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  1. For the outside Mehringer and Werehime are the 2 that should be out tomorrow. I think, could be wrong, Navair and Meekins provide value as off field guys, so I wouldn’t mind them restaffed as off field guys but if that means past season issues continue then don’t want them. There is a lot , IMO, that needs change if we are to be true national title much less big 12 title contenders.
  2. To me RB coach is the easiest on field coach there could be, both saying it’s no work but of all the positions, it’s the easiest. That requires RB coach to be the best badass recruiter , not just of RB position but overall. Per any report, SD, just isn’t that the past 3 years for Texas. I’m not saying he has don’t a bad job , just not a good enough job, imo. I think he also needs to be good as identifying talent and I’m most sure how good or bad SD is at that. I would not be terribly unhappy if he returned but I would like better for that coaching spot.
  3. So Beck, Wareheim, Meekins, 2 Defensive guys (assume both CB and S coaches). That’s 5, ok but disappointed it’s not Orlando and Stan on the list. 5 isn’t enough imo but it’s better than 4
  4. Depends on how important winning is to you? If u don’t care about other things like ethics(even though he teaches this the the students of ohioSt), student safety, values, etc...then he would be a good choice
  5. LSU had 7 straight loosing seasons in the 1990s. they state government nor the university nor its citizens give a rats ass about anything other than wining in football currently and in the future.
  6. That sleeping giant woke up in 2000ish, they will not let it die. If they could cheat in nfl for saints they would too.
  7. he should not but i wont take it to the back for sure
  8. who will it look bad too? the people of Louisiana who care about nothing other then the success of LSU and staints? nope. the administrators of Lsu who the university and the states doesnt give a shit about? nope. LSU will pay anyone to help them win, hs player, family, hs coach, college coach, etc
  9. Are we on a collision course with Aggie in Houston? Yes that would require us to win 1 more game at least but I think it’s Most possible scenario
  10. The roll right and INT towards Wiley was his worst throw since his Fr year. our offensive game plan is horrendous. I could come up with better in 30 min. It’s like they spent all week doing nothing. Sam needs more designed runs. More 10 and 20 personnel. More bunch formations. Much better route concepts. Some more misdirection. on D, 3 DL just isn’t working. Either have the B-backer lines up there and come off the edge or go to 4 DL. Nobody can tackle in the open field. Our DBs are so concerned with run support they don’t watch the WR run straight down the field open. Our 5 minute late delayed blitzes SUCK!! bring them at the snap or have them try to cover. Yes we have injuries but looking this clueless is on the coaches. this is much more of a coaching issue than players on the field though they play without using their heads often.
  11. We can NOT bring back this staff the way it is and not bc someone voluntarily leaves though that’s fine also. Herman must decide this is unacceptable, not have it come from CDC
  12. Last year saves him but in wouldn’t be against it. U can not fall to shit in 3rd year. only thing, who do you hire. Nobody out there. He is 100% back though
  13. Don’t be. He is not a good human but he would take Boston college and beat us in 3 weeks
  14. Agree 100% nothing remaining is an easy win, nothing is a “Kansas” type game There is a chance last 4 teams will be favored over us. KSt , maybe pickem bc we are at home. At Iowa st , we would be +3 at Baylor , we are +7.5 TT at home , we are -3 2-2 would be successful they way we are playing and the way we are coached. much greater chance we are 1-3 than 3-1. 1% chance we are 4-0
  15. We are a bad football team. Really bad on D. This is on the coaches. Tom has a lot of changes to make bc this is Charlie level. Tcu isn’t a good football team overall.
  16. True is full in 2019. Lose CJ and Dev for sure,, Moore maybe? Epps should IMO love to TE and be 255+ by summer next year(he is 240ish now). so far just QJ, we can fit 2 more (founji and dixon being the 2 targets at this point).
  17. This guy is an important target. I don’t think 85 should/will play on the outside after this year. I do like M Washington but we are limited on outside threats. He needs a year in the incubator but he and QJ are really good outside guys. Interchangeable at X, Z, fast , dynamic, athletic and can catch.
  18. Hope u are right. I think he friends can sway him to us if family allows. Unless LSU becomes the compromise school
  19. Ingram leaving early for NFL? That’s not happening. Transfer out is a higher probability. Hoping Bradford or another TB is 230 lbs bc we are missing a hammer in this team, someone that can get the hard yards on inside zone
  20. A. U said they run different plays for KI them RoJo, so I am saying they need to run the plays that best suits them. Nothing is suiting KI in 2019, he is an avg back so far, not a way u can dispute that. Proud to have both also but doesn’t mean at this point KI deserves more carries than RoJo. Yes, if btw them we run 12 times, RoJo should get 8:4 for KI, 2:1 ratio.

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