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  1. Have a feeling that he is going Pro. His dad has been way too defensive about all this. Also, and this may seem petty, but as a coach, I don't like the idea of his dad spending so much time calling into talk shows talking about the coaching, etc. Heard him a lot this season with Chip and Sean.
  2. I'm going to play devils advocate here but how important is D'Onta Foreman's recruitment? I don't see the similarities between him and Ricky's recruitment. Ricky was going to be a Top 5 pick; right now D'Onta isn't a Day 1 draft pick. I'm not saying Texas doesn't need him, but he isn't a make or break player.
  3. I can tell you that a decision on the current staff has not been made. Herman is a man of honor and when he said he wants to speak with each one individually and interview them, that's exactly what he will do.
  4. I know it's not UT news but just got off the phone with a colleague who told me that Malzahn isn't off the hot seat and many inside the Athletic Department are not happy with the way he has handled the QB situation and its cost them this season. The way this Iron Bowl is going he isn't helping his case. He could be let go before the bowl game. Would be interested to see if Houston becomes a landing spot for him.
  5. Having been in the coaching profession for 20 years I've built up a pretty good network of folks that I can speak with to get information. Here is what I've been told today: You're going to see a different approach to program control and hiring of assistant coaches this time around because you don't have Patterson as the AD. Perrin is going to let Herman do his thing because Texas can't afford to be irrelevant anymore. Brewster will be coming back which is huge. If Applewhite doesn't get the UH gig, look for him to come back to Texas which should tell you all you need to know about how much control Herman has. Orlando is at the top of the list early on to take over at UH but the powers that be want an offensive minded guy just like Herman. Don't believe the Holgerson hype, he isn't leaving a Power 5 school. Also, don't believe what Coach O said this morning about Dave Aranda staying put. He is target number 1 for Herman to be the DC and with their friendship dating back from college Aranda is weighing this thing very heavily. Mattox, Jean-Marie, and Traylor are strong possibilities to staying. Mattox is the biggest surprise because of his ties with Gilbert but I was told that Herman really like his work and Mattox is listening. Traylor is a big time East Texas recruiter and Herman wants to continue to develop that pipeline. Jean-Marie is one of the best recruiters in the Big 12 and recruiting is a big deal to Herman obviously. One last thing, there is smoke to the rumor about Kiffin going to LSU. Kiffin has gotten his ring and wants more autonomy to run his offense than what he's getting at Bama. Coach O has told him that he has complete control of personnel and decision making of the offense. I'll post more as it comes in.
  6. It's now been confirmed that Ketch has been suspended from writing for Rivals.com and Orangebloods.com and a full editorial review is underway - per Rivals.com
  7. I'm just trying to figure exactly what he said on twitter because it made no sense to me.
  8. I know a lot of people will pass this off, but don't. There is serious validity in this. Coaches, even though they say it's never about ego, it's about ego. Coaches with titles such as the OC tag want to be the one who gets the credit, especially for future head coach consideration. Hermann making the move to Texas and being the true OC, plus being in a modern offense conference helps his desire to becoming a head coach sooner than playing second fiddle to Meyer at OSU.
  9. There are many Longhorn fans who are ready to jump off the cliff today. Give Coach Strong a chance and let him actually coach a season. I don't want to have another Coach February who can't bring it home in the fall. Texas fans need to step back and let the man and his staff work.
  10. I posted this topic over on OB and I was told I was ridiculous. This has been a concern of mine the longer this has dragged on because I feel Strong has used the idea of talking to Jurich face to face to stall Texas because he knew Golden was interviewing at Penn St today or tomorrow. Texas might be getting played again and Patterson is going to get weaker and weaker as everyday goes by in the eyes of the money people. This has the chance to get very bad for Texas.
  11. Saban already has an offer from Texas and they are just waiting for his answer, meanwhile, Patterson is interviewing Briles tomorrow and is #2 if Saban says No. Texas will have their coach hired by Friday night. All other interviews are smokescreens and political type interviews.
  12. Coach Briles is a perfect fit. Look at his body of work at Houston and Baylor; he would dominate at Texas.
  13. Chip is 100% accurate. I've have had the opportunity to work with those who have seen this side of Mack. He has two personas, the public side which is the great ambassador, etc and the internal side which is the vindictive, control the message, worry about who is saying what, etc. It doesn't surprise me at all that Mack is controlling this whole thing.

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