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  1. Well it might help the Texas defense if they tried to use fundament tackling techniques and not go for knockout hits.
  2. Well hello Jaxson Shipley, welcome to the season.
  3. Early observations, the OK St defense is stacking the box to sell out to stop the run and make Ash win this game.
  4. That was a great answer drive by Texas. It killed the emotion of the OSU touchdown.
  5. This is a very important drive for Texas to stem the tide of energy. Even if they get a FG out of it, it slows the game down. Time consuming drive is important.
  6. Not exactly the best start for Vaccaro and the Texas team.
  7. Its called Symbolizism over Substance.
  8. Great player with a history of questionable decision making. Sad, very sad. Time for him to cash in on his name in Austin with some of the alums.
  9. I hate all of them and they can burn in hell.
  10. I will say that finally the Texas coaching staff has handled the QB situation better this year. Ash is clearly the better QB and needs to get maximum snaps. He still needs to work on his weight transfer on his deep ball, but he is far better looking than last year. I like what I see from him.
  11. This is why we talk about it and aren't actually involved in it. They clearly have more intel than all of us and will make the decisions that benefit the long term health of the program. Just because a kid has top notch talent doesn't mean he is a top notch kid with good work ethic and character. That stuff matters because that's the stuff that shows up in tough games and in tough situations.
  12. Not exactly the thing you want to hear from a captain. Recruits pay attention to this stuff. He is only hurting the program. Kenny needs to shut the hell up and work on getting better as a player and as a defensive unit.
  13. According to ESPN.com, Notre Dame has announced that it is moving all of their sports, except football and ice hockey to the ACC. Notre Dame also announced that they will be playing 5 ACC teams each year in football? Also, the ACC has announced that it has increased its exit fees to 3 times the annual operational budget which currently comes to more than $50 million.
  14. Way too early for Case McCoy to be in the game...there is still time left in the game.
  15. Very good start for both sides of the ball to open the 2nd half.
  16. Very good drive for Texas to open the 2nd half. Still baffled by the lack of touches by Shipley, M. Brown and Gray.
  17. Not impressed with Texas at all. This team has issues and it's about to get exposed when they a better opponent.
  18. Now the Texas defense needs to stiffen up and hold New Mexico to a 3 and out.
  19. Solid 38 yard FG by Nick Jordan to push Texas' lead to 10-0.
  20. Defense is still bend but don't break tonight. New Mexico is doing a great job shortening this game up. If my memory serves me, Texas had 1 possession in the first quarter.
  21. Nice!!! Look at the history of kids who have screwed around, played games and decommitted from Mack. Odd things happen to them.
  22. Mack Curse is alive and well. You screw with Mack and decommit and try to play games, the curse will bite you in the ass.
  23. Afternoon Horns peeps. Looking forward to seeing how the Horns defense responds from last weeks lack-luster performance. Also, I see another solid outing by Ash and I pray that McCoy keeps his baseball cap on. Prediction: Texas 56 New Mexico 10
  24. Good win for Texas tonight. Ash looked good needs work on the deep ball. The front 4 and DB's need work.

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