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  1. I didn’t mention anything about slow or fast. Good resumes don’t just fall on ur desk every time. Go out and search for the right person. He best candidate for ur job. He didn’t hire Ash mid season. U have the opportunity when ur Job is on the line, and “who knows” comment is stupid. ASS U ME if u don’t have a problem wih the way this search was conducted, say so and shut up or add something positive to the convo
  2. I DO NOT have a problem with the hire of Ash as DC. I have a HUGE problem that Herman did not search for a DC. I have never been fully on the Herman train(1 foot on, 1 foot off). 2nd foot is at the edge now. This is an unacceptable coaching search. I’d this is the “search” he is doing then he might as well say, CDC, make my hires.
  3. Oh I like it as a fan but don’t complain if we lose and get left out with 2 losses.
  4. Oregon scheduled Auburn(9-3,top 20 team) at neutral site and lost on last play of the game. They are pac12 champs with 2 loses. If committee isn’t going to reward good scheduling then teams should schedule like Baylor. Ou has 1 loss but played a 4-8 usc team OOC. Lost to 8-4. Oregon lost to 7-5 team. System is messed up and doesn’t reward good scheduling. We shouldn’t schedule LSU and Bama bc we don’t get rewarded for it. yes it’s fun for the fans but u want to make playoffs or no?
  5. I don’t think anyone out there is a clear cut option at OC or DC. Should do 3+ interviews at both spots. Go SEARCH for the best possible guy! Common Tom
  6. We have dont a lot wrong and appear to Be continuing this trend
  7. I’ll go No for Graham Harrell. I think he is an upgrade but I think there are other better OCs out there. I’m not saying I know a bunch of better options but like Ou hires Riley years ago, LSU hired Brady, there are options out there that can be a good fit, more innovative that don’t come from P5 blue bloods.
  8. Yes thats what majority of schools(especially to the East of us) are willing to blatantly cheat. Penalty isn’t more than a slap on the wrist and payoff is $$$,$$$,$$$.$$$
  9. I will take him over Giles but I mainly don’t want Ash bc he is rumored to be “buddies” with Herman and I don’t want that at all
  10. Slightly disappointed if true, don’t want anyone that Herman is friends with. He needs to get out of his comfort zone. Search of the best available Then if Ash happens to be it, go get him.

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