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  1. Our mascot (who is a live person not a guy in a suit) was in LA shooting a commercial for gameday. He said he went into the hotel gym to get a workout in and Erin Andrews was in there.
  2. I think Spurrier invented style points.
  3. Joe Madsen: 2012 Remington Watch List We had a center Dan Mozes win in 2006. Holgorsen has said Madsen is the best center he has had.
  4. We all loved Stew and really wanted him to win at WVU. He is the kind of guy that you would want your son to play for. Problem was he hired an OC that had no experience and was in over his head. His loyalty to that OC is what ended up being his demise. The offense was causing us to lose games that we had no business losing. The State of WV is in mourning and will be for a while.
  5. UPDATE: Bill Stewart has passed away! Report: Former WVU Coach Stewart Taken by Ambulance from Stonewall Resort with Undisclosed Medical Condition Heart attack during a gold outing. Coach Stewart was the interim head coach when we played Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl following the 2007 season. After being OU 48-28 he was named head coach.
  6. What history? Most recent history shows that we win those games against ranked opponents save for LSU.
  7. So does the Big 10 and Big 12 absorb all the good teams from the ACC and let the rest bottom feed with what is left of the big east?
  8. A little FYI Saban is actually from WV and was an assistant coach at WVU.
  9. Today is our official launch date. Come and check out the site. Aaron (BBdude) did such a great job with the look and layout of the site. I couldnt have asked for better help.
  10. No matter if #1 plays #1 ever this is still a good move to have a tie in like the Pac12/Big10 has with the Rose Bowl.
  11. I remember RC had a couple decent teams in the late 90's but I remember them never really doing much. I was a Dat Nguyen fan. He was a tackling machine for A&M.
  12. You Texas guys have had some good backfields and have played against some of the greats (90's Nebraska teams). Who do you think is the top backfield of all times? I mean production in college not what they went on to do in the pro's. We had a pretty good one with Pat White, Steve Slaton, Owen Schmitt, and Noel Devine. They were all on the team that blasted Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. One player like Ricky Williams or Ron Dayne can make a backfield but its really not complete with just one player. What do you guys think?
  13. Well all that I know he has done has been Mountaineer vids. He either just graduated from WVU or is a senior. He nows works for the school and does all the promo video's and pregame staff that is shown at the stadium as of last season.
  14. Wont be leaving early. This is his senior year. He didnt redshirt. Had to play in a few games due to injury as a freshman. We do have a kid waiting in the wings. A Texas kid to be exact. Ford Childress will be the QB in 2014. This offense attracts stud wr's and our coaches are doing a hell of a job recruiting lineman. Should be a fun game. One of the users on my board at eersnation.com said they read it likely could be a 3 million dollar payout. Thats a huge paycheck.
  15. Lindsay Lohan hasnt looked hot since she was a red head. When she was 18 she was one of the hottest chics out. Huge boobs and that ginger hair. She died her hair and started smoking crack. The first of the weight she lost was in her boobs and she looked horrible.
  16. We have some guys/site http://www.wvupros.com that keep track of our Mountaineers once they leave WVU and their journeys in the pro ranks. You have anything like that? Granted there is a whole lot more Texas players that go pro then what we have come from WVU.
  17. You guys might remember him from the huge TD against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl a couple years ago. He was drafted by the Seahawks, played for the Eagles the last couple years, and now is a Raider. http://wvupros.com/2012/05/15/breaking-raiders-sign-fb-owen-schmitt/
  18. I cant feel sorry for him at all. All that money and he just pisses it away and cant take care of his kids.
  19. You guys should really check out Doug on youtube. He has some good stuff. dougitydog - YouTube
  20. So I need to post some WVU girls pics up?
  21. I was excited to see them join the Big East and glad that we will get to play them as conference brothers in the Big 12.
  22. I for one am glad that WVU, Texas, and the other Big 12 schools can just sit back and watch. No need to worry if we are going to have a home or not. You guys at Texas have no idea what its like to think your school wont have a decent conference home.
  23. Aaron and I have been working on a new site and message forum for WVU news. We are working on creating a Big 12 type network to gather a FREE site from each Big 12 team and have them collaborate with Big 12 news. The site wont be live till later this week but would love to have you guys and/or girls to join up over there. If you look in the college football board you will see a link back to this site and any other Big 12 site we can get on board. 'EERS Nation Message Boards - Powered by vBulletin

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