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  1. 41-21 Georgia is the pick by FEI. I'll go around 35-17 Georgia. Their advantages along both lines will be the difference. Patrick Vahe is going to have his toughest test and has been our worst OL.
  2. We all know Shane is not capeable of beating Georgia. Having at least a package ready for someone with wheels is not a bad idea. Make no mistake for Texas to win the QB spot has to be a man who has running ability. I don't "want" it to come to that but if you think Shane, especially seeing his body of work this year in relief, can beat an elite team like Georgia you're mistaken.
  3. This could be a disaster for Texas if it gets out of hand. In the grand scheme of things (recruiting wise) a good four quarter game against an elite team is going to do wonders. A 30 point loss wont look good. Orlando and Herman have one month to get ready for a war, and I like their chances to come up with things Fromm hasnt seen before. I realize the chances of this are slim, but I sure would be getting Rising reps and getting him ready to go in case Sam goes down. He has legs Shane dont and Shane is not going to beat Georgia. We will see where we are as a program on January 1st. To be here in year 2 after the last few years is a great thing. We have almost nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go get it boys.
  4. Ive said elsewhere, I hope UTPD is prepared for this guy to show up and do something stupid, and I hope his ex and kids are safe. This guy is murder/suicide stupid right now.
  5. National Treasure. Have a great week Jim
  6. 7-3 and in the top 20 headed into ISU. Guess we cant complain. Just really put somet thought into the fact our Thanksgiving game is against Kansas. Woof.
  7. You wont regret it. Lost in this fiasco, is other than Vahe, our offense has done pretty damn good. 35, 41, 41 should be enough to be 3-0 over that stretch.
  8. We couldnt get it done with four either the few times we tried. The biggest worry I have about this team going into 2019 is we have nothing proven on the defensive line.
  9. Thats a given. Hes a fine young man and I hope he goes somewhere and kills it.
  10. They may be without their top RB for a half, but this defense is so bad Purdy wont need him. I have deep concerns about this one.

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