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  1. Texas takes on a Baylor team that is explosive on offense but has a QB in Nick Florence that tends to turn the ball over. Texas has a defense that is struggling to find its own identity. What gives tonight? Texas has lost 2 straight to Baylor and is coming into tonight's game on a 2 game losing streak, all in conference. Is tonight's game a season defining game for Texas and Mack Brown?
  2. I know he left on a somewhat sour note, I really think Texas should go after Muschamp.
  3. So what's next? How does Texas admin handle this situation? That would be 3 straight losses, all in conference.
  4. Here is the updated injury list for todays game: OUT Malcolm Brown Alex De La Torre Sheroid Evans Jordan Hicks Miles Onyegbule QUESTIONABLE Donald Hawkins
  5. I think Gray goes off tonight. Its going to be his breaking out party and Malcolm Brown becomes an after-thought due to his glass body.
  6. I said this earlier today, it's been a long week in Austin regardless of what Mack wants to say, but at the end of the day Texas beats Baylor 56-31. Baylor can't stop the Texas run game and Florence turns the ball over too much.
  7. The big problem at Texas is that Mack has become too insulated and his protectors render him as a God-father like status.
  8. Yep, Texas gets what is sows, but the one thing that always happens with the National Media, they gravy train Texas. If/when Texas gets rolling, just watch the jock-sniffing they do.
  9. I am also working on finally setting up my show. I should have more details coming soon.
  10. This is huge for us and its something we have been trying to get out for some time now. We are very excited about this and it's just another step in making HornSports.com, THE UT and Big 12 Authority.
  11. Some coaches don't like to make one game bigger than the other. Me personally I think there are certain games regardless if they are in the front, middle or end of the season that you have to but a special emphasis on because it can effect recruiting, your schools fan base and overall national perception. Texas/OU is a HUGE game and is always on National TV, it's time for Mack to focus on that game...if he gets another shot at it.
  12. Chris Simms years re-do. Also, have you noticed how he always seems to make subtle references of the 2009 loss to Alabama.
  13. I would tend to lean towards agreeing with that accessment. Ultra conservative OU gameplan, the Defense sucked against OU, so UT should win out and go to the Holiday Bowl.
  14. That may be true Mav, but he is the best of the worst at this point.
  15. Don't be surprised if Ash doesn't play or start Saturday night. I feel a little gamesmanship being played.
  16. **UPDATE** Its time for me to eat crow. Apparently my source was wrong and according to Mack on the Big 12 Conference Call, he said that Ash's wrist injury is simply a bruise and he practiced Sunday and will be fine.
  17. If he comes out and plays against Baylor, then I am driving to Austin to personally kick my sources ass.
  18. If Texas loses to Baylor, which I am calling now, Texas administration officials need to pushed. Texas easily could be 0-3 in conference right now. Baylor has the #1 ranked offense in the country coming to Austin and on top of that, it's being Nationally televised on ABC at 7.
  19. John Cooper got fired for less than that. Mack needs to ride off into the Texas sunset.
  20. Can I say HELL YES emphatically enough?
  21. Without a doubt, but my source is standing firm on his information, but we know how that goes.

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