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  1. Hookem.com is reporting that Texas is no longer recruiting Seals-Jones. Do not know the details but according to Hookem Texas is no longer recruiting RSJ. Why, I wonder????
  2. This is a great synopsis of the defense. The DT position is one I will be keeping a close eye on. Dorsey I thought was good enough to get significant playing time this year. ALso have we heard when Fera is returning to action? Glad we have him for 2 years.
  3. To say it is unbelievable would be trite. That TexAgs thread is ridiculously sad but true. THAT is the definition of WTH? Stooopid Aggies.
  4. This Boise State - Michigan State game is not bad. I figured Boise would get blown out but they are holding their own. Michigan State has some big ass defensive linemen.
  5. I will agree with you on the hero bit. They don't make them like this anymore.
  6. Mack is good but he is no Saban. Less Smiles has not had a quarterback at LSU in a good number of years but the Tigers still manage to play in and win BCS championships. Both the football and basketball programs need to be closely scrutinized. We are Texas, not some program that should cross their fingers and hope o be good.
  7. MB Texas football has a nice photo slideshow of the guys from yesterday's practice. Link is below. http://www.mackbrown-texasfootball.com/view.gal?id=123418
  8. Mack's quote on the quarterbacks after the scrimmage: "I think they both did a good job. And that's a good thing. I think we are going to have two good quarterbacks to play right now, and we'll just have to figure all that out as we go through. Still got two and a half weeks. It's not like it was last year where we are sitting here wondering. I really think that in our mind and we ask everybody in the staff room, and we'll go around and say, “Who would you play at quarterback.” It's not only you all asking; we ask, too. I got the same questions you do. And the answers are good. But we are having more consensus that both could play right now and still win a game for us. I think part of that is because a game like an A&M game and a game like the Cal game, is the players have seen both of them win. So they know that most of the time around here, we have not had a backup quarterback that could go in and win. And right now is the first time that I think we are in the best shape. We are not in the best shape with the starters because we have had All-Americans at that position, but both of those guys give us a chance to win right now if they protect the ball, and they both did that last night. And they both played with the ones last night, against the ones and they both played with the ones against the two's. We actually had an overtime, which we have never had like that, and we took a team and put them out there and played them against the other team. And the first team that went out kicked the field goal and the second team that came out had a field goal and got it blocked. So it was fun to watch the kids respond, and we had Big 12 officials, so that was good. " Translation: We need to prepare our mental faculties to see both the Ash man and Case out on the field. If Ash doesn't get the nod at starter for the Wyoming game then I will be surprised if not speechless. Mack talks about "separation between the two" but he has not seen enough of this to pick Ash or McCoy. It has been a good year and 4 months so I certainly hope this separation happens soon. Otherwise someone might SWOOPE in and snag this puppy next season, no pun intended. The offensive line will be equally if not more important than who is at quarterback. Josh Cochran's injury is not as bad as speculation had it according to Mack. Donald Hawkins is playing consistently but we haven't heard the rave reviews on him that we expected just yet. Luke Poehlmann has stepped his game up and could start if Cochran's injury isn't healed by Wyoming time. That's my two cents. I predict both qb's throw at least a touchdown in the opener with our running game pummeling the Cowboy defense for 300 yards.
  9. The University of Texas graduate looks to do great things in Dallas with the Mustangs. His dad had a few things to say about the team at UT when his son was qb - “It was a bad team anyway,†Gale said. “You could have put John Elway in at quarterback and it wasn’t going to be pretty. I’m proud of the way Garrett handled himself. He showed great perseverance putting up with what he had to deal with here in Austin.†SMU head coach June Jones worked with Gale Gilbert, Garret's dad, when he was qb at Cal back in the 80's. I wish Gilbert the best at SMU. He deserves a medal for finishing 27 hours last semester and getting his degree from UT.
  10. Why in the hell do we not start him under center? This kid could easily be a 4 year starter at UT. For a freshman his frame is already developed for the NFL. Mack brown and Harsin talk about him favorably too.
  11. I am bracing myself for a year of qb rotation which is something I dread. What the hell does he mean Case has Colt's leadership? If he did and they were even in performance, wouldn't he get the nod then? Just give us someone and NOT someones!
  12. These biggest threat to these universities is funding/money. The NCAA realizes that and wants to try and nip it.
  13. This belongs in the Olympic forum I guess but the US volleyball team uniforms were a sacriledge. Might has well just worn a turtleneck.
  14. Goodwin has a great chance at winning a gold medal, especially after he busted out in the qualifying round.

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