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  1. If you go back and watch the game again, watch how Adrian Phillips tackles.....he falls to his knees. I remember being taught in little league to keep you legs under you and to drive the ball-carrier backwards. He refuses to wrap-up and he falls to the ground. How the **** does someone become a starter at the University of Texas when they tackle like this?
  2. Phillips is the worst tackler, Byndom has regressed & is afraid to hit and Kendall Thompson is as clueless a football player as I have ever seen play serious snaps for a Texas defense.
  3. Diaz had 2 weeks to get the boys ready for this. No excuses.....
  4. There is no WR in the country who comes close to RSJ in terms of athleticism relative to his dimensions. It will kill me if I see him in maroon.
  5. The fanbases from Mizzou & aggie seem to be more concerned with the game-day experience of their SEC visitors than whether or not their teams won the game.
  6. We've handled Fera the right why. We could live without Bergeron against Okie light but we need Hicks.
  7. Diaz needs to demote someone to 2nd string for one game, someone we all think is a lock as a D starter, to drive home the point that mental errors aren't acceptable and that it is f***ing time to finish tackles. A message needs to be sent to our D to break this feeling of entitlement.
  8. I was a doubter, and I've been extremely impressed with Ash so far, but let's see how he does against a team from a BCS conference that won 3 or more games last season before we start telling people to be ashamed.
  9. I bashed Ash more than anyone around here and he has absolutely blown me away (except for the long ball). He has exceeded any reasonable expectations. Still, I wouldn't say: " I don't want to hear how he underthrew a guy here or there because it reallly doesn't matter." It does matter. Those under-throws will likely be picked off against OU.
  10. #1 I'm kind of worried about our D #2 I'm druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk
  11. The positives: - ANY game without an interception by our QBs should be celebrated - ANY game with 2 100-yard rushers is a great thing - DJ is getting lots of touches and eventually that will mean more explosive plays - Daje will play soon and that will mean more explosive plays - Ash is fitting into the role of the short-passing game manager we wanted. We need to lay off of even trying to go deep with him. Those 3 deep under-throws will be interceptions against OU.
  12. Ash looked great on the short stuff, his long passing is beyond horrible. Entire D, except for Hicks & Vaccaro, should be upset with themselves. Kicking game is an embarrassment. LOTS to work on.....
  13. Texas is beyond fortunate that the fumble didn't cost them
  14. Secondary looked flat out apathetic on the 2 point conversion. An absolute clusterf**k of a game for the DBs. Just terrible......
  15. Ash has definitely been better than I expected. Out DTs are getting owned - another surprise. I love seeing this much DJ.

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