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  1. Can you imagine if he had missed? David would be murio.
  2. Damn I love Treebeards. Eat at the one in Market Square all of the time. Gumbo is pretty tasty too!
  3. THANK YOU GUYS FOR POSTING THIS. I was going to have to rely on someone to post a link somewhere to watch it online but I will head out to Junction Bar & Grill.
  4. The Notre Dame vs. Navy game overseas starts at like 9:00 am in the states. I will probably watch a bit of it. Should be pretty cool.
  5. This is not done at PSU. The cover ups were alive and well and they will be exposed even if it takes a few years. Penn State is disgusting.
  6. Read this on the Dallas Morning News link on the hornsports.com home page but it actually stems from an article Kirk Bohls wrote in the Statesman last Sunday, but Greg Davis had the audacity to complain about the lack of a "supporting cast" around garrett Gilbert. What a crock of shit. This guy was the definition of lazy in the offensive side of things. Hope Iowa likes sideways passing because greg Davis cannot call a play throw downfield. Ass. Ex-Texas OC: Garrett Gilbert didn't have strong supporting cast with Horns, 'things will work out' at SMU | SMU Mustangs News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW
  7. I would be more than happy with these 6. I think we have a better shot at landing Benenoch than any of the others, including Seals-Jones. I hope Mack AND Ricky Barnes do what they need to do to get him in the door at UT.
  8. Yeah he is trying to pull a Martellus Bennett. Just play some damn football Ricky! And don't lose that number.
  9. I agree with Yoda. This was a crap shoot. He had zero offers and we passed on Sandland????? I am hearing HArsin had a connection to this kid and that is how it went down.
  10. Now that's fine. She's fine... Said a gangsta.
  11. This one came out of nowhere. What's his story, stats, etc?
  12. Did she win? Is she the official HornSports.com girl? I need to get on these boards more often! Nice work for sure on the interview.
  13. I think the guy is a nice grab regardless of what everyone says. Check his video out on HUDL - Erik Huhn - Highlight Videos, Schedule & Roster - Hudl. And no he cannot possible be as horrible as Gideon was.
  14. Are you kidding me? They are the biggest gold mine in college football and they have influence that few schools have. If you do not think they will throw their weight around and get what they want out of this deal you are mistaken. I hate Notre Dame and always have but my lord they are a beast in this conundrum.
  15. Erin Andrews, no matter how commercialized she is, is FINE FINE FINE.
  16. Way too high. The good news of being ranked high is you have a better shot at a BCS Bowl if you perform well, but Texas is not there yet. I think they land in the #20 area when the first polls come out.
  17. Does the NCAA allow college players to work during the summer? Because I am following a certain UT player's Twitter account and he mentions he is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me the NCAA allows it??????????? WTF?
  18. Those are the coolest pissers I have ever seen.
  19. If you guys are attempting to belittle our President I advise you to refrain from entertaining the thought of elevating Mitt Romney because he is a complete douchebag and yes a bully!
  20. Guess he could be more like Bobby Petrino and whore around on his wife while screwing over the university which employs him, or be like Jim Tressel who lied and cheated. Quit smoking the tall stuff and get your head outta your ass.
  21. Laughed out loud at that one. Griner is getting old. I'm tired of all the hoopla around a guy who for all intents and purposes is acting as a chick. Is someone playing hide the winkie?
  22. Holy crap! A salami??? The Horns should be beating up on TSU! Preparing for next week undoubtedly.
  23. Not that this is too bad of an act but is Holgerson a disciplinarian? Meaning will he sit guys no matter how good they are if they really screw up? Or does he pull a Les Miles?
  24. Luke likes Texas supposedly but there are a slew of other schools that have offered. Texas is not a sure thing by any means.

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