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  1. I am with you on that one. He is a very good prospect but the drama is too much. Let him go to LSU or wherever else he wants. We have our guys.
  2. I love it. See even though Will went to UF he is still a Longhorn at heart. No I wouldn't take him back because Manny is a bad bad dude.
  3. Another successful Saturday with Beevomav no doubt! I am running off to find my Dave Bliss voodoo doll in hopes of me sticking it to cause temporary suckiness for BU.
  4. I'm like you guys in that I feel it is not good that people cannot at least pay to see games if they want to. I think the LHN should offer pay services for games until they get the deals with the networks straightened out , assuming this is something they can do. My other point is that while the evils of the LHN may seem very real I think it is awesome that fans that get the network can watch just about every baseball game and other UT events on television. This is something they could not get before. But now let's get the deals done!
  5. I dig the SWUB logo. How do I get mine??
  6. I do not understand these kids that do this stuff. If they are totally broke and hungry this means a whole different thing. If it was just laziness and stealing for the fun of it then they should be dealt qith accordingly. What is West Virginia going to do to them?
  7. Is this where Mack announces David Ash as the starter?
  8. Drove by it last week and everything looked fine. Business as usual I guess. Great news that UT is leasign it back to the owners because it would be a sin to do away with their burgers.
  9. They will come in and be a team that makes every Big XII team nervous for a lot of reasons. Fluid offense and nobody has seen them play before. Sure there's film but a lot of unknowns. What division are they in??
  10. Coach burning? They are even more hardcore than I thought.
  11. I think the idea of selecting regional or geographic locations is the way to do it. This way you get out of the issues related to one school having an advantage over another. This would most likely draw more fans as well, which is hat everyone wants anyways.
  12. Who is as stoked as I am about the draft??? Where will our Longhorns be drafted??
  13. I like Erin Hawksworth who used to be on WFAA in Dallas. She has since then been in quite a few cites but she is one to remember.
  14. John L. Smith, the answer? There could not be a worse hire in my opinion. He is an old man with no spunk and no creativity. Horrible hire.
  15. What was Petrino's infatuation with Hot Tamales? Supposedly he bought her a lot of that candy.
  16. Flat out booty on this girl!
  17. A lot of Floridians on the list. Damn.
  18. D.J. Grant, Barrett Matthews, Luke Poehlmann, MJ McFarland. Texas has four tight ends on the roster with Terrell leaving. We all good.
  19. She was engaged while this was going on - Bobby Petrino’s female passenger has wedding site hijacked – UPDATED « The Victory Formation. Poor bastard she was engaged to must feel like crap. I agree with Coach she ain't all that but found a pic of her that shows more than "above the shoulders". Nice bod.
  20. Holland is a 3-star guy and is not the superstar player Texas fans might think. He's solid and has decent size for a guard but not sure he brings the bang we need.
  21. I have to agree and think the turnovers will be a deciding factor in the potential splitting of time. Ash starts turning it over then that will only give Mack more justification for the dual qb schemes.

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