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  1. That's cool, I'll pick myself up there. FIGHT!!! We have outhit them this entire game. Time to make it count.
  2. I am, but I don't know how much more I can handle from the announcers.
  3. IF we want to look on the bright side, at least we are making Overton pitch more than we did in the first inning. Also, we don't live in or root for oklahoma. So there's always that.
  4. K by Felts leaves them loaded. 4-1 going to the bottom of the third.
  5. E3 puts Walsh on first, Maitland on third, and brings Payton home. 4-1, 2 on, 2 out, Silver at the plate.
  6. Just a reminder, the series against OU kicks off tomorrow evening at 6:30. Check out the series preview on BevoBall here or see what TexasSports has to say here. Hook 'em and OU sucks!!
  7. Love love love all these infielders being recruited.
  8. I swear it must have gone through that two-foot gap between the foul pole and the Rudy's sign on the building in foul ground. I had just finished telling the Texas State pitcher to toss Luss a meatball when he did that and I think the entire stadium was about to explode. What a tease!! I was pretty impressed with Felts last night - he had 2 RBIs on that one single up the middle and showed much better poise behind the plate than we've seen from him recently. The team definitely showed us what they can do - the question now is if they can do it on a consistent basis.
  9. Maitland has the highest batting average. He has definitely turned it on this year, and he's still got a large amount of walks (4) and HBP (6!) that he takes as well. Payton was very hot to start, as was Marlow, but both have mellowed out a little bit. Marlow seems to hit best when he's got someone on base. Silver is really coming on now, and I think the more playing time he gets at first, the better he will get. He has been doing amazing things in BP apparently. Lusson is always powerful and clutch - it's just going to depend on whether or not he hits one of his rough patches and how Steinhagen is developing as far as playing time for him.
  10. I think it's interesting to consider the way everything came together last night. 7,700 people showed up to that game. The team also managed to show up. I think that point in the top of the first when Felts applied the tag was definitely a turning point - 7,700 people remembered what Texas baseball is about and 35 guys got to experience a crowd really being behind them for the first time this season. I can't wait for April to roll around so we can start having our home series in conference play.
  11. I wouldn't say small ball is hurting this program at all. Texas has not been playing any type of baseball correctly for the majority of the season. Augie ball makes use of smart outs, something we have been sorely lacking for much of the year. Our defense hasn't been sharp enough to qualify us as a proper small ball team either. This team definitely has some leadership issues, and I think the injuries to Stafford and Walla played a large part in that. The guys let themselves get defeated before the season started, and the rough second weekend in Palo Alto didn't help anything. Tonight was the first night that the freshmen got to see what it means to play a big game at the Disch, in front of a full and noisy crowd. I'm glad they picked it up and hope they can keep it going. On to Norman, and never forget, ou sucks.
  12. I lied. It's up now on the baseball news section. Gotta get pumped up for Tuesday!!
  13. Ty Harrington has a very good team (once again) in Texas State and those guys get super pumped up about playing us at the Disch. We usually manage to piece a decent game together when we play them, but I'm not so sure this year. Since we're going up to Norman next weekend, we could really use the W, so it'll be interesting to see which Texas team shows up Tuesday evening. Not sure if we'll be starting Parker French or going Dicharry/Johnny Allstaff. We'll get the writeup up on the site some time tomorrow and possibly do a preview of Texas State since they are such a formidable midweek opponent.
  14. Game one was not pretty. Thornhill looked great and did his part, but the bats were abysmal. 1-0 to Loyola Marymount isn't acceptable. Their team ERA was 5.88 coming into Austin. Game two is looking a little better so far - Maitland had a two-run triple down the right field line and it's 2-0 Texas right now.
  15. That's their standard practice for double headers - a shortened, seven-inning game and a nine-inning game. When the first game is tied after seven, they flip it and make the first game nine innings and the second seven.
  16. This, indeed. If this very young team needs a lot of anything right now, it is innings on the field. It's a shame that this weather had to roll around and crop 27 innings down to 16. (The DH tomorrow will be a 7- and 9-inning affair)

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