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  1. I would love to believe this, but i have to be skeptical. Too many factors in play right now.
  2. I agree, if Swoopes does work out, i can guarantee you, he would not hang around for his full 4 years. With Ash done, if we are to have a chance, Mack needs to get him some work in these next two opponents. I have no problem going ALL IN.
  3. Texas wins... Pachall or not... Field goal affair.. 22-12
  4. Once again all of this speculation depends on the AD hire. If luck is hired, expect a blockbuster name... Personally my list will probably fall along this... 1. Saban - why not, hottest man on the market 2. Does it matter... High speculation could lead to many broken football hearts... Saban or bust
  5. My name is Will, and Mack Brown made me an alcoholic...
  6. TCU's defense has started to erode as the season has progressed.. Due in large to an anemic offense. If we score first, and start to break them mentally, should be a good day...
  7. I am a transplanted Texan living in the Los Angeles suburbs now. Graduated from UT before there was dirt. I am 2nd generation Longhorn as my parents also received degrees from UT. Name is Will... Bet that was a hard one to figure out ..
  8. Really like Shaw a lot... He's continued well with what Harbaugh rebuilt... My question is.. Isn't it still a bit early to tell if he can run a program like Texas with as many 4 and 5 star recruits, as Texas can bring in. These kids come in with major egos, and no offense to Stanford, they just do not get the recruiting classes other schools get.
  9. Keep doing what youre doing mike... There is alot of us, like myself that are out of state now, that are tied with our hearts to the university, and use and need you to keep us up on all pertinent events... Hookem
  10. If Saban is the guy, we are gonna pull quite the coo off, if we can get egos checked in that door, to fill coordinators and assistant coaches will all star candidates. Not saying it cant be done, and if anyone can do it, its us... Texas.
  11. Why barnes gets a final year is beyond me... When everyone transferred out, the boot should have been used. Putting it bluntly we are gonna be atrocious this year. Its maddening to drop like we have dropped...
  12. Keep bringing the good news and thanks for all of your input... Exciting times i say, exciting times.
  13. U can whiff once, maybe twice, in a long stretch of time, but not as many times in recent years as mack has. I am in full agreement with you, should be the end. He loves to protect redshirts, in Swoopes case, he wont be a 4 or 5 yr term anyway, probably leave school early, mack should have played him.
  14. Bout sums that one up... NEXT
  15. I keep reiterating... Change is hard... But yet NEEDED

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