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  1. Its because Mack for some reason feels that he owes McCoy and his family something. I don't get it. Case isn't the caliber of QB that the University of Texas should be signing.
  2. See if I start this topic people think I am instantly bashing Mack but you start it and it goes nice. HA!!! Anyway, no I don't think Mack is on a short leash, yes I do believe he should be. He is the sole #1 reason Texas is in the position its in going into this season.
  3. I can tell you for a fact that this kid is under a lot of radars and will get picked up and will make a lot of folks regret it. He has above avg arm strength, he is 6-3 185lbs
  4. Should be Ash without question and he should remain that way. Case shouldn't play unless it's necessary.
  5. Texas - 52 Wyoming - 13 Davis Ash: 15-23 208 yards 2 Tds 1 Pic 1 fumble lost Case McCoy: 6-17 112 yards 1 Td 2 Pics 1 fumble Malcolm Brown: 17 carries 157 yards 2 Tds Joe Bergeron: 15 carries 163 yards 1 Td Jonathan Gray: 7 carries 87 yards Defense comes up with 2 Ints - 1 returned for a Td Defense surrenders 223 yards of total offense
  6. McCoy should never see the field unless Ash gets injured or the game is out of hand; other than that, he has no business of the field. He is not a D1 QB, period.
  7. Wait until the season starts. We all change.
  8. Congrats Chris. I wish you all the best. Keep in touch.
  9. It will be a watch and see thing for me. I hope that Ash will be given enough rope to actually get into a flow of the game instead of every 2 series or something. If you have 2 QB's you have none.
  10. Wow, haven't spent a lot of time studying other high school programs, but spending the majority of my coaching career in the Central Texas I am familiar with these two programs. Lake Travis has had one the most remarkable runs of any high school program in Texas High School football history, not only the number of consecutive state titles but doing it with 3 different head coaches. But this year LT comes into Class 5A after the States annual 2 year realignment. I believe LT will make some noise again and will be in the mix for a district championship, but the State Title run ends this year. My prediction, LT loses in Round 3. Hutto is a program I had watched for many years due to a good friend, Lee Penland being the head coach there many years ago. I have lost touch on the program and couldn't really make a sound prediction. If I have to make a uneducated prediction, I say status quo rules again and Hutto bows out after the 1st Round.
  11. I have grown to like the Spread Wing T. It still keeps the traditional deception the old style wing t has but in more of a spread look.
  12. As a coach, I see benefits from it. I won't ever take my teams to State or National Tournaments because I see no real benefits. I hate AAU with so much passion I won't let my son play AAU basketball even though he has been offered several times. I do know that former Leander HS head football coach Steve Gideon started a Football Academy in the Austin area and he was trying to put together travel 7 on 7 teams made up of different players from different high schools. That I don't like. I agree that the coaches should be able to be involved with their teams during the summer which should help stem the tide. I lie that TAPPS allows their coaches to do that during the summer.
  13. Here is what I've been able to track down: Texas QB David Ash sustained what Texas is calling a "strained" hamstring today during a team workout. Ash sustained the injury while running sprints with his teammates. Although Texas is classifying the injury as a "strain" and lists him day to day, there are some who fear that Ash may indeed have a small tear in his hamstring. It will be interesting to see if Texas handles this the same way they handled Jordan Shipleys hamstring injury years back. At that time it was listed as a strain and day to day but Shipley missed the season. HornSports.com will keep a close watch on the situation as it develops.
  14. Is confirmed by UT spokesman that David Ash strained his hamstring today but it's not serious and is day to day. Still chasing something with this to reconfirm something. As soon as I get confirmation I will post it.
  15. I am tracking down some info from a source I have in Houston.
  16. Coach Stoops had some great pointed thoughts on the Big 12 this morning when he was on ESPN Radio with Mike and Mike. Coach Stoops stated, "I feel like the conference is stronger now than ever before." Stoops went on to say, "We brought in two programs that ended the year in the Top 25 and the two programs that left were not." Stoops did a great job as the Big 12 Ambassador today.
  17. I hear he is gone and this is a forgone conclusion. I am also hearing the PSU kicker is coming to Texas. Heard that is almost a done deal.
  18. That's awesome!!! If the NCAA says its ok, then I commend them for it. I hear they are sitting in the parking lot, a la, SMU.
  19. If you are going to make a prediction, then come with who Texas beats and who they lose to. Don't come with that weak number only thing. Come strong!!!
  20. Beevomav, you are definitely a Bevoball-Homer. No chance they go 12-0 this year.
  21. Here is my game by game prediction prior to Texas entering camp. Once camp has concluded I will come back and see if any revisions will be made based on injuries, those who stand out or those who took a step back in camp. So away we go: Date Opponent Venue Result/Comments 09/01 Wyoming Austin, TX. Win - Not even a close game 09/08 New Mexico Austin, TX. Win - See above comments 09/15 Mississippi Oxford, MS. Win - Road test, game is closer than expected 09/29 Ok.State Stillwater, OK. Win - Redemption victory 10/6 W. Virginia Austin, TX. Win - Welcome to the Big 12 WVU 10/13 Oklahoma Dallas, TX. Loss - Highly competitive, loses at the end 10/20 Baylor Austin, TX. Win - RGIII is gone 10/27 Kansas Lawrence, KS. Win - Tom Brady doesn't play for Charlie 11/03 Texas Tech Lubbock, TX. Win - Win as long as Tubs is the TT head coach 11/10 Iowa State Austin, TX. Win - A lot closer than expected 11/24 TCU Austin, TX. Loss - tough physical game 12/1 Kansas State Manhattan, KS. Win - Exercise past demons. Pre-camp prediction has Texas going 10-2, but they could go 11-1 just as easy as they could go 8-4. A lot of games on this schedule that set Texas up for a great season, but if they lose focus because of youth in some spots or depth issues, Texas could easily go 8-4.
  22. I heard a great quote today from a Big 12 head coach when asked why did he name his QB so early in the spring, the coach stated "I wanted my team to know who was going to be their leader from the start..." Mike Gundy, Head Coach OSU. Reigning Big 12 Champs. Don't need 37 years of experience to figure that out. The players need to know immediately, not guess or make the determination on their own. The head coach needs to come out flat say, here is your leader, now let's go.

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