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  1. Happy New Year's to you all as well.
  2. I have no excuses for yesterday guys. We have no DL... haven't had a DL.. and won't next year. You remember I said during Texas week, run the ball and you'll win... that's what happened. A&M controlled things up front. How did Texas do? Sup Aaron
  3. Surprised the hell out of me. I kinda like the hire, but it doesn't fix the thug life attitude.
  4. What's up y'all. Tough day yesterday for the Big 12 huh? You guys have always been good to me, but I wanted to invite you all over to our new forum at Bluegoldsports.com. It's free to register and easy to use, much like here. We're trying to build a place where folks can come and talk sports without all the BS and being called out. Would love to have you guys over. --- http://www.bluegoldsports.com/forum/ Thanks Deuce
  5. Hey... congrats guys on going bowling. Good luck vs TCU. - Deuce
  6. I wasn't gonna post this because it hurts too much..... but......
  7. I'll be popping in and out guys. I appreciate Aaron and everyone here for having me this week. I hate that WVU lost the game, but with the TCU loss and the ability Texas has to run the ball it was just bad. I'm all about WVU, but I'm not a homer and I call it like I see it. Y'all need anything just yell at me.
  8. Congrats to you guys on a well deserved win. I have no idea what Dana and the offense was doing, but give the UT defense credit. I thought Texas could run the ball to win and they did. It's times like these I'd like to be wrong. But WVU got whipped today on the field and the sidelines. Congrats the rest of the season and get to that bowl game.
  9. Wanted to pop in real quick..... Looks like I was spot on when it comes to the run game. I'd keep pounding it.
  10. Bout that time. I'll be tweeting during the game, but wanted to wish you all the best of luck. I hope you lose.
  11. The eyes of Texas will certainly be watching....
  12. No problem guys. Been fun chatting with y'all this week. I really do think UT can find success running the ball.... we'll see. Folks here are calling a WVU TKO... I don't see it.

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