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  1. Barron is slowly creeping right up there with R. Bowen Loftin. Enough bullshit. Come on down to Big XII land before you piss us off!
  2. I think Augie needs to go after JUCO players when it makes sense. Next season the team should be a lot better but we lost a lot of guys to the pros this year. Worry time?
  3. Beautiful girl and a rack that has a ton of spice!
  4. Get over it. The 5-star guys like to be stroked a bit and this was probably his way of getting his due. He's a monster and a monster we need at Texas. With the exception of Jordan Shipley we haven't had this kind of gamebreaker in many many years. It's time and RSJ is that guy.
  5. Loftin claims A&M's move is about recognition Atlanta, Georgia hosted a welcome party for SEC newcomers Texas A&M and Missouri and Loftin had this to say: Sounds like they are still playing the "I'll take my ball and go elsewhere because I am being neglected" school. I'm certain the Southeastern Conference members will soon see the charade and facade Texas A&M truly is.
  6. Ricky Seals-Jones is the #3 rated played in the country with the 2013 class and I'm hearing you want him to take a hike? If I were Texas I would hand him a key and tell him to come back home at whatever time he wants. He is one of the signature commits of the class. Texas dropped in the recruiting stronghold a few spots after his decommittment. Do whatever it takes to get him back on board including prayer.

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