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  1. the Tigers punked us last time we played. Like James Brown said "gotta, gotta Payback!"
  2. This is an awesome new name for the forums!!!!!!! I really dig it!
  3. The Rice Regional would be better for travel but the LSU Regional looks more winnable. Ole Miss looks like a tough team.
  4. Not sure but it would be an interesting site. I think texassports.com has a "Longhorns in the NFL" section that looks at former football players that play or have played in the NFL.
  5. I would buy the cheap rotgut. Why? Because thats what I do.
  6. This more than makes up for the stupid mistakes/ decisions some of our players have made. That is quite an accomplishment. The University and the fans should be proud of the squad.
  7. Several days ago 4 Sooners including Jackson were suspended indefinitely. Jaz Reynolds was one of these also. Things must not be going so well over at the Stoops camp right now.
  8. I can't think of any school I hate more in the Big XII other than Oklahoma. Down with the purple people.
  9. We have been hit with the injury bug this season. Stafford, Walla and French. I thought we had a decent shot at winning a regional but I do not know we have it in us. Texas Southern this week and a 3 game series next week against Baylor before the Big XII tournament. This team has heart and resilience but another arm bites the dust leaving us even more depleted than we were.
  10. He will transfer to Missouri and sit out a year. Tulsa would not approve his transfer to Texas or several other schools. Tulsa sucks. Texas Longhorns: Football, Basketball, Baseball and more | Statesman.com
  11. Okay I was not sure where to place this post but I think horse racing could be considered a professional sport. Please forgive if I am mistaken. Anyway a 48 year old man's body was found in one of the barns on the property of the Derby. Supposedly there are many fights and skirmishes that break out at this event annually and they do not think it was connected to any of the horses or owners that were in the race. All they know is a 48 year old male is dead and they are investigating several horses as suspects. All the Animal Farm books had been sold out at the local bookstore.
  12. So what happened? Do we know the details? News media has only vague info.

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