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Donald Boyles

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  1. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011
  2. I can not remember to pick something up at the grocery store for my Wife, but I can remember that Zach Zubia had signed with Tulane but when Pierce got the head job here, he decide to transfer knowing that he had to sit out last year... I can remember all of of that..
  3. Hey Mike and Joey Zubia is actually a Red-Shirt Freshman..
  4. I am looking forward to watching him this Fall! Speaking of which, Can Fall Ball hurry up and get here!
  5. Ty Madden is one of those kids that is a great young man. As far as the draft status, most kids who have committed to an elite D1 school have the potential to be drafted just the nature of the game.. But, I fully expect hime to be on campus next fall.
  6. MIF Bryson Smith, will transfer from Western Kentucky where he played his Freshman year. He will have to red-shirt next year.
  7. This is a heck of a way to begin the 2018 season!
  8. Texas and LSU have agree to play at Alex Box the 2nd weekend next year!
  9. In Baseball, there are two signing periods, the normal one(Early Signing Period) starts in the Middle of November, this is the one that about 90% of the players sign. Then there is a 2nd one in Spring, I can't remember that actual start date. Nico is part of the 2017 Class that will be here in August.

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