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  1. This is a tough decision on Clemson's part. If it were a QB or a WR I would say you have to do it, but for a defensive player? Heck no. Kid has balls I will give him that.
  2. It was straight out of a Twilight Zone skit. WOW.
  3. This sucks for our Oline. Are both Hawkins and Estellle likely starters?
  4. The Domers in the ACC? I think not! I could see Big 10 but not ACC or PAC 10.
  5. She broke her wrist on a skateboard. THis proves only more that she is a HE!!!! This is a real excuse for not playing in the summer olympics.
  6. Jacquez had his chances and the Mizzou trip was the last straw. Supposedly he was partying with girls close to the Mizzou team which pissed A LOT of people off. Evidently Jacquez had a tough time filtering appropriate vs. not appropriate. Sad way for him to go out. This story is bad but moreover what do we do with our team? Regionals are coming up soon.
  7. I am hearing Smith and Davis are tight which is why I think he will be next. Collins better not wait either! These kids liek to play the waiting game sometimes like they are trying to prove a point. Just commit dammitt!
  8. Adam Yauch (AKA MCA) of the Beastie Boys has passed away today at age 47 from cancer. MCA and the Beastie Boys shredded it up as peformers and as innovators in the music world. Sad to see him go as I grew up listening to him and the BB. R.I.P. MCA.
  9. Maurice Smith will be the next cornerback to commit.
  10. Obama wins this election for sure. The Republicans have nothing and nobody.
  11. I don't follow baseball but at Texas we need no
  12. Don't hate. If he picks Texas you will be riding his jock.
  13. These jokers ended up more than 500 miles from their destination of Lubbock, Texas? Tech might want to make sure they know which way to run with the football.
  14. And the other thing is that I give Brewer a ton of credit for playing the way he did. Even if it was against the 2nd or 3rd team D don't forget he is an early enrollee and a true freshman. Plus his sister is hot. Guy should get a li'l credit for that too.
  15. One of the finest booties I have ever laid eyes on. I don't say that easily either.
  16. I say we forbid use of the 2 letter acronym mentioned above or any derivation thereof until it is offered to the masses for FREE!
  17. Those dolts in College Station Have been acting like this for a hundred years and they will be acting this way for at least a hundred more. Question is which SEC school they will try to pick a fight with and eventually be destroyed by? It's inevitable believe me.
  18. The Shaner??? Hahahaha! I remember when the Astros used to be Good.
  19. How come we never heard of an injury? I hate when we hear about these things post-surgery. Hope his pinky and index finger are ok too.
  20. What happened? I thought we lost again? Damn! Hook'em!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. The pokes better hope they can continue to grab freak receivers if they want to continue to be relevant. Dez Brant and Justin Blackmon type guys aren't exactly going to be beating on Oklahoma State's door every year. Rashaun Woods and his 5 brothers neither.
  22. Mr. Brown - go get your payday. If anyone deserves it you do. Mr. Kabongo - please give us one decent season before you head to NBAland. You owe us at least that.

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