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  1. I watched College Football Live today and listened to Joe Schad and Andre Ware talk about the Texas Spring game.  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the greatest concern, Schad gave the QB position at Texas a 9 and Andre Ware gave it a 7.  Lightly put they did not think Tyrone Swoopes was going to take us very far this year if Ash is not back.


    There were other things said by both, particularly by Andre Ware, that made me upset but what do you expect from a guy that wasn't recruited to play qb at UT.  He took his jabs at Texas in a non-subjective manner (IMO) and basically said Texas is a 6 or 7 win team this season.  He also mad mention of how he and UH beat UT 3 times and how Baylor has whipped Texas on the field lately and also in recruiting.


    Looking at the schedule I cannot say that I disagree (SMH).


    My win predictions for the '14 season based on the schedule:


    vs North Texas - WIN

    vs. BYU  - LOSS

    vs. UCLA  LOSS

    vs.  Kansas - WIN

    vs.  Baylor - LOSS

    vs.  Oklahoma - LOSS

    vs.  Iowa State - WIN

    vs.  Kansas State - WIN

    vs  Texas Tech - WIN

    vs  West Virginia - WIN

    vs  Oklahoma State - LOSS

    vs. TCU - WIN


    What does everyone else think?  I was downright mad after watching that show today.



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