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  1. Texas should show some interest in this guy instead of only going after the 5 star guys. It cannot hurt us. Look at where we are now.
  2. Sounds like you saw some great competition out there. Safe to say Oklahoma State is WRU. UH is getting a 5'9 qb????????????????????????? I am not happy.
  3. Espinosa is another Gilbert. Local guy who Mack pulled into the program and it is not working out well. I do not know if Espinosa would start at Texas State. He is that iffy.
  4. We know high school prospects are the bread and butter to a program but we should have been scooping the JUCOs to supplement the team. Bill Snyder has been doing it for 20 years and the K State teams always played better because of it. I hope this is a "transformed" Mack Brown in this area. And Espinosa better get off his butt and PLAY this year.
  5. Every time I see that damn medal count I get more and more pissed at the Team China! I will stop there before I sound like a racist!
  6. He got lucky landing at McNeese. They have a good little FCS program and catch a lot of the Louisiana kids that LSU didn't recruit. He left LSU as an "eligible" player and chose McNeese (FCS school) so he doesn't have to sit out a year per NCAA transfer rules. He'll be gobbled up in the NFL Draft. Good casinos in Lake Charles too so he better be careful.
  7. The Longhorn Network needs to laser beam that sign and blow it into oblivion!
  8. Fera's dad saying his son might visit Austin this weekend http://espn.go.com/blog/colleges/texas/post/_/id/5320/penn-state-kicker-fera-interest-in-texas
  9. Im not sure how many of you follow Astros baseball but tubby first baseman Carlos Lee vetoed his potential trade to the Dodgers using his limited no trade clause. IMO this is the biggest farce in the history of Astros baseball. Lee signed a 6 year 100 million $ deal 5 years ago, which was WAAAAAY more than he should have received. If I were the Astros I would bench his butt and make him watch the remainder of his contract from the dugout - just to prove a point.
  10. Resembling his old self a tad. Golf is more exciting to watch when he plays well. British Open in a few weeks.............
  11. He wants the brand to be spread nationally? eATMe is already really well known. Guess they want they the world to know about the gay oil changers they call they corps of gaydets.
  12. We see him playing football in anywhere but Texas Mack should be fired. I am serious as hell.
  13. I am with Lakeman on this one. Rather cowardly...

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