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  1. Hunch, but I wouldn't mind being proven wrong.
  2. It won't be Saban. I don't trust the man. He's playing Texas.
  3. Just keep an on eye on things. Name of the game is progressive football with younger coaches, tempo, etc.
  4. All good points, plus they need to portray to their respective fan base and teams that they are not job hunting in the middle of a season.
  5. I think Mack is handling this very well when it comes to recruiting because it portrays him as faithful to Texas and helps his victim public perception. Internally, I think he is handling this poorly now that the report was leaked. He sees that he holds all the cards now and is playing hard ball.
  6. Nothing definitive hear but watch this closely. Has great relationship with TX HS Coaches and that is something folks inside UT want. TAMU/SEC has done a lot of damage in state and some folks think that bringing Morris back will help. His offensive philosophy fits the current Texas personnel and he is a Malzahn disciple.
  7. Not breaking anything new here, but read a few minutes ago that Jim Harbaugh has no interest in Texas and Mike Tomlin told steelers.com he has no interest in coaching in college. Typical coach speak but caught my eye.
  8. Another big game for Mack Brown and Texas. Does Lubbock bite them in the butt or does Texas put things together and take it to Tech? Texas has not had great success in Lubbock under Mack.
  9. 52 - 38 Texas Tech. Until I see more changes on the defense Tech in Lubbock is hard to handle. I just hope I am wrong on this one.
  10. Best case scenario: 9-3 Worst case scenario: 7-5 If Texas finishes at 9-3, wins a bowl game that gives them 10 wins. It may be the most overrated 10 win season ever because they beat no one essentially. If Texas finished 7-5, wins the bowl game that gives them 8 wins. Is that good enough for the higher ups?
  11. Touchdown Texas!!! Joe Bergeron in from 3 yards out. Texas Oline pushing people around today.
  12. Good start by the Texas D forcing the 3 and out. Short punt and Texas offense is set up in KU territory.

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