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  1. This came across in an email.. Not sure why I never knew this.. This could really help in the future when competing for recruits.. http://thelonghornfoundation.com/news/2016/5/19/general-texas-baseball-alumni-scholarship-nears-full-capacity-with-continued-support.aspx
  2. How often have we seen a high profile head baseball coach go from one program to the next.. Garrido, Fullerton, Illinois, Fullerton then to Texas Paul Mainieri Notre Dame then to LSU.. Brian O'Connor coached under Mainieri at Notre Dame Kevin O'Sullivan graduated from Virginia. This could lead to a dominoes affect in a few years for those 3 schools. Tim Corbin, why would he leave Vanderbilt to come to Texas. He has the resources, the hardware, the reputation.. If Texas will not give the reigns to Skip Johnson, then I want a young highly successful Asst Coach from a high profile program that understand the recruiting world of High School/Select Summer Ball teams to take over.
  3. O'Conner from Virginia.. Can't see him leaving something that he has built. O'Sullivan From Florida.. See Above Corbin same thing.. All 3 have built something that they take pride in. The only one on your list that I could get behind is Hefner from Dallas Baptist, takes the scraps and turn it in to a highly competitive program. I am going to come from this a bit different.. There is an assistant coach that I have enjoy watching and listening too as he is working.. That is Tim Corbin's top right hand man, Travis Jewett from Vanderbilt. Bio on Jewett http://www.vucommodores.com/sports/m-basebl/mtt/travis_jewett_811327.html Then my Video on Jewett
  4. The problem with Juniors staying another year is that they lose all bargaining chips... MLB draft these type of players and throw $10,000 at them.. Big Weekend as the top 4 team in the Big 12 will square off next weekend; Tech Travels to TCU & OSU Travels to Texas
  5. Did you know? Muller is signed to play baseball at the University of Texas and was watched by his future pitching coach when he set the record...the previous consecutive high school strikeout record was 22 and was set by Jim Peterson of Sonora (Calif.) in 1973 and tied by Price Carlisle pitcher Gunner Baker in 2013...Muller and Jesuit are 18-4 and currently first place in District 9-6A. http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/high-school/high-schools/2016/04/03/baseball-player-week-43-jesuits-kyle-muller
  6. If any of my students did that, they know that a Come to Jesus meeting will be had the very next day.. I will not tolerate such shenanigans..
  7. Has anyone heard on when they will Light the Tower.. Would really enjoy getting some shots of the Tower all lit up.
  8. I would not want to be standing close to Kyle Johnston for the next couple of days...
  9. Ok Again these guys have no clue.. The only outfielder that is playing and learning a new position is Travis Jones. Jones played shortstop for Atascocita High School and for Columbia Angels. Tyler Rand played outfield as well as Mathis... please get your facts straight... Ok my rant wasn't over with..
  10. Just a tad bit of homework and that info would have popped up.. Or they could have asked you and I... actually I liked that idea better!
  11. These guys calling this game have no clue as to who these players are... Commentator, "Gurwitz has made a smooth transition to 2nd" Uh Excuse me... His natural position is 2nd base.. He played there in High School and for his summer team.. rant over
  12. Come on... You should have posted the picture that you sent me last night... That one would have gotten everyone's attention.
  13. I like me some Joe Davis! Local kid from Bowie High School.. that's jumped onto the college scene!
  14. Pitching is what Skip noticed.. Hitting HS pitchers is much different then hitting during summer ball or College. Saw Kyle back in January, he is now very well put together with some very big thighs..
  15. Here was one of his HRs — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011

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