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  1. **UPDATE There are reports coming out that Ash does not have a fracture in his wrist and may not miss the Baylor game. My source inside the program says that Ash does have a left wrist fracture and is out indefinitely. I am continuing to work on this to re-verify the information.
  2. The University of Texas football program has released extent to Jackson Jeffcoat's injury from yesterdays game vs OU. DE Jackson Jeffcoat sustained a right pectoral muscle rupture and will undergo surgery and will be out the remainder of the season. This is a tough loss for a defense that is already struggling with the loss of LB Jordan Hicks.
  3. It is being reported that Texas QB David Ash has suffered a fractured left wrist and will miss the Baylor game and possibly more.
  4. I don't care about emotions running high. What I want to know is why this dude comes on a message board and drops the F bomb on me because I wrote a topic on Texas. I know Yoda has written a lot of stuff and regardless if I agree or not with what he says, I won't disrespect him for writing it.
  5. Ok, so what did I say that so vehemently disagree with?
  6. I don't agree. Remember he was going against OU scrubs.
  7. I hope someone grills the hell out of Mack, Harsin and Diaz today. Terrible defense, terrible offense, and terrible coaching. Where the hell was Joe Bergeron today? Where was DJ Monroe again? Where was Daje? Where was Jaxson?
  8. Unconfirmed reports coming out of Dallas is that David Ash has suffered and apparent broken left wrist.
  9. So outside if Kansas, who can this Texas team legitimately beat the rest of the way. But the orange colored glasses away.
  10. Please don't insult our football intelligence and come on here and try to sugar coat this game or tell me this team is ok. It's clear that this program isn't back. This OU team isn't a good OU team by there standards and they are beating UT in every phase of the game.
  11. This team is soft. This team has no edge to it like back in the middle to late 2000's. This is all on Mack.
  12. I spoke with Jacorey late this afternoon and he told me he had successful surgery on his knee today. He will make a full recovery and he is doing great.
  13. According to the folks over at CollegeFootballTalk.com, Stanford WR Ty Montgomery will miss this weekends game vs #7 Notre Dame. Montgomery hurt his knee in Stanford's game vs Arizona last weekend. Montgomery is currently second on the team in receptions (18) and is third in receiving yards (168). He will be replaced in the starting lineup by Jamal-Rashad Patterson, who is fifth on the Cardinal with 100 yards receiving.
  14. The hype machine is off and running for the Golden Domers. I hate Notre Dame as much as OU and the Ags. The best team in the nation is Alabama, hands done. Nick Satan has that team going.
  15. Regardless of what this kid has done, you only hope and pray he gets it together. This puts TCU in a bad spot and could lead them down a bad road the rest of the way. Their young QB didn't play bad, their defense became the issue last week. Coach Patterson is a good coach, he will get it fixed.
  16. In case you missed the news, Texas commit Jacorey Warrick suffered a torn meniscus and will miss the rest of the 2012 season. The injury is in the front part of the knee and it is believed the rest of the knee is fine structurally. Warrick, a WR from Cy Falls, hurt his knee in a loss to Langham Creek. He is expected to make a full recovery and be at full strength by the time he reports to fall camp in August.
  17. I haven't sat down and written an article in some time now, but after watching this Texas program the last couple weeks I feel it's time for me to set aside some time and write. This program isn't in terrible shape by any means, but it is in serious jeopardy of moving into the second tier of major Divison 1 football programs. If you don't think this program is at a cross roads, just take a look at how the Texas coaches have changed their recruiting practices. They have now offered another JUCO player and are actively scouring the JUCO ranks to find immediate help because the coaching staff knows the window is closing and if they don't get it fixed sooner than later, this program will move into irrelevancy. Texas never had to recruit JUCO kids, it always could hand pick who they wanted. Oh how the landscape has changed in 3 years when your program has become just a shade above mediocre. Texas is now 2-7 at home vs Big 12 opponents since 2010 and have lost seven straight vs Top 10 opponents. This isn't settling well with an already finicky fan base, but more importantly, it isn't settling well with some of its "investors". I spoke with a few "investors" last night and today about the state of the Texas football program and the one thing that kept coming back in my conversations is there is major disappointment and they feel like they are not getting a return on their investment and if they don't start seeing the results they are expecting then as they put it, "something will change; either with their future investing or a change in another place" which I infer meaning that the seat that the current head coach sits in will begin to heat up. As one "investor" stated, "The gloss of that National Title has lost its shine and the head coach has used up a lot of those chips he has collected. These last couple years have cost this program and we are heading to a point of no return. It's getting to be put up or shut up time for the program." I have argued for a year now that Mack allowed this program to get to this point because he was ready to step down after the 2009 season, but the loss in the National Title Game vs Alabama changed that thinking, but the downward spiral had already been set in place. So we sit here with a Texas team that's 4-1 (1-1 Big 12) heading into their game vs hated rival #10 Oklahoma with HUGE question marks about the defense that can't cover anyone, can't tackle anyone and hasn't stopped the run in weeks. This team isn't very good on defense and if it weren't for a blown call in Stillwater, they could be 3-2 and sitting 0-2 in the conference. The offense has been outstanding and David Ash is the clear leader of that offense, but if you score 45 points and lose games, you are in for a long season. There is only 1 game left on the schedule that is a sure thing and that's @Kansas, but OU in Dallas, vs Baylor, @Tech, vs Iowa St, vs TCU and @K-State; Texas finds itself in a tough battle if its defense can't get fixed with them easily looking at a 4-3 finish and 8-4 once again. Is that progress? Ask the fans and the money people and they will tell you NO! This will be an interesting 7 game stretch for Mack and his staff; it could be a career defining stretch. Coach B
  18. No doubt. Texas needs to come out and get the run game going.
  19. Ok, what's everyone's breakdown of the half besides Diaz's defense looking like last years offense.
  20. Interesting first half to say the least. The LBs suck tonight and the OL can't run block right now.

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