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About Justin wells

  • Birthday 06/21/1977


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    Born and raised in Texas. Played sports throughout HS and hoops in college. Coached middle/High school for 3 years in east Texas. Love writing, Love my Longhorns.
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    Tyler, TX
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    God, Family, and Texas sports. And my 8 yr old English Bulldog.
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    Trainer, writer, CPR instructor

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  1. He's committing to aggie next week. His words to me.
  2. Commits on commits on commits. Momentum on Mack's side right now. Must pounce. HookEm.
  3. Great piece, Tom. Swap Jalen for David, and it's money. I needed this too.
  4. Paging Brad Stevens..... Stevens on line #2... wants $5Mil per.... your move, Mr. Dodds
  5. What happened to David Ash's vertical passing game? He didn't take the shots down the field like he did vs Ole Miss and OSU. They played two-deep with their safeties in the 4th quarter, one reason Gray/Bergeron got to the second level so much. But he did throw for 269 when UT's mission was to run and wear them down. Coming into the game, WV was ranked highly against the run and near last against the pass. So why did we try to run and run and run? Mack wants to run the ball predominantly to establish the line of scrimmage, helps take pressure off of Ash, and because UT has three of the top young running backs in the nation. Might as well use them. When are we going to quit getting overrated defensive coordinators from the SEC? Manny Diaz is far from overrated. Did I question running a zone defense on WV's "second" Fourth down ( Mack's bonehead TO)?, Yes. But he figured out Austin by the 2nd Q (Vaccarro straight-man coverage), the DLine played great and got hits on Geno Smith in spurts. Its fundamental missed gap assignments, horrid tackling, and of course... Geno Smith (probable 2013 Heisman winner). Does anyone know what this offense and defense wants to do? Offense wants to establish the Line, Run, and Play-action pass. The defense wants to play a Zone-blitzing style, but if you can't stop the run, you cant do that. At all. Why does Mack love to call timeouts? No comment. But his game-management skills have slightly declined. Can Texas recruit people who can tackle? More like "can Texas teach them how to tackle All-conference type athletes." Am I the only fan who is confused about this team after this many games? Not confused. Texas is a bad snap from Overtime, and possibly 5-0. We'll know more about this Texas squad after OU. Thanks! Update: I know the game was close but am I the only one who feels we gave the game away?
  6. Kade Freakin Clayton. That kid has some serious skills. Might grow into an oustanding slot receiver. 16 years old. Junior at Tyler Grace school (Tapps 4A).
  7. This is why I loathe / Love fantasy football. I lose to Johnny by 3 points. My Defense scored -3. Got to love that. Hook Em
  8. I watched the John Tyler Lions and Longview Lobos tonight at Lobo stadium in their last dress rehearsal before kicking off the season next week. JT is loaded with athletes to say the least. WR Fred Ross ( Oklahoma ST commit) touched the ball five times tonight, scoring four TD's. I want to meet the Big12 corner who's going to jam this 6'2 210 lbs manbeast. JT QB Greg Ward (Houston commit) was smooth moving around and outside the pocket, a little jumpy behind the line, but that's because hes 5'9. WR's Justice Liggins ( four offers) and Darrion Flowers (two offers) are equally explosive. The Lobos boast ULouisiana-Monroe commit QB Bivins Caraway. Early on Caraway looked solid and sharp. He's definitely uncomfortable on the move however, and his passes full of zip, were off target as the night progressed. Caraway's favorite target WR Justinn Spady had five grabs for 87 yards, two TDs. TE Colin Jeter ( one offer) is a 6'6 force, lined up in the slot, and blocked like an end. Needs more targets, a mismatch waiting to happen. In the end John Tyler prevailed 24-20 thanks to four Lobos fumbles, one of which was returned for a score.
  9. Just spoke with class of 2014 WR KD Cannon ( Mt Pleasant,TX) who told me his visit to Austin to see the Longhorns vs. Wyoming will NOT be an official visit. His family will be attending on their dime. JW
  10. Final score - 38-6 QB stats - Ash 8-15 110 yds, 1 TD 1 pic RB stats - Brown 15 for 135, 1 TD; Gray 12 for 80, 2 TDs; Bergeron 8 for 50. # Int's by the Texas defense - Demarco Cobbs and Mykelle Thompson with 1 each. Total Yards allowed by the defense - under 150. HookEm
  11. Ohh yeah... forgot he benches 300lbs and squats 550lbs. And thats all they'll let him squat. My lord.

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