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    Lifelong Longhorn fan, retired from working for the state, living in north Texas but would love to be back down in the Austin area.
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    McKinney, Tx.
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    Longhorns, music, movies, travel
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  1. I love the attitude Herman's instilling in the team. I really like both the offensive and defensive schemes. I don't think UT's as deep as Herman would like, but if the injury bug doesn't bite too much, there's enough talent to make it an interesting season. Notice I said interesting...not undefeated. Herman has a tendency for his teams to drop a game they shouldn't, and also to win one they're not favored to. My crystal ball says between OU, USC, OSU, and TCU, UT will go 2-2, but don't ask me which two UT beats. I think WVU and KSU can go either way, though I favor UT in both, not knowing how the rest of the season plays out. Baylor's really pissed at UT, but I don't think they have the hosses to win this year. Conservatively, I think UT wins nine games, and build up recruiting momentum that will lead to a top ten, if not top five class. I think this year Herman lays the foundation for what will be a scary good team two or three years down the road, but I'm not into drinking Doc's Kool-Aid just yet.
  2. Mack Brown fans (...and there are still some out there.) don't want to hear this, but he was essentially mailing it in after 'Bama beat the Horns for the championship. That loss cost Mack every bit of his mojo. From the championship game loss on, Mack had no earthly idea what he wanted his team to look like. The one smart thing he did do was hire Coach Boom and cede the defense over to him entirely. Would that Mack could have found an offensive coordinator that he trusted enough to turn loose of the offensive reins. Recruiting was the one thing that was right in Mack's wheelhouse, but after the 'Bama loss, Brown started repeatedly doing something he'd done even before the '05 championship, namely recruiting low hanging fruit. I'm no insider, but from '10 on, it struck me that there was very little evaluation of players recruited to UT going on. Mack let the Baylors, A&M's, and TCU's of this world catch up to and pass UT in recruiting. The only thing that can be said of Mack's departure is it's a damned shame it didn't happen right after the 'Bama loss. He let his pride and stubbornness write checks his performance couldn't cash. Charlie Strong didn't inherit a very warm bed replacing Brown, on the O-line or anywhere else. Matter of fact, it's pretty amazing that Strong's got the UT talent level back up to where it is in two years. Suffice to say, Mack Brown's doing what he needs to do these days, being a talking head on television. Leave the coaching to Charlie.
  3. DJ's, glitzy unis, and raping coeds is obviously NO way to build a football team.
  4. That's okay...we've got broad shoulders. Wonder how much corn's gonna like it if UT joins up with the B1G?
  5. UT wins the lottery if Patrick Hudson heads to Austin. I'm not sure UT has the available schollies to take on any other Baylor players or signees.
  6. Kam Martin doesn't become an option until he gets rid of that damned Baylor tattoo.
  7. If UT was going to remain a member of the Big XII, yeah, there could be some negatives from Baylor falling off of the map. UT isn't gonna remain a member of the Big XII any longer than is absolutely necessary, so I don't really see how the Baylor situation impacts UT at all.
  8. I keep hearing Merrick might emerge as the best quarterback to run Gilbert's offense.
  9. Last word I heard was earlier this morning (January 1, 2016). Apparently Texas State has gotten real interested in Major Applewhite after the UH bowl win against Florida State. Other candidates, including Traylor, are still being looked at, but apparently the committee is intrigued by Applewhite.
  10. I think UT will be better next season. I think Strong gets them to eight wins and a possible bowl win. I think there will be noticeable improvement in the offense. I think Gilbert will get a serviceable performance from one of the quarterbacks either already on campus or coming in. I think Strong closes with another good, but probably not great recruiting class this year. I think all of those things happen, and yet...I think if UT's gonna get consistently good to great long term, Herman needs to be the new head coach. I said a couple of years ago that Strong might not be around long enough to see his recruits develop, and that another head coach might reap the benefit of the players Strong's brought in. I think that head coach will be Tom Herman.
  11. Here's all you need to know about Steve Patterson. He doesn't care what you think about him. He doesn't care what you think about his job performance. He's convinced that he's the smartest man in the room. He's wealthy enough to not worry about where his next meal is coming from, and he's pretty certain that if he gets canned by UT, he's gonna be even wealthier. Your opinion of Patterson means less than nothing to him. I'm not sure what search parameters were used in choosing Patterson over Oliver Luck, but the next time UT's looking for a new AD, which I hope will be soon, I hope somebody seriously recalibrates those parameters. The AD at UT needs, among other things, to be a people person. The main job of AD at UT is to promote the product, provide needed help to the various sports, make smart and informed coaching hires, and RAISE MONEY for facilities improvements and other necessities of the athletic program. The big money donors at UT over the years have been very generous to the athletic program, and indeed, to the entire university. A part of the reason for that is because the AD, DeLoss Dodds, got that those donors needed to feel like they're part of the program. Dodds made the donors feel welcome, listened to, and appreciated. Dodds could do that because, whatever flaws he had, he was a people person. Patterson so far has turned off a lot of important people connected to UT. That happens when you operate in secret. It happens when you treat people condescendingly. It happens when you believe you're above having to listen to anybody, including your boss, and convey that belief to just about everybody you run into. The one thing you can say about Patterson is this...he's living his beliefs. What you see is what he is. What he is is NOT what UT needs out of an athletic director. I've heard all of the arguments about why UT's not gonna can Patterson anytime soon. I've heard that he's doing exactly what some important people want him to do. I don't buy that. You get nowhere, and you get nothing, by turning off the very people that pay your salary. It's not a sin to make a bad hire...that happens in every business, but things generally don't get any better if you bury your head in the sand and ignore the problem. Steve Patterson's not gonna change in any important ways, despite what his boss has told him to do. What you see is what he is. He needs to be removed before he can damage UT's athletic program more than he has. President Fenves and other big money types need to go back to the Louisville well one more time, and this time, hire the 'Ville's AD. He's done wonders at making Louisville's program big time, and he already has a great working relationship with Charlie Strong. Jurich gets what being AD at a big school like UT is all about. He understands things that Steve Patterson will never get.
  12. Since that particular tweet doesn't exist any more, how about a plain language recap for those of us who are digitally-challenged?
  13. I'm saying programs that get nailed by the NCAA are either too small to fight back, or almost WANT to get caught and nailed, and force the NCAA's hand. Otherwise, the NCAA is a paper tiger. or as we like to say here in Texas, all hat and no cattle.
  14. The SEC, in one sense, is no different than any of the other conferences. They have an aristocracy of two or three teams ('Bama, LSU, and one of UGA, UF, or Auburn, depending on the year), a mid-level of South Carolina, two of UGA, UF, Auburn, occasionally one of the Mississippi schools, occasionally Arkansas, Mizzou, and nominally aTm, although that one is trending down, and a lower level that includes the likes of Kentucky, Vandy, and anybody else that's left. They've won plenty of championships, but so would any conference that has 'Bama in it. I think in the last couple of years, the SEC has returned to earth a bit, and when Saban and Miles get ready to head off into retirement, which shouldn't be many years down the road, the SEC will still be strong, but certainly NOT unbeatable, ESPN hype or not.

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