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  1. Great game, and a sincere congrats to all of you for showing up and staying late. What a win for your program - it was huge as I expected, and could not have gone any better (except for one defensive stop)... Charlie is clear to invite the NFL scouts next weekend. I think that all is safe now. A little link from our perspective. It's pro shot and pretty cool: https://youtu.be/2gkPYROZ36I Best of luck for the rest of the season. Go Irish!
  2. Oldhorn started it, Bear. And I'm not calling anyone dirty names on my thread... You're better than that.
  3. Dear Sirs: We placed the Tennessee "T" on your cow minotaur's bandana. It's the more recognizable orange college "T" in the nation, as your football games are not televised north of Fort Worth, Texas. Oops, the orange is also from the mighty Vols as well. The stadium depiction is a generic mock-up, as your stadium is not a recognizable entity for those who watch college football in the USA. Perhaps when you become relevant in big-time college football and have a television network that has more viewers than the Smithsonian Channel, we will not make such an error. Sincerely, The 21st century
  4. It's been way too long... we are due. I could not stand to wait 35 years between NC's. I don't know how you did it...
  5. Agreed. No injuries. A clean game. Should be a blast.
  6. It is the most storied program. Haven't you all been paying attention? I don't know much more than ND will be 10-2 against UT for all-time when the clock strikes Midnight on Sept 5. All we want is your typical statement game. I'm tired of all this waiting. Go Irish!
  7. http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/texaslonghorns/2016/08/20/medical-science-flub-texas-godsend-qb-shane-buechele-crossed-red-river-lines-give-ut-hope From medical science flub to UT's godsend? Crossed the river with a musket to save UT??? You cannot think of a better narrative! Is this UT's "Rudy" but with an affluent protagonist going to the richest school in the world? The hype is gaining momentum! Go Irish!
  8. http://www.burntorangenation.com/2016/8/23/12589922/daily-round-up-texas-will-beat-notre-dame My favorite line : "Texas is still rich". I love these sophomoric columnists that come out of the woodwork. Love it.
  9. Ramonce Taylor was another who could have been great and blew their collegiate career. Remember him?
  10. But a weekend that we will soon forget when we wake up the echoes on Sept 4th. Go Irish!
  11. Indeed. It appears that Butler's case is far worse than initial reports let on. I was going from second-hand sources that posted what happened at the 'Backer. If the dude really took off a cops belt and was tackling cops, he may be lucky that he has a heartbeat right now. It was ND's darkest weekend that I can remember.
  12. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/columnists/ct-haugh-notre-dame-suspensions-spt-0822-20160821-column.html
  13. That's right. UT can win all they want after Sept 4th. That day shall belong to the Blue and Gold. Go Irish
  14. Starting your true freshman in a game of this magnitude would be a fireable offense. This is a non-story, and the right decision.
  15. Respect, Mike. This should not happen at a place like Notre Dame. NDNation is embarassed and simply let down by this one... If your freshman gunslinger is the real deal, then the loss of Redfield is nothing but good news for you. This game just became a lot more interesting. The spread just narrowed by 1.5, in my opinion...

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