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  1. We already have a few injuries to contend with - John Curtiss is out for the season and there are rumors regarding a few other players. The good news is that we have 3 1/2 months until the season starts, so hopefully those rumors will be just rumors at that point. We think Parker French and either Holden Helmink or Chad Hollingsworth will be weekend starters, and if no one steps up, Corey Knebel could slide in there as well. From what we saw at the first scrimmage though, we have a much deeper team this year, and hopefully Knebel can stay where he is most lethal - as a closer.
  2. Hi guys - if you weren't aware, Texas Baseball kicked off Fall Ball yesterday against SHSU and won 9-3. We have a writeup (including some great shots by Donald Boyles) on Texas Baseball Blog, as well as the Baseball section of HornSports. The team looked much improved over last season, and Tommy Nicholson seems to be having an impact on the bats already. If you would like to catch the team in action, they will be playing another game this coming Sunday (the 28th) against Texas State, which is always a solid matchup. The game will be at the Disch at 1pm, $5/adults, kids get in free. As always, you can also keep up with us on Twitter (@TXBaseballBlog) and Facebook. /shamelessplug Hook 'em!
  3. Apparently he called Blake Goins and told him we're going to win a national championship. I'm on board with that game plan.
  4. I think his youth is going to translate well to the players. We have a post up on the blog and on the baseball section here as well.
  5. We just posted our tribute to Tommy on the blog. Texas Baseball Blog | University of Texas Baseball It's hard to imagine the Disch without Tommy, especially since he's been coaching for Texas longer than our players have been alive.
  6. Augie's job is secure - we might need to rethink an assistant coach though. It'll be interesting to see what all happens this off season. There's nothing the coaching team could do to keep the perfect storm of injuries from happening, but they sure didn't manage to inspire much of a whimper out of the remaining players very often.
  7. Next season will be much better. We have some weight to shed this offseason and I am optimistic that the new leadership with some of our younger players becoming upperclassmen, along with the fresh blood, will be a recipe for success next year.
  8. Curtiss left the game injured as well. I really hate to say it, but I'd rather we just wave the white flag and call it a season than see two more losses in a regional far away. We have some major regrouping to do this off-season. Hopefully the fresh blood coming in will help, as well as our injured players returning to form. We have a bright future, it's just hard to see.
  9. Knebel definitely has what it takes, and he could very well be a starting pitcher next season as well. The good news is we haven't used him in a typical closer role for much of the season - he's seen extended outings with varying degrees of success for a while now. At least now, he knows when he starts a game that he'll be on the mound for a while and he can pace himself instead of just thinking he's going to give it all he's got for only one or two innings. It's not an easy transition to make, but he seems to be stepping up.
  10. I still don't see him coming back. Etier had been in the doghouse previously, but he at least spread it out. Ricky managed to mess up his first chance to return after a suspension. That doesn't really show the ability to learn from his mistakes to me.
  11. Etier's mistake was during the offseason and once the charges were dropped, Augie and Dodds decided to give him a second chance. Ricky was already on his second chance when he decided to put himself ahead of the team and get so wasted he couldn't start.
  12. bbdude, your pm inbox is apparently full (is that Alanis Morissette irony or real irony?). Sending you an email instead. Hopefully info at thenewsite works?
  13. Official now. Texas Longhorns: Football, Basketball, Baseball and more | Statesman.com If you're not going to respect the opportunity that you have been given to play baseball at the University of Texas, well, bye. The specific team rule he violated hasn't been released but this was obviously not his first problem. It's a shame.
  14. Sam Stafford, Cohl Walla, Toller Boardman, Taylor Stell, Parker French... Word now is that Ricky Jacquez is no longer with the team. Still awaiting details on that one, but this leaves us with: Nathan Thornhill John Curtiss Hoby Milner Nathan Knebel Austin Dicharry Dillon Peters Justin Peters (has only seen very limited work) Kirby Bellow

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