back classes and to take one this early in a small class doesn’t make sense to me. I hope I’m wrong, it’s happened before
  22. Daniel, in ur opinion, do you think we get Alford without Eaton? i am just not seeing it with Eaton. He isn’t bad but he isn’t elite. I would say maybe boundary safety but he is not physical enough. I would say field safety but he is no way fast enough. He is an ok boundary CB that might be able to jam a WR at the line but I don’t think he can flip his hips and stay with him. You just can’t put him on an island as a field CB. A the same time , I’m not saying he will give up a TD every play either, just he is just below good in all categories.
  23. 2020 QB(2)- Card & JQJ RB(2)- Bijan, Jase, Jordan, H-Back/TE/Ath(1) - Hullaby WR X (1)- Hester, Wilson WR Z(1) - Johnston(can play X also) WR H(1) - JVBS, JSN, Mookie, DevonA OL(4/5) - GarthMajorsParr, Andrej DL(3/4) - Collins,Fillinger, Broughton, Princley, Carlton, Gulliory B-LB(1) -Prince ILB(1/2) - White, Flowe, Scott, Sellers CB(2/3) - Ringo, Pouncey, Eaton, Jahari, Crawford S(2/3) - CTJ, JThompson, Washington, Ransom, Alford

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